Gore Tex Ponchos: A Handy Buyer’s Guide for Choosing a Rainwear That’s Right for You

Waterproof poncho
Written by Russell McCarty

Gore Tex Ponchos provide a greater body coverage, have no wrinkling effect on wearer’s underlying clothes and are convenient when you’re in need of using both hands in the rain. Following these practical reasons, most people prefer them to umbrellas during rainy and windy weather.

Be it at a rugby match, during an open door concert, when hiking, gardening, camping, and hunting or just as a Halloween costume; ponchos have found numerous uses. In fact, ponchos are becoming a world’s fashion statement following some celebrities wearing them as classy casual clothes.

Whatever the activity, select a poncho that will not only cover your body but also provide protection from weather elements while keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. You can’t achieve this by walking into a store and purchasing a raincoat, can you? No!

Buying a rainwear that best suits your needs calls for extensive research and comparison. As depressing as it may sound, it’s not entirely impossible. In this article, we will provide you with guidelines on how to select just the perfect poncho for your activities’ requirements and review some of the top-rated Gore Tex rainwear in the market today.

How to choose the best poncho

As the raincoats’ demand increases, so are their brands, style, color finishes etc. It’s not a wonder feeling lost in a wilderness of polyester and nylons on walking into a poncho’s store. This overwhelming variety can be hard to deal with but you don’t have to purchase uninspired choices, do you? Here is what to look for when buying a rainwear.


Your rainwear shouldn’t be too long or too short. This isbecause too long ponchos make the wearer appear shorter than they actually are. On the other hand, too short ones tend to make the wearer’s legs appear disproportionately large and long relative to the upper section.

Ideally, rainwear should reach the hips or mid-thigh in length and extend a little past the elbows (with your arms parallel to the ground) in width. For an observable example, you can refer to traditional South American ponchos snapshots on the internet; they’re usually of the right width and length for the model wearing them.

In addition, consider your underlying clothing; then select a poncho cut and size that won’t hinder your mobility regardless of your activities. I.e. you should be in a position to lift your arms without the rainwear riding up exposing your belly and lower back. Also, the coat should not inhibit you from reaching as wide as you wish. In short, go for a fitting jacket (one that’s not too tight or too loose).


You don’t need extra pounds on your clothing in the name of being stylish or getting protection against weather elements, do you? To avoid this, go for rainwear made of lightweight fabrics e.g. acrylic ponchos. They gently drape onto the skin in an excellent manner to flatter and accentuate the wearer’s silhouette.

Nowadays, getting lightweight products isn’t much of a hassle thanks to technology which ensures that rainwear is often nearly weightless regardless of their waterproof, insulation and ventilation features.


This take into account of the ponchos features such a hoods, zippers, drawcords, pockets, vents etc. Much as zippers make it easier to slip in and out of a poncho, they result in additional weight and increased areas where water can seep through.

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Making use of laminated zippers can solve the seepage problems but they’re more difficult to zip up and down. In light of this, you should purchase a poncho with few to zero zippers to save weight and boost their waterproofness.

Some ponchos are hooded while some aren’t. Most hoods have adjustments and rims in the back and on the sides in order to refine their opening sizes. Some hats are detachable while others can be rolled and stowed in the collar.

A hooded poncho can offer protection from rain, wind, direct sunlight and thick bushes at the cost of having an extra weight. As your purchase, a hooded rainwear; ensure that the hat doesn’t limit your sight or that it can fit into a helmet if need be.

Selecting rainwear with drawcords and wrist closures can be helpful. They help adjust poncho’ sizes accordingly by either creating room for ventilation or a tight closure to keep off rain, cold and wind. Pocketed ponchos can be a good choice when in need of foregoing your pack. You only need to ensure that the pockets have zippers. But most importantly, go for raincoats with hiding pockets so as to avoid losing your valuable items to pickpockets.


Thanks to technology, most durable and lightweight synthetic fabrics are now hydrophobic, wrinkle-resistant, stretch resistant, mildew resistant, and shrink resistant alongside being easy to maintain. These fabrics include nylon, tricot, and polyester.

Nylon is softer, stronger, more stretchable and longer-lasting as compared to polyester. It’s easy to wash as debris and dirt don’t hold on well to it. However, it’s noisy and takes a while to dry.

Polyester is less expensive, more resistant to abrasion, UV, and moisture, easier to dye and dries up faster than nylon. However, it’s less durable.

Tricot is soft and more breathable than both nylon and polyester. Its rainwear tends to be warm, heavy and well ventilated. It’s, however, less resistant to water and the wind. Tricot is best preferred in light athletic wears or casual clothing in areas that do not experience extreme weather conditions. With this in mind, it’s up to you to select a poncho made from materials that will best suit your needs.


The phrase “You sweat, you die” is a rule to live by when it comes to outdoor activities. It calls for breathable outfits – those clothing that can allow sweat vapor to escape. To ensure that their ponchos are breathable, manufacturers make use of membranes such as Gore Tex, eVent and MemBrain Strata.

Either of these membranes has pores that are large enough to allow vapor to pass through which reduces sweat accumulation while on various outdoor pursuits. This help keeps you comfortable and dry inside-out.

However, breathability in these membranes is via diffusion which calls for a temperature gradient. In arctic climates, this can be achieved easily unlike in tropical climates. There, having a temperature difference between your body and the surrounding can turn out to be impossible and thus you should go for meshed materials instead.

Waterproof ability

You don’t want to feel like a trash bag while in pursuit of your outdoor activities, do you? To avoid these, purchase a rainwear that is waterproof. Such ponchos are made of materials coated with durable water repellents which ensure that precipitation beads up and drops off. However, the coating wears out on washing and thus you should keep reapplying it frequently.

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To ensure their ponchos are water resistant, manufacturers make use of Gore Tex laminates or other membranes using similar technology. The membrane’s pores are too tiny to allow water droplets to pass through them and are durable, unlike the coatings. In addition, as any fabric construction require many seams, a waterproof poncho should be fully seam-taped.

Wind resistance

Coming to think of it, any waterproof rainwear is windproof too as the fabric not only blocks rain droplets but also the wind driving them. You should purchase ponchos with windproof technology such as some laminates with an air permeability of less than 5l/m2/s.


You should buy a poncho that’s worth your money. To do this, consider the likelihood of the coat to rip when you charge through thickets or rub against loose rocks. In short, take into account the lifespan of your jacket based on your activity and the material it’s made from.

Durability of ponchos
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Today’s technology enables ponchos’ designers to reinforce the most compromisable areas of your rainwear without thickening the whole piece. Sometimes durability comes at the expense of lightweight, mobility and breathability and thus you should select the perfect fit accordingly.

However, ponchos made from a 3-layer Gore Tex construction or Gore Micro Grid Backer Technology can withstand abrasion in any environment without having to forego your comfort.


Will you be climbing glaciers? If so, insulation is a key consideration as you strive to keep warm. Go for a poncho lined with insulation layers that reflect back heat to your body. Remember insulation comes at the price of mobility and weight, so select accordingly.


Most ponchos are packable but the smaller and neater you can fold it the better. You should go for a rainwear whose packability will save you significant space when not worn. Furthermore, a few ponchos come with a storage pouch for easy packing and transportation.

Have you ever gone hiking on the Sawnee mountain trail to India seats? For a fun view of the beautiful summit of the North Georgia Mountains, you require a comfortable, waterproof, windproof and a breathable poncho. Don’t be overwhelmed by the ever rising numbers of rainwear brands and styles, follow the tips outlined above and be sure to select just the right coat to cater for your needs.

Reviewing the top-rated Gore Tex ponchos

Whatever outdoor activity you may put your mind into; there’s a rainwear out there for you. Are you open to recommendations? Here are some of the experts’ top picks in the market today that are worth your while.

Ezyoutdoor Hooded Raincoat

Ezyoutdoor Women's Hooded Raincoat

Weight: 0.58 lb

Dimension: Folded size: 9.4 x 7.8 inches; sleeve length: 24 inch; dress length: 34.2 inches; two-sided width: 57 inches

Features: Lightweight, waterproof eco-friendly Teflon, hooded design, one size fit, packable, water resistant, quick drying, soft texture

Best use: Cycling, camping, outdoor riding, hiking and trekking activities.

This Ezyoutdoor Hooded Raincoat is a perfect value for your money. It’s designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable during your pursuit for outdoor activities. Its hood ensures your head is protected from weather elements while the soft texture prevents rustling sounds and wrinkling effects of the underlying clothing. Being packable, the raincoat is easy to carry wherever you go and thus can be of great use just in case it rains.

It’s light in weight and provides a wide body coverage unlike umbrellas making it the best to carry in your next trail. In addition, this waterproof and quick to dry poncho is one size fit and thus can be worn by any adult regardless of their body size. Its cape style and monochromatic design result in a simple yet fashionable rain gear which makes you look gorgeous while walking in the rain.

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Ezyoutdoor Hooded Rain Poncho

Ezyoutdoor Raincoat Rain Poncho

Weight: 10.6 ounces

Dimension: 34.2 x 57.1 x 0.1 inches

Features: Mesh carry case, one size fit, side snaps, a lightweight EVA fabric, full cut with built-in hood

Best use: Camping, hiking, water rides, outdoor recreation, outdoor sports

This Ezyoutdoor Hooded Rain Poncho raincoat is specially designed to provide maximum coverage from the hood all the way to its full length. Lightweight EVA fabric enhances portability alongside making it easy to slip on while side snaps help keep them in place.

The raincoat comes with a mesh carry case for ease of transportation. In addition, its one size fit regardless of the body size and shape. Are you planning on a trip to Pacific Northwest during winter? This portable rain poncho got you covered.

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Camo Waterproof Hooded Raincoat

Camo Rain Hooded Raincoat

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Dimension: Folded size: 41 x 57 inches

Features: Camouflage effects, two snaps, waterproof nylon material, computer seam seal and anti-leakage process technology

Best use: Bird watching, jungle hunting, fishing, as floor mats, emergency tents, small canopies, sleeping bags

That vinyl smell of a newly bought Multi-use hooded raincoat can be offensive and may require up to two weeks of airing. Nonetheless, this Camo Waterproof Hooded Raincoat is the best alternative when you can’t use an umbrella. Its camouflage effects make it perfect for jungle hunting as the poncho assume the color of the surrounding concealing you from the target animals.

The waterproof nylon material, anti-leakage technology, and computer seam seals combine to yield a completely waterproof rain gear that keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Being lightweight and highly packable, the hooded rainwear is the best travel companion. When is your next ice fishing adventure? Just carry this hooded poncho with you regardless of the prevailing weather condition.

Related: Covenov Multifunction Military Camouflage Rain Poncho is a hooded single design with a small volume, lightweight, and a compressible rainwear. It’s the best alternative when in need of a more affordable and breathable rain coat.

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Vcansion Unisex Outdoor Poncho

Weight: 0.60 lbs

Dimension: Expanded size: 82 x 55 inches (L X W)

Features: Hem eyelets, press stud poppers, waterproof construction, one size fit, packable (with a quality storage bag), and Ripstop polyester material

Best use: Shelter, camping, hiking, hunting, boating, as a Halloween costume and other outdoor activities

Vcansion Unisex Outdoor Poncho has a non-adjustable, small sized hood and unzipped pockets which can result in wetting of pocketed items. Nonetheless, it’s durable, lightweight and uniquely designed to provide maximum coverage for all adults’ closure. The gear contains eyelets on the hem and press stud poppers and thus can be closed for protection against weather elements or opened for use as a sleeping bag or as an emergency tent. Just slip on this rainwear on your next trip to Portland, Oregon and save your day.

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QZUnique Waterproof Rain Jacket

QZUnique Women's Packable Rain Jacket

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Dimension: Sleeve length: 35.4 inch; dress length: 46.4 inch; shoulder width: 29.5 inch

Features: One size fit (S to XL), hooded, batwing sleeved design, packable (with a color match pouch), eco-friendly pongee material, water resistant, quick drying, high-quality zipper (resistant to rust, corrosion etc.), soft texture, no rustling sound

Best use: Riding, trekking, camping, hiking

Much as the coat requires airing before wear with its hood flying off in windy weather, it’s the ideal choice when cascading down the Alpines. Its batwing sleeve design ensures maximum coverage while the hood serves to protect your head. The waterproof construction technology and high-quality zipper combine to keep you dry, warm and cozy.

QZUnique Women’s Rain Jacket is ideal for all adults as its one size fit. Being soft, the coat has no rustling sound or wrinkling effects on the underlying clothing. This packable poncho comes with a color match pouch for easy packing and transportation. In addition, it’s quick to dry making it ideal for any wintry condition. Planning an off-trail hike? Carry this gear and save your day significantly.

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November Rain Waterproof Poncho

November Rain Waterproof Poncho - Rain Jacket with Hood

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimension: Length: 34 inches; sleeve length: 28 inches

Features: Detachable hood, heavy duty zipper (full-length), heat sealed seams, fully waterproof polyester fabric, packable (up to 8 x 5 inches)

Best use: Travel, sporting events, festivals, outdoor concerts e.g. in amusement parks

Don’t let high price hinder you from acquiring this magical rain gear. This stylish November Rain Waterproof Poncho designed to provide maximum weather protection and unique style for a multitude of outdoor activities. It’s complete with a travel pouch for easy packing and versatility.

The fully waterproof polyester fabric, full-length zipper, and heat sealed seams combine to keep off rain, wind, and cold. Its detachable hood protects your head from direct sun rays and raindrops. Remember, though, for the coat to be durable; you should hand wash it in cold water then air dry it thoroughly before storing it.

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4ucycling Outdoor Rain Jacket Poncho

4ucycling Wind Raincoat

Weight: 0.11 lbs

Dimension: 0.39 x 1.97 x 3.94 inches; chest circumference: 59 inch; length: 37 inch

Features: Ripstop waterproof polyester, longer rears design, adjustable head opening, high-quality zippers, pocketed, one size fit, packable

Best use: Walking, cycling, camping, hiking

Much as the coat lacks an absorbent lining with the zipper being hard to use, 4ucycling Outdoor Rain Jacket Poncho is the best choice when in pursuit of outdoor activities in wet weather. It’s uniquely designed for durability and maximum protection purposes. The engineered polyester exterior wicks the moisture effectively from the soft interior keeping you dry. It’s lightweight, well aerated and breathable making it ideal for strenuous outdoor activities.

In addition, the poncho fits neatly into its pouch for easy transportation. What’s more? On unrolling the raincoat, it does not assume a wrinkled shape. Are you looking for a hooded raincoat with perfect waterproofing properties at an affordable price? Then, a 4ucycling rain jacket is your ideal choice.

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There you have it! An extensive list of the top-rated ponchos in the market. They’re the experts’ recommendations and thus you should check them out before embarking on your next outdoor adventure.

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Summing it all up

It’s advisable to engage in outdoor exercises to keep fit alongside building one social life. To ensure that not even the wind and rain can get in the way of your fun moments, always carry a raingear with you.

Remember, a poncho should keep you warm, dry, comfortable and protected from weather elements. You have to research and compare properly to get the perfect fit. However, you can avoid all that hassle by following the tips outlined above or better yet, go for one of our recommended picks.

Does the hassle end on acquiring the rain gear? No! You should strive to maintain and boost its durability by minimizing its exposure to fire and high temperatures alongside cleaning it with cold water and airing in thoroughly before storage.

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