Best Winter Hats for Hiking: Keep Your Head Warm with These Top Rated Headwear

Winter hat
Written by Sean Nelson

A list of best winter hats for hiking can be really helpful if you need such an item, but you don’t really know what to look for. If you were searching for such a compilation, then you came to the right place because this is exactly what we have for you. We also have some information about hiking and hats, you might be curious to know beforehand. Grab a warm drink, and continue reading: hopefully you’ll even find a head garment you like.

When can I go hiking?

Not everyone likes hiking, however this form of enjoying the outdoors can happen at any time throughout the year. Each season requires different gear and preparations, but the activity itself can be just as fun and enjoyable. Remember that some people go hiking in winter to test themselves and their limits, as well as in hopes to become stronger.

If you’re a beginner, you might want to start easy, with a summer hike. If you have some experience in this department, and you want to take a step further a winter hike might be just what you need. Make sure you go with someone who has done this before and listen to them if you want to be safe, and return in one piece.

What hiking gear to bring?

There are many different things you will need to pack for your adventure. Since the possibility of spending the night somewhere in the great outdoors, you’ll need a sleeping bag, a tent, appropriate shoes and apparel. Depending on the season, you will need gear and clothes that can keep you warm throughout your expedition.

If you hike in the coldest season of the year, make sure to bring the warmest winter hat you can find. While you think you can bear the temperature in the day, you will definitely need all the warmth you can get at night. Sleeping with the hat on will be a really good idea. Usually this hat folds over, is lined with fleece of plush like fabric, and can be made of wool, acrylic or completely out of fleece.

What types of winter hats are more fit for hiking?

Most people go hiking in forests and on mountains. These locations are known for changing weather and as windy regions. Your hat is supposed to keep the wind and possibly the water at bay. Getting a head garment with lining made of fleece or plush material will keep wind away. If you want to keep water away as well, you’ll have to search for hats that are treated to repel it, or to wear a waterproof hood.

You should also pay attention to how does the hat fit. A looser fit is not recommended because you risk of losing the hat, in a stronger wind. A very tight hat might feel uncomfortable. You might want to pay attention to the seams: flat ones add little bulk especially if you’re required to wear some protective gear on top.

If you’re expecting to have a really sunny weather, despite it being winter, you want to protect your eyes too. You can choose a pair of sunglasses for snow or for a hat with a brim. This type of hat might have a foldable flap for the ears, since usually its design doesn’t allow to go over your ears.

If you’re curious to see a selection of really warm hats you can wear in winter, we included a short list as well. Just be warned that this is not a top, so no hat is better than the other, except for when seen through the lens of your preferences.

The best hats for winter related activities

Home Prefer Fleece Earflap Hat

Home Prefer Hat

Weight: –

Dimensions: 55 – 59 cm (21.65″-23.23″)

Size: One size

Features: Fleece, foldable flap

Best for: Winter, outdoor activities

Are you looking for a hat to keep you warm in the cold season? This product  may have just what you need. Home Prefer Fleece Earflap Hat is lightweight and soft to the touch, but also features good protection against the cold. The item is designed to cover your years, and it will also stay in place during windy weather conditions. The hat is breathable and feels soft to the touch, and is the perfect item to take with you on a camping trip.

The polar fleece material keeps your head warm even during extremely cold weather, and the products is also easy to clean. The hat features an elastic band that adjusts to the size of the head, and is available in a neutral shade of cream. If you need eye protection, you should know that this product also features a visor. Although designed for spots, the hat makes a good choice to wear on a walk with your dog or a casual outing.

Related products: The Winter Trapper Hat made by Home Prefer is designed for those who plan a trip to Siberia or some other really cold region.

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Icebreaker Chase Beanie

Icebreaker Hat

Weight: 9.1 ounces

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 2 inches

Size: One size

Features: 100% merino wool

Best for: Various winter activities, including running

If you are looking for a hat to keep you both comfortable and warm, check out the Icebreaker Chase Beanie. The beanie is available in many different colors that suit any taste, which will make you look more fashionable. This hat has odor resistant properties, which makes it convenient to wear several days in a row or even during exercise. In addition to this, the beanie is made of a natural fabric – merino wool.

One of the best traits of this item is its breathability. Even during the cold season, you will not feel heavy and uncomfortable while wearing it. There is definitely more to this hat than meets the eye: while it protects your head against the cold weather in any conditions, it also makes a stylish fashion accessory. You can easily wear it on a lunch out with friends, but also on a hiking expedition. The beanie is also stretchy and has a soft feel to it for improved comfort.

Related products: An option to this hat is one with 2 faces, and as a result it has two colors as well. This is the Pocket Hat still made by Icebreaker.

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Beanies Winter Slouchy

ManWoman Beanies

Weight: 0.2 lb

Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.2 inches

Size: One size

Features: Multi seasonal

Best for: Various outdoor activities

This beanie is designed for those who want to look young and stylish. Beanies Winter Slouchy is long enough to slouch a bit at the back when worn unfolded, which gives a young and rebellious appearance. Should you choose to fold it over, you’ll be polishing your look a bit while offering your ears more protection against the cold weather. This item is lined with fleece, and this is the feature making appropriate for winter wear.

The outer layer is made of acrylic, a fabric that can keep you really warm. Fleece is a good insulator and you won’t feel overheated in milder temperatures. This product can be worn by both genders, although some ladies might not find it cute enough for their style. What makes thi hat appeal to both genders is its simple rib knit that also allows it to stretch enough to fit bigger heads. To increase its lifespan, you better wash it by hand and dry it on a flat surface.

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Heat Holders Winter Hat

Heat Holder Hat

Weight: –

Dimensions: 10.2 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches

Size: One size

Features: Plush lining

Best for: Bald people

If you’re like most people you most likely think that a hat that folds is warmer than one that doesn’t, then you might have found your dream hat. Heat Holders Winter Hat folds over, adding more layers over your ears which helps with keeping you warmer. What makes this hat even more warm is the soft plush lining that feels great against your skin if you’re bald.

In fact, the sensation doesn’t change regardless of how much or how little hair you have. This plush fabric does a great job at trapping your body’s heat – and we all know the head is guilty of losing up to 40% of body heat. You should know that the item is not waterproof not water repellant, and it might not feel as comfortable should you wear it while wet, due to rain. The product stretche well, and even bigger heads will be able to wear this hat without issues.

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Under Armour Beanie

Under Armour Beanie

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Dimensions: –

Size: One size

Features: Reflective

Best for: Running

The first thing you should learn about this hat is that it doesn’t fold, but it should cover your ears just fine. The Under Armour Beanie is treated in such a way to reflect light – a rather useful feature if you run in low light conditions, get lost, or simply want to make sure you can see your hat when the light is dim. If you wonder how will this hat keep you warm, it is its special interior that stops the heat from passing through to the exterior.

The appearance of this item is fit for outdoor activities such as running, biking, skiing, and so on. If you hoped for something more casual, you better choose something else. The item might give the impression of a waterproof garment, but this is not the case. This hat should be washed by hand and then let air dry, and better to do so on a flat surface.

Related products: If you like the cold weather hat designed by Under Armour you can also buy summer gear that can protect against the sun, like the Jordan Spieth UA Tour Cap.

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Connectyle Daily Winter Hat

Connectyle Daily Hat

Weight: –

Dimensions: 21.5″-23.5″ circumference

Size: One size

Features: Fleece lining

Best for: Winter activities

There are many people praising fleece for its insulating features, and this is the main reason this fabric was invented. Connectyle Daily Winter Hat has fleece lining, therefore you can be certain you’ll be warm in really cold weather. You’ll like this hat because it is windproof – a feature well sought after in winter. This hat is also lightweight, something to be expected of an item this size.

This hat is not long enough to allow folding over. If you do choose to fold it over for more warmth, you’ll have a narrow fold, ir the hat might become too tight. If worn as is, this garment has a cool and casual appearance, fit for many different outdoor  activities.

You’ll be happy to learn that you can wash it in the laundry machine in a gentle cycle, but you should probably hand wash it: after all, it doesn’t get very dirty and it won’t deform or pile as fast. As far as drying goes, it is best to leave it on a horizontal surface: its shape will be maintained for longer.

Related products: There are times in winter when we are simply tired of wearing knitted hat, and would prefer a hat more fit for summer. The Trucker Hat With an Earflap by Connectyle seems like a really good choice, especially when trying to keep the winter sun out of your eyes, while keeping warm.

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Under Armour Storm Beanie

Under Armour Storm Beanie

Weight: –


Size: One size

Features: Breathable, water repellent

Best for: Biking, running, various outdoor activities

This beanie is a perfect head protection apparel around spring and autumn. You could probably use Under Armour Storm Beanie in winter if temperatures don’t drop below freezing. One of the best features this hat has to offer is that you can wear it under a helmet if you need more protection against the elements in some conditions and for certain fields of activity.

The hat is not long enough to allow folding it over, and this means no added bulk if you must wear a helmet or other headgear on top of it. Should it start raining, this hat will repel some of the water, but you might want to either seek shelter or use some rain appropriate gear or apparel, such as an umbrella or plastic raincoat with hood. There are a few colors you can get this hat on, to help you tell yours apart from others, should they own the same model as you.

Related products: Some people like foldable hats, and since the one presented is not, we also suggest the Tactical Stealth Beanie, still made by Under Armour.

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Original Turtle Fur Fleece

Original Turtle Hat

Weight: 0.15 pounds

Dimensions: 10″(w) x 9.75″(height) x 3″(cuff height)

Size: One size

Features: Unisex, double layer fleece

Best for: Winter sports, outdoor activities

Some people like fur, others wool, and then there are those who prefer fleece. Fleece is a good insulator even when wet, and it also dries really fast, unlike both wool and fur. Original Turtle Fur Fleece is made entirely of polar fleece. Being made of a double layered fleece, you can be certain it will really keep you warm. The areas meant to cover your ears have four layers – it simply can’t get warmer than that.

Having so many layers is possible thanks to the hat having a foldable part. This part can be adjusted to be wider or more narrow. Some say this item is an universal size, but you can only tell if this will fit you if you measure your head, or that of the person you’re buying for. If you don’t want the fabric to pile, you should wash it by hand and dry it flat. If you want to buy for more people, make sure to check out the colors this hat is available on. Having different hat colors will help with telling them apart.

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Smartwool Cuffed Beanie

Smartwool Beanie

Weight: 1 ounce

Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 2 inches

Size: one size

Features: 100% Merino wool

Best for: shoulder seasons, running,

There is one type of fabric that people will not say no to: natural. When it comes to cold season apparel, wool seems to be the winner fabric. Smartwool Cuffed Beanie is made entirely of Merino wool – well known for its wicking and insulating properties. The yarn used for this item is a rather thin one and there is no lining on the inside.

This means you’ll be better off wearing it in autumn and spring, though it will also help in mild winters. While there is no lining, the hat is knitted in a double layer interlock style. The product is designed as an “one size fits all”n however larger heads might not find this as being an accurate description when putting the hat on. There’s a rolled over cuff to add more warmth to the ears. The seams add no bulk and are barely noticeable while wearing the garment.

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Connectyle Classic Winter Hat

Connectyle Winter Hat

Weight: –

Dimensions:  55-59 cm/21.5-23.2 inch

Size: 1 size

Features: Microfiber lined, soft

Best for: Winter, various outdoor activities

If you want a really warm hat for the winter or for a trip in a really cold region, you can’t possibly go  wrong with an item like this one. Connectyle Classic Winter Hat is made of a blend of fabrics, including 70% wool and 30% acrylic. These two fibers are well known to keep warm and insulate really well. Let’s not forget the microfiber lining which adds another layer of protection.

Considering on where you’ll go while wearing this hat, you might also wear a hood on top for even more warmth and comfort. If for some reason you’re bald, you’ll like the softness of the hat’s interior. This hat has a folded over section for more style, however you won’t need to unfold it to have your ears covered.

Should you unfold it and choose to wear it like that, you’ll be able to tell if this is a foldable design or not, since it doesn’t feature a seamless knit design. This is probably the only fault of this hat. One more added plus is that you won’t be sweating in this hat because of the wool’s insulating properties.

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Some Final Thoughts

For sure there are many more winter hats out there that you can choose. We thought these ones met most of the needs of those who spend a lot of time outdoors. All of these are soft and will keep the wearer warm at all times. They even cover the ears which is a very important feature in really bad weather conditions.

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