Best Gas Lanterns: Let There Be Light in The Wild

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Written by Bradley Page

Isn’t the sky beautiful at night? It brings a whole new splendor to one’s life. If you have never experienced the outdoor in the night, then you are missing out big time. Sitting outside with friends and laughing heartily is one way to strengthen friendship bonds.

While the night could be beautiful and mysterious, the dark could scary and thus difficult to navigate. That is why you need one of the best gas lanterns in the market. Lanterns provide a hands free illumination and 3600 flood lighting. For campers planning to spending a couple of evenings under the glowing stars, lanterns are a must have.

They provide lighting inside and outside the camping tent. In this review, we walk you through the things to look for when buying gas lanterns and why you should go for gas lanterns instead of other kinds of lanterns.

Why gas lanterns?

While there are many types of lanterns in the market, gas lanterns are as safe to use as a gas oven. Just like there are safety tips for electric lanterns, there are also safety tips to be followed when using a gas lantern as well.

Gas lanterns have a classical elegance as they have a structured and traditional look. For the modern ones, you can adjust the height of their flame. They have timers and switches that can be used to control the lighting of the lanterns and therefore you can feel comfortable.

Gas lanterns are also environment friendly as they omit 45% less carbon dioxide as compared electricity. Also with gas lanterns, there are no light bulbs to be replaced and so you not only save on your money, but you also reduce on waste.

Tips for using a gas lantern

  • Do not store or use gasoline or flammable vapor or liquid near the gas lantern.
  • In case you smell any gas, quickly turn off the main gas flow and open the windows, extinguish open flames, do not touch electrical switches and call your natural gas provider’s emergency number.
  • To start your flame, switch off the safety valve before striking a match or lighting the lighter.
  • Watch out when touching a gas lantern that is lit as they get warm while in operation.
  • Do not use an open flame to check for leaks in your lantern.
  • Never set your gas lantern way too high as it will form soot.

What to look for when buying a gas lantern


Brightness is definitely one of the most vital factors to consider. You do not want to go in the dark with dim lantern as it will not really serve the purpose. Brightness of a lantern is measured on how well it illuminates an area and the quality of light it emits.

Do not go for that which is uncomfortably bright. If possible choose one that gives you the ability to control the brightness. In the market you will find some that allow you to adjust the light based on their settings as well as the number of people present in that surrounding.

Normally the output of light is measured in lumens. While shopping for a lantern, note that the higher the lumens the brighter the light produced. Lanterns are not measured equally. The lumens of some lanterns are measured inside the lantern at the bulb whereas others from outside the gas lantern.

A lantern that is brighter tends to consume more energy so many models in the market provide several modes or brightness levels. The lumens for lanterns start from around 40 and can stretch up to 700. A good number of lanterns will offer lumen ranging between 150-350 lumens. In case you need one for camping alone, one with 100 lumens will work.

Brightness is also measured on how bright light is projected. You definitely do not want to stare directly at a light bulb. It is here that the globe of a lantern comes in. The globe of the lantern is the ‘lampshade’ of the lantern. Plastic globes provide a lovely quality of light. Clear glass produces the brightest light making it uncomfortable to stare directly.

Ease of use

A good gas lantern is one that allows you to easily hang it. Those that are heavier are much more difficult to hang while in the jungle or mountains and as such they need stronger branches. In case you are in places with no trees, you can place your lantern on a rock, picnic table, car or on the ground.

Those with small bases make it hard to place them on uneven surfaces. However, others will come with tripod style legs and thus making it easy to position on any kind of surface. Other models have several light modes giving you the opportunity to change the brightness with regards to the extended use.

In the event you need super bright light, you only need to put the right mode while if you want to read you adjust according to your needs so as not to have a headache.

Size is also a matter of concern when it comes to ease of use. A large heavy model could give you a difficult time while using in a relatively smaller tent because of its footprint as well as weight. One that is smaller is easier to use and comes in handy in a tent than in the open areas.


What good is your lantern if it is not going to last? Durability of a lantern depends on the materials it is made of and its ability to adapt to many different environments.

A good number of gas lanterns are made of plastic but are made strong by added metals and rubber that have been worked into their designs. These added materials enable lanterns withstand falls from very high points.


Apart from the basic purpose of lighting, get to know whether the lantern you want to buy has any extra features. One that comes with only an on and off switch will basically get the job done but what more can it do? One with many outstanding features will set it apart from the rest and make them easier to use. Extra features to look out for include:

  • Ability to charge a smart phone
  • Availability of hooks for hanging
  • Flexible legs for stability on uneven surfaces
  • Great dimming feature

Outdoor gas lanterns with more useful features are likely to be easier to use as compared to those with lesser.


The materials that construct a lantern make it heavy or light. A heavier lantern makes it difficult to move around with or to multitask. This is a great impediment especially in the jungle or just outside where emergencies could erupt any time. It is advisable to go for gas lanterns that are light an easy to move about with. They are always more convenient.


Placement is a very important aspect when it comes to achieving your desired look as well as effect of the outdoor fixtures. In case you are planning to place yours besides a door, you should not place it way too high on the wall. The reason behind this is that when it is so high it will not bring out the real value of the light and the beauty of the gas lantern.

While the placement of a lantern over the door could set just the right mood for visitors coming to your home, its depth from the wall and style are very critical matters.


The kind of batteries you use on your lantern is very important. Whereas some batteries can use both alkaline and lithium batteries, not all lanterns have that ability. Alkaline batteries lose almost half of their capacity when the temperature is below freezing point.

Lithium batteries perform best in colder temperatures although they may not retain their full capacity. While out camping or having any outdoor activity it is best to keep the batteries in an inner pocket or in a sleeping bag to prevent them from being drained by them from being drained by the cold.

Water resistance

Not many lanterns are full immersion waterproof but a good number offer water and splash resistance. These standards are known as the International Protection Marking and provide the customer with the insight as to what your lantern can withstand.

IPX-O rating means that there is totally no water ingress protection. IPX-8 rating means the lantern will carry its operation after or during submersion of up to 3 meters. For outdoor purposes, an IPX-4 rating will do just fine as it gives protection from splashing in any direction.

How to light a gas lantern

Just like your gas cooker, keep in mind that your gas should be turned off before lighting the lighter or striking your match stick.

  • Open the door of the lamp.
  • Light your match and hold the flame over the tip of the burner of the gas lantern.
  • As you hold the flame over the tip of the burner turn the gas valve counter towards the clockwise direction.
  • Adjust the height of the flame by turning the valve of your required position. The most ideal height is 1.5” to 2”.

Gas lanterns to go for

Primo Lanterns PL- 18 Lantern

Primo Gas Lantern

Weight: 12.6 pounds

Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.4 x 18 inches

Best use: Outdoors, camping

Features: It is made of glass and has a traditional kind of style. Given an antique finish, this lantern uses gas type of bulb. It operates on a 0.01 voltage and does not require any batteries.

This stunningly beautiful antique gas lantern accentuates the beauty in the dark due to its traditional kind of style. Its globe is made of glass and thus shines brightly beating the fear out of any dark night. It comes equipped with a wall mount and so giving you an easy time even in the jungle for you to do other activities.

The 18 inches lantern is made of copper and so you can depend on it for durability. The Primo Lanterns PL- 18 Lantern comes with a brass gas valve.

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Primo Lanterns PL-21 Lantern

Primo Lantern PL - 21

Weight: 13.3 pounds

Dimensions: 11.2 x 7.5 x 21 inches

Best use: Outdoor, camping

Features: Just like the previous product this is lantern has a traditional style with antique finish and gas type of bulb. It does not require any batteries and is made of glass.

Primo Lanterns PL-21 Lantern has a globe that is of made glass and so you can certain that it will produce very bright light. Due to the fact that it does not require any batteries, it is very light and thus easy to move about with it. It is very durable and strong because it has added copper metal to its body.

It is 21 inch tall, just the right height for a lantern. The gas source stem of this lantern is found at the bottom of the lantern. The hardware that comes with it is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on a wall or pole but not on a ceiling because it is mainly meant for outdoor activities.

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The CopperSmith Georgetown Lantern

The CooperSmith Lantern

Weight: 12 pounds

Dimensions: 18 x 10.5 x 12 inches

Best use: Outdoor, hiking, camping

Features: Just like the above two gas lanterns, this lantern is made of copper, can be easily mounted and uses the natural gas type of bulb.

Set off the space and create a vibe for your outdoor that is welcoming and chic with this colonial and French Creole style 18 inch gas lantern in hand rubbed solid copper and tempered glass. This The CopperSmith Georgetown Lantern is easy to use as you can mount it on a ceiling, post or column mount. It also has a gooseneck.

It is very bright and durable due to the copper material. To operate it, open the glass, find the switch at the base where the flame comes from. You will need to push it in and turn it left so as to have it on. When you are through you turn it to the right.

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Primo Lanterns PL-301 Lantern

Primo Lantern PL - 301

Weight: 11 pounds

Dimensions: 10 x 24 inches

Best use: Outdoor

Features: It has a copper finish and a traditional look.

This stunningly beautiful Primo Lanterns PL-301 Lantern produces great bright light for your outdoors. You do not have to fear about the globe glass breaking as it is strong enough to handle the heat produced. It has an antique style and the copper finishing makes it look outstanding. It is durable thanks to the copper material.

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Primo Lanterns PL-21F Lafitte Gas Lantern

Primo Lantern PL - 21F

Weight: 8 pounds

Dimensions: 6 x 9.5 x 21 inches

Best use: Outdoor, car camping

Features: It is made of glass and has copper finish. It has a traditional kind of style and does not need any batteries.

You can count on Primo Lanterns PL-21F Lantern to bring out the stunning beauty of the night with its traditional kind of look. It is among the lightest when it comes to weight and this is because it does not have any batteries included neither does it require any.

It is easy to use as it can be mounted on a pole or branch because it has a flush mount. It only operates on natural gas and not any other kind of gas. The lantern is a great buy with well executed construction and the finish is attractive as well as durable.

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Closing thoughts

Gas lanterns are found in various shapes, sizes, weights and dimensions. Finding the right camping lantern is not easy because not any store will allow you to take their product over night for testing. But thanks to this review now you know better and can find a lantern that suits your needs.

Some lanterns provide more light, as others offer greater degree of safety which is a critical factor to be considered especially in environments where kids are available. Also note that gas lanterns are not recommended for use inside a tent.

Check out whether the lantern you want to buy has any of the factors that have been outlined in this review. One with additional features apart from the lighting aspect would be a great plus.

Once you know what you are looking for in a lantern you will most certainly have an easy time shopping. You can make inquiries from sales representative in the store you are buying from. They should be in a position to give you all the features of the lantern you have selected.

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