Best Jungle Boots: Conquer the Wild With These Tough Boots

Written by Russell McCarty

Jungle boots have become more of a fashionable thing than what they were originally meant for. Whether creating a fashion statement or not, a hiker, hunter military person or mountain trekker needs to be well protected against any elements that could seriously affect his or her performance while undertaking outdoor activities. What great way to protect oneself than to have a pair of the best jungle boots?

Jungle boots are not only tough on the inside but they also provide protection to the feet from the outside. They provide the ability to withstand various harsh conditions in the jungle. When shopping for jungle boots, it is important to keep in mind that boots are different. This review seeks to offer all that you should know when it comes to selecting the perfect jungle boots.

Why go for jungle boots and not ordinary boots?

Jungle boots are a type of combat boots that are designed especially for use in the jungle warfare or in surroundings that are hot, wet and humid where ordinary leather combat boots or any particular kind of shoes would not be suitable or comfortable to have on.

Unlike other ordinary footwear, jungle boots come with ventilation holes on their upper surfaces and sides. These ventilation holes greatly help in ventilation as well as in the drainage of moisture.

Their designs are specially made with high laces so as to keep jungle ants and other jungle insects from crawling up your attire and making you uncomfortable. Their unique design features make jungle boots perfect for the jungle environment.

Going to the jungle with ordinary boots is not really bad idea but if you are going to go through rugged and muddy terrains or rivers, then you are very likely to spoil your boots because they are not designed for such like activities. But with jungle boots you can go to the harshest of environments but they will still stand strong and take you through for a long period because the materials they are made from are durable. Jungle boots will support and protect the feet and they will also ensure maximum grip in your movements.

What to consider when buying jungle boots


Comfort is of utmost importance when buying anything. Jungle boots are expected to be as comfortable as possible given that you are going to trek inside the jungle. High- end boots are known to be lighter and so provide perfect comfort. As compared to middle weight boots, high- end boots feel light even to the feet. Heavy weight types are needed in a break in period.

The comfort of jungle boots is also determined by how great or bad the feet feel. Do your feet feel ok even after long hours of mountaineering and trekking? Or do they hurt when you slightly bump into a rock?

A good jungle boot is one that you ensure you stay dry and cool. Any slight friction, heat or damp skin could cause a blister which will definitely make you be uneasy in your outdoor sessions.


Imagine your boots giving up on you in the middle of the jungle, far from civilization, with the harshest of weather conditions. You would not wish for such a scenario, right? A good jungle boot is one that is tough, heavy duty and one that has been taken through durability tests. Good jungle boots are those that have been made from tough and quality materials to last longer and with stand the toughest of terrains.


If walking on dry gravel, wet granite, loose gravel or some uncomfortable surface great boots should be in a position to provide you with good traction. During winter your jungle boots should be in a position to give you good traction on wet snow. You can inquire about this from the store you will purchase your boots from.

Water Resistance

Imagine you have your boots on or any other kind of shoes and they keep penetrating water through? Won’t that make you uncomfortable? While on a camp, you will want to feel dry and comfortable in your feet. A good pair of boots would make all the difference towards ensuring your feet are warm even when walking on cold and wet surfaces.

As earlier mentioned wet boots will cause you to have blisters and thus have a terrible outdoor experience. A good number of models in the market come with breathable and waterproof membranes on their outer linings. Others will also come with a gusseted tongue which will prevent debris as well as rocks from going getting in the boot. They also are extensions of the water proof membrane.


With stable shoes you can conquer all that the jungle has to offer you. Great jungle boots offer torsion and ankle stability. To have minimal chances of having your twisted or missteps, go for full cut or mid height hiking boots. A great pair of boots is that which fits properly as well as make the ankle feel stable.


Generally lighter boots are more comfortable although others of various weights could also work with regards to the environment. The lighter your jungle boots, the less energy you use while walking. Most boots that are heavier have emphasis on stability, durability and ankle protection.

As you shopping for one, go for a light one that provides stability as well as support.

Value for money

Not only in jungle boots but in every other case, affordability and quality are what buyers will always go for. Would it not be nice to have the most affordable boots with outstanding features that could take you for a long period of time? Walk into various shops and also check online for those brands of boots that will offer you great value for your money.

Top Rated Jungle Boots

Dr. Marten’s 1460 Leather Boots

Dr. Martens Boots

Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 5 inches

Features: This jungle boot is a full grain leather upper with a synthetic sole. Made for women and imported, the 8- Eye patent leather boot is smooth, durable and has a smooth finish. The durability is owed to the fact that the boot is made with GoodYear welt, with the upper and sole heat- sealed and sewn together. It has an air cushion sole that is oil and fat resistant thus offering great abrasion and slip resistance

Best use: Outdoor activities

Bring out the fierce jungle look in you with Dr. Marten’s 1460 Leather Boots. This boot will set you out in the mood for the jungle, camping, hiking, mountaineering and any other outdoor activity. It is a lace low boot that offers great comfort as you explore the terrains of the jungle.

The great iconic leather upper that comes with it is diced with great attitude where as its super thick lug sole brings out a sense of toughness. They are not only fashionable, but also outstanding to beat any element that could come your way in the jungle. An experience in the wild with this boots will definitely be one to remember.

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Daily Shoes Military Boots

Women's Military Boots

Weight: 2 pounds

Dimensions: 4.7 x 11.9 x 10.2 inches

Features: This ladies boot is imported and made from synthetic. The sole is purely rubber for perfect grip. It has a 3 inch by 3.5 inch zippered storage pocket that allows you to travel light as you can store cash, keys, pocket knife and any other thing. It also has a 9.75 inch shaft and a 13 inch circumference that allows women of all sizes to fit in without much of an issue. Made of leather that resists wear and tear making them great for work or play. It has padded insole cushions that assure your comfort as you walk. The lace – up front enables you to adjust the fit for optimal support.

Best use: Outdoor activities, work, play

With Daily Shoes Military Boots you can walk on any type of surface and terrain as they are ruggedly crafted. The rubber sole that is slip resistant has a unique traction grip that make sure you remain on your feet regardless of the terrain you are walking on. You can put them on a daily basis not just for an outdoor activity.

They are the perfect size for most women and very comfortable thanks to their 9.75 inch shaft and 13- inch circumference. The mountains are calling out for you, go for a hike with these combat shoes. Enjoy the muddy puddle with your hands free. You have nothing to fear or stop you, kick off your adventure and enjoy all that nature has to provide.

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Maelstrom Tac Force Tactical Boot

Maelstrom Boots

 Weight: 1.5 pounds

Features: It is made of leather and fabric and its sole is made of pure rubber. Its shaft measures 7 inches from the arch. The leather can be polished and its inner lining is breathable the rubber outsole is oil resistant which is great for outdoor activities. The cushion insert that is removable is shock absorbent for all day comfort. It also comes with a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort.

Best use: Outdoor activities, military, work

This great pair of Maelstrom Tac Force Tactical Boot has been uniquely designed with professionals in mind. It has been made with materials that will bring out great performance in various conditions and environments. The upper surface comprises of polish-able, water resistant leather and nylon which keep your feet dry as well as comfortable.

The breathable moisture wicking liner protects your feet from bacterial build up and also aims to cool down your feet in high activities. It is lighter and flexible thanks to the cemented construction which allows swift movement during any activity. It has a side zipper for easy and fast on and off when in a rush or when just lazy to tie your boots.

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Original S.W.A.T. Metro Air Boot

S.W.A.T. Boot

Weight: 6 pounds

Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches

Features: Available only in color black, this is leather boot with leather sole and comes with a visible heel air cell. Its upper part is double stitched with 3 ply bonded nylon thread and has a custom molded phylon EVA midsole. It also has an airport friendly nylon shank

Best use: Outdoor activities, military use

Original S.W.A.T. Metro Air Boot uses air technology to provide utmost comfort as well as cushioning for long hours on hard surfaces. It has been made of only non-metallic components and thus the reason as to why it is known to be the ultimate airport friendly law enforcement uniform boot. You can be certain of its durability thanks to its double stitched upper that has 3 ply bonded nylon thread.

It has a light weight comfort and cradled support thanks to its custom molded phylon EVA midsole. The leather at the toes is polish-able for that sleek look. You do not have to fret about fatigue as the airport friendly nylon shank offers ultimate lightweight comfort and fatigue control. Tack yourself in these boots and be set for the jungle and enjoy the nature in the wild.

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Maelstrom Landship Boot

Maelstrom Boots

Features: Available in an array of colors this boot is made of leather and fabric and has a rubber sole for whatever terrain. It has a polish-able leather and highly breathable air mesh upper. Its inner part has a breathable moisture wicking lining and the slip rubber outsole is oil resistant. It also has a YKK heavy duty side zipper with closure for fast on and off

Best use: Outdoor activities, military use, hunting

If you are a law enforcement person or just an outdoor enthusiast then Maelstrom LANDSHIP Boot is the jungle boot to go for. This is because the boot is breathable thanks to the use of the perforated foam padding. The antibacterial and moisture – wicking linings are applied for the purposes of moisture management system. You can rest assured of support in the case of high impact activity thanks to the lightweight shock- absorbing midsole system which has superior compression as well as rebound and so providing you with comfort, speed and stability.

The outsole has been developed with great technology and has threads going deep for good traction in whichever environment you go to. The boot has outstanding athletic design features and has been constructed with traditional process for durability and so offering you great value for your money. It comes in various colors to suit your liking.

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Rocky C4T Tactical Boot

Rocky C4T Boot

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Dimensions: 15.5 * 9.3 * 5.4 inches

Best use: Outdoor activities, military use, hunting, hiking

Features: The leather/ fabric boot has a leather sole for perfect grip on any terrain and is water resistant. It comes equipped with speed eyelets, NATO hooks and 550 cord laces.

Yet another amazing boot from Rocky, Rocky C4T Tactical Boot is the lightest boot ever made by Rocky. Rocky paired up with soldiers to come up with the best military and jungle boot and developed this light weight boot for military training. If you have had a terrible experience with other types of boots then this one will restore your confidence with jungle boots thanks to its great features that have been described above.

The last thing you want while on a hunt is low speed. The C4T boot has a synthetic upper with faux molle strap details on the upper and will guarantee you of great support. The boot fits properly as it has a durable 550 paracord laced shaft.

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Final Words

The jungle is wild and tough and needs one to prepare well. Having the right attire will make your experience fun and one to remember. On the other hand, if you are not properly equipped you will have a terrible experience and will most certainly not enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

As already explained, jungle boots offer great comfort and protection and cushion your feet from harsh conditions such as mud, rain and snow. However, before you pay for your jungle boot be sure to ascertain its durability, toughness and value for your money.

Check out the boots that have been reviewed in this segment and you will definitely find a fit for your liking.

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