Best Ultralight Hammock: Staying Light Among the Treetops

Best Ultralight Hammock
Russell McCarty
Written by Russell McCarty

We believe that when you head out on a new backpacking adventure, there is just one key thing that you should always take into consideration. That is to keep things as light as you possibly can. Our method for keeping things as light as possible is to never take more than one carry-on sized bag, as taking just a single bag means that you will not have to carry multiple pieces of luggage around on your adventure with you.

There is one problem that can arise when you decide to take just one bag, and that is your sleeping situation. Most backpackers use a tent, and a tent is not going to fit in your bag with all of your other belongings. But there is a solution, and that would to use a single, lightweight hammock.

This handy guide has been created to give you all of the advice that you need to search for the best ultralight hammock on the market. Most backpackers around the world are out searching for their own adventure, and hammocks give you the opportunity to get as close to nature as possible. The barrier that once stood between you and the outside world is no longer there, and you literally become a part of the wilderness that surrounds you.

Blue Hammock

A lot of backpackers actually struggle when it comes to their sleeping arrangements, and sleeping arrangements can vary from backpackers who want a single mat to sleep on, and backpackers who want to bring their double bed directly from their own home. A hammock could be described as a great item that fits in between the two, suitable for either party.

What are the benefits of purchasing an ultra-lightweight hammock?

Hammocks can actually offer you numerous benefits when it comes to their technical specifications, but the one benefit that matters the most is the flexibility that a hammock can offer anyone. You can stop wherever you want to, when you want to, and you will no longer have to worry about finding a suitable clearing where you can set up your tent. If you want to stop for a quick afternoon nap, then all you have to do is find a suitable location where you can safely hang your hammock up.

Actually hanging your hammock up is even easier, as most ultralight hammocks can be set up in a matter of just minutes. The flexibility that a hammock can offer you doesn’t stop there. You will no longer be weighed down by the poles and other pieces of equipment that you might have become accustomed to.

Beach Hammock

Setting up a tent often requires multiple different pieces, and they can be quite heavy. An ultralight hammock usually weighs around a pound; this means that you can adventure at a faster pace without any unexpected disruptions. The flexibility also means that multiple different types of people can benefit from the use of a hammock, as hammocks can be used by near enough anyone.

You could use a hammock on a solo-adventure through the middle of a forest, or you could set a hammock up in a child’s play room. The only limit to your hammock adventures is your own imagination. Several of the other benefits that you should expect to experience while using an ultralight hammock are:

Your hammock will be easy to carry

Hammocks are actually notoriously easy to carry, so do not start imagining yourself getting all tangled up in a parachute just yet. The vast majority of ultralight hammocks can actually be folded directly into their own little stuff sack. These stuff sacks are only small, with most being the size of either oranges or grapefruits after the hammock has been folded away into them. They also weigh almost nothing.

Storing Ultralight Hammock

You can simply place the stuff sack directly into your backpack until you need to get your hammock out, and you are unlikely to lose the stuff sack during the night. This is because most stuff sacks are actually attached to the hammock, and while the hammock is up in the tree tops you can use the stuff sack as a handy device holder.

Your hammock will have a low impact on the environment

A lot of backpackers take into consideration the impact that they have on the planet, and the environment that surrounds them. Sleeping in a hammock while backpacking or hiking is actually one of the most environmentally friendly ways to sleep, as it rarely has an adverse effect on the environment. You also do not need a campsite to set up a hammock, all you need is two trees or another suitable location.

Your hammock will be more comfortable than you might expect it to be

One thing that we hear a lot is about how uncomfortable people actually expect hammocks to be, or how much it shocked them when they found out that hammocks are actually incredibly comfortable. Have you ever been sleeping in a tent and noticed every single lump and bump on the ground underneath your body? In the trees it would be impossible for you to experience that sort of discomfort, not to mention the creepy crawlies that often call the ground their home.

Hammock Size

A key rule of thumb is to make sure that the hammock that you choose is suitable for your size, otherwise you may experience some discomfort. Usually the larger the hammock, the more comfortable the hammock will actually be.

What should you take into consideration when purchasing your first ultralight hammock?

There are a number of things that you could take into consideration when you begin to look for and eventually choose your first ultralight hammock, and that is because there are a lot of variables. These variables will always vary on a person-by-person basis, and no one hammock will be suitable for everyone. This is because everyone has their own requirements that they want to get out of their ideal hammock, and no adventure is the same. We believe that there are three things that you should always think about, they are:

What do you intend on using your hammock for?

No one trip is the same, and that is why this question is so important. There could be numerous different factors that make your trip different to another, including the length of your trip and the climate that you will be exposed to. Some travellers go backpacking for just a few weeks, while other travellers will spend a year out among the wilderness.

Hammock With Mosquito Net

Ideally you want your hammock to be as lightweight as possible regardless of the situation that you will be exposed to, as less weight to carry around will usually result in a much happier trip. But, if you do plan on venturing to a wetter climate then you will need something slightly sturdier than an ultralight hammock. You should also consider attachments, if you know the area that you are going to will have high numbers of mosquitoes then you will need to use a mosquito net with your hammock.

Is the hammock that you are looking at suitable for your weight, and your height?

Just like a lot of products that you can find readily available on the market, hammocks vary in both their durability and their size. You need to take into consideration your own height and body weight when purchasing a hammock, as a hammock that is suitable for one person might not be as suitable for you. Most hammocks are actually tested with more weight than their own limit, but it is not worth taking the risk of falling through your hammock in the middle of the night.

Two Girls Sleeping in Hammock

The same goes for couples, do not try to squeeze together on a single hammock, otherwise your night will just be uncomfortable and more than likely sleepless. Remember that larger hammocks are almost always comfier than smaller hammocks!

What material is the hammock made out of?

An ideal hammock for a backpacker will be lightweight, otherwise you might end up carrying more than you can actually carry. This can result in slower trips, and covering less ground than you set out intending to. Yet, hammocks should also be made out of a material that is both sturdy and durable, a combination that only works correctly in certain products. Your hammock needs to be sturdy enough to hold you, but it also has to be breathable so that you do not end up with a hot, sweaty back.

Hammock Material

One of the best materials currently available on the market is called 210T nylon, and it is commonly used during the construction of both parachutes and hot air balloons. Sometimes other types of nylon are used, and you can also see polyester products available on the market. Our advice would be to aim for 210T nylon for optimum comfort levels.

Our Ultralight Hammock Reviews

Double Parachute Camping Nylon Hammock

Weight: 1 poundDouble Camping Hammock

Dimensions: 110 x 63 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 210T nylon, and a useful storage bag

Best Uses: Backpacking, camping, and hiking

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick the right size for you when it comes to choosing a hammock, especially if it is your first time purchasing one. You will now know that the bigger the hammock is, the more comfortable it is. But, maybe you do not want to purchase a hammock that has been designed for use by two people. If that is the case then this could be the ideal hammock for you, as most backpackers say that it actually fits in between a single and a double hammock size. This means that it is incredibly comfortable for solo use, while still completely suitable for two small people.

The Double Parachute Camping Hammock also comes with absolutely very attachment that you could possibly need for setting it up, as well as the handy storage pouch that is vital when it comes to purchasing your first ultralight backpacking hammock.

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Ultralight Camping Hammock

Weight: 1.25 poundsUltralight Camping Hammock

Dimensions: 4.7 x 8.1 x 10.1 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 210T nylon, and the ability to hold up to 300 pounds

Best Uses: Backpacking, and home-use

You have to consider durability when purchasing a hammock, as you have to trust that the product will keep you off of the ground through the entire night. Durability has been stitched into the very seams of the Ultralight Camping Hammock. Those seams are actually triple-stitched for some additional security and peace of mind.

The main item that adds to the durability of the product is the use of 210T nylon, which is actually the same product that professionals use to make both hot air balloons and parachutes. If it can be trusted to land someone safely on the ground, then you can trust it to provide you with a peaceful sleep.

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Weight: 1 poundCutequeen Trading Hammock

Dimensions: 3 x 5.9 x 7.3 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 210T nylon, and the ability to hold up to 600 pounds

Best Uses: Backpacking, camping, and relaxing

The Cutequeen Double Nest Camping Hammock is in our opinion, a fantastic option for couples. Due to the sturdy construction it can actually carry up to 600 pounds, which could also make it suitable for young families. It comes with two military-grade, steel carabiners and two tree straps, meaning that you can quickly put the hammock up in almost any location. If you don’t want to venture out into the wilderness, then you could simply use it for relaxing in your back yard at home.

Due to the nature of nylon as a material, this product is also known to dry out incredibly quickly. This means that it would also be suitable for use in a boating environment, or down on the beach.

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Rovor Chill-Ino Ultralight Hammock

Weight: 1.25 poundsRovor Chill-Ino Hammock

Dimensions: 4 x 7 x 10 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of HTS woven nylon, and the ability to hold up to 300 pounds

Best Uses: Solo backpacking, camping, and general adventure activities

A lot of backpackers that are attempting to use a hammock for the first-time often find themselves feeling rather unsecure about it. Usually this is because the barrier between you and the outside world is gone, and hammocks can swing. This swinging motion often makes adventurers that are not used to the motion feel as though they could just fall straight through the hammock.

If you are worrying about falling through the hammock then an ideal option for you would be the Rovor Chill-Ino Ultralight Hammock, as it offers an ultimate form of durability. It has quadruple stitching throughout, and it uses a type of HTS woven nylon. HTS woven nylon does not stretch overtime like other materials can. It also comes with military-grade carabiners, for extra safety and peace of mind.

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Legit Camping Lightweight Hammocks

Weight: 1.2 poundsLegit Camping Hammock

Dimensions: 0 x 9 x 4 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of high-quality nylon, and the ability to hold up to 400 pounds

Best Uses: Relaxed activities, including the beach and festivals

Legit Camping are known to be one of the best brands on the market for hammocks, and that might be because they offer an incredible lifetime warranty on all of their products. Legit Camping Lightweight Hammock is rather special because it has been designed for multiple uses, and that makes it quite versatile. It is the type of hammock that you could have with you on the beach, or at a festival, or deep in the forest.

It is a double hammock, so it is suitable for two people. You should be aware that it has a weight limit of 400 pounds, so it would not be suitable for use by young families. If you want a hammock that can survive rain, wind, festivals, and the wear and tear that naturally comes with outdoor adventures, then this is the hammock for you.

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Foxelli #1 Camping Hammock

Weight: 1.19 poundsFoxelli No. 1 Hammock

Dimensions: 4.45 x 6.65 x 9.8 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 210T nylon, and the ability to hold up to 500 pounds

Best Uses: Camping and hiking

One thing that you should be aware of is that a lot of companies legally have to put a lower weight limit than their hammocks can actually handle. This is because there are legal weight limits that come with the size of the hammock. A great example of this is the Foxelli #1 Camping Hammock, as it has a legal weight limit of 500 pounds, yet it has been successfully tested at 900 pounds.

We wouldn’t advise that you through 900 pounds straight onto it, but it would be suitable for young families. It has been made for both comfort and durability, and it can be easily assembled in just 90 seconds. All you have to do first is find a suitable assembly point.

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Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Weight: 1.05 poundsGrand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 8 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 100% polyester, and the ability to hold a single person

Best Uses: Relaxed activities, and shorter adventures

If you plan on using your hammock for adventures that are a little bit more laid back and relaxed, then you might not require a hammock that is sturdy enough to survive a whole month of use at a time. The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock is ideal for laid back adventures, be that a day at the beach, or falling asleep in your own home. A lot of customers have actually bought this product for use in children’s rooms.

It comes with sturdy S-shaped hanging hooks that can be used to hang the hammock in a variety of locations, and unlike a lot of hammocks, this one can actually be thrown straight into the washing machine.

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Winner Outfitters Camping Hammock

Weight: 1.5 poundsWinner Outfitters Hammock

Dimensions: 0.1 x 78 x 118 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 210T nylon, and the ability to hold up to 500 pounds

Best Uses: Backpacking and camping

A lot of people that frequently use hammocks are always on the lookout for a product that they can assemble quickly. This gives them the ability to set up their hammock wherever they want to, as late as they want to. A traveller that uses a hammock will rarely have to worry about getting to a specific clearing to set up a hammock whilst it is still completely light outside.

The Winner Outfitters Camping Hammock is a fantastic example of that, it has been created for use by two people, and two people can set the hammock up in under three minutes. It can be attached to two trees, or any suitable hanging locations.

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TALONITE Camping Hammock

Weight: 1.5 poundsTalonite Camping Hammock

Dimensions: 3.94 x 5.91 x 9.45 inches

Top Features: Constructed out of 210T nylon, and the ability to hold up to 660 pounds

Best Uses: Backpacking for couples, and camping for couples

One of the best ultralight camping hammocks that we could find readily available on the market was the TALONITE Camping Hammock, as it can offer almost everything that the majority of backpackers could want. It offers comfort, durability, size, and speed. It has been made out of highly water-resistant 210T nylon, and it has the ability to carry up to 660 pounds. The material is breathable, so you will not get too warm and sweaty during the night.

It is lightweight, portable, and can be set up in just a handful of minutes. It also comes with a stuff sack attached to it, this stuff sack can be useful for two different reasons. During the day it holds the hammock, while at night it can be used to carry your valuable possessions.

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Heading off on your lightweight backpacking adventure yet?

Planning your own adventure is always a fun experience, but there is nothing better than actually going on your adventure. By taking a hammock with you, you give yourself the opportunity to travel faster and see more, while being able to sleep almost anywhere.

Sleeping in a Hammock

One thing you should always remember to do in a hammock, especially if it is your first hammock, is never sleep straight. This means that you should not line your body up with the anchor points of the hammock, if you do then your body will be stuck in an incredibly unusual sleeping position. Rather than laying straight you should lay on a diagonal line, as that flattens your body down into a much more natural position.

Do you feel like your adventures would benefit from the use of an ultralight hammock? Or, would you feel too unprotected without the walls of a tent? Let us know in the comments below!


Russell McCarty

Russell McCarty

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