Can you wear hiking boots every day? (Explained)

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Written by Bradley Page

Finding comfortable hiking boots is important, especially as you’re likely to be wearing them for long periods of time while hiking. Once you’ve found a pair that fit you perfectly and you can wear them for a long while,  you might find yourself wondering if you can wear them every day?

Yes, you can absolutely wear your hiking boots every day if you want to. However, the more frequently you wear them, you’re likely to wear your hiking boots out quicker.

In addition to wearing out your hiking boots, there are a few other things that you should take into consideration. Let’s take a look at those now.

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When thinking about using your hiking boots for day-to-day use, it’s worth remembering that many hiking boots are insulated and padded. This helps to keep your feet warm and reduce the likelihood of bruises; this not only means that you’re going to feel warmer but may also end up with your feet smelling by the end of the day.

If you’re going to be wearing hiking boots all day, then during warmer weather, it may be worth wearing lighter socks or getting more breathable boots.


Hiking boots are much heavier than the sorts of footwear that we are likely to wear. This will mean that you’re going to be using more energy walking around than you normally would. This isn’t a huge issue for most people; if you’re someone who wants to wear hiking boots, you’re likely to be healthy, but it is worth including in here anyway.

Wearing out the tread

While we mostly think of rubber as just rubber, more goes into these than we think. Shoe manufacturers of all types have to find the right balance between durability and grip. While a firmer rubber will last longer, it doesn’t provide as much grip and is more likely to crack if you bend it, whereas a softer, more flexible rubber will not last as long as a firmer rubber.

As hiking boots are designed to be used outdoors, mostly on softer surfaces, there’s greater benefit in going for a more flexible rubber that will give greater grip. The lugs, which are used for digging into the dirt and improving your grip, are likely to wear down quickly when used on pavements.


High-quality hiking boots are likely to cost more than a pair of everyday trainers, so wearing them out prematurely can result in you having to spend more than you would otherwise. That being said, if you’re getting greater comfort or support out of wearing hiking boots, then the additional cost can be worthwhile.

Can you use hiking boots for running?

You can absolutely use your hiking boots for running if you would like to. However, it will not be as comfortable a run as you would get when wearing trainers or shoes designed for running.

You have to remember that running shoes are designed to help you get the best run possible. This will include ensuring they weigh as little as possible while still providing you with the necessary support. While it may not feed

Running is going to be even more abrasive to the soles of your hiking shoes than if you were to wear them for walking around. You’re, therefore, likely to wear through them a lot quicker than you would normally; you can probably say goodbye to the lugs after a single run, which feels like a real waste.



Can you wear hiking boots on a treadmill?

You can, but it’s probably best not to. Neither your hiking boots nor the treadmill is designed for working with the other. While your hiking boots are likely to be the ones that deteriorate the fastest, you want to avoid damaging the belt of your treadmill as they’re not fun to replace.

It’s also worth mentioning that improving your hiking ability by using a treadmill is not ideal. This is because you’re going to be walking at a consistent incline and speed. In contrast, the more challenging and fun part of hiking is the constant changes in incline and the stabilization that your ankle needs to do. Obviously, walking on a treadmill is better for your health than doing nothing but if you get the chance, take the opportunity to get to the great outdoors!

Can you wear hiking boots on a plane?

As your hiking boots are likely to be the heaviest shoes you take on holiday with you, wearing them reduces your luggage weight. This is because your luggage gets weighed and not you; if you’re able to wear the heavier items, it frees up weight allowance for other items of souvenirs on the way home.

It is worth being aware that you’re likely to take longer taking your boots off when you go through airport security, so it would be worth undoing them while you queue for security rather than when you get to the conveyor.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve covered in this post, you can absolutely wear your hiking boots every day if you so wish. This does come with some small problems but nothing that would cause you harm.

One option that may be worth considering if you’d like to wear hiking boots every day is instead looking into approach shoes, which are kind of like light hiking shoes.

Do you wear your hiking boots all the time? What’s your experience?


Bradley Page

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