Best Water Enhancers: What You Need to Know When Buying

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Written by Russell McCarty

Water enhancers are a relatively new invention that comes in tiny bottles which are used to add flavor and taste to your drinking water. As you know, water is an important aspect to consider when outdoors. It ensures that you stay hydrated hence energetic so you have to take quite an amount if you want to get the best out of your trip.

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The best water enhancers have been a welcomed idea, especially by those people who wants something more out of their water since it takes away the idea that one is actually drinking water.

Knowing the work of water enhancers and having decided that you need one, there is the question on which are the best. There are a lot of various brands of enhancers in the market. All of these are created to suit a particular set of needs but just like any other manufactured product, you have to consider how healthy it is before purchasing.

This article will explain to you the composition of most enhancers in the market, how they are useful or dangerous and the best options that are readily available.

What is in water enhancers?

Enhancers are basically made of different flavors, color and sometimes sugar. Most of the enhancers in the market are pretty artificial so if you were thinking of buying some, this is important information you should have in mind. The ingredients used in enhancers are usually approved by FDA which means that they are safe for human consumption.

Most of the water enhancers have been enhanced with vitamins such as A, B and C which make them healthy to use since they boost your immunity. They may also have traces of minerals such as potassium and calcium to help in strengthening your bones which is really helpful if you love the great outdoors.

However, some people may have negative reactions to some of the ingredients or their combination. For example Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is used in some of the enhancers. It is known to be 600 times sweeter than natural sugar which may pose a problem if you have been instructed by your doctor to take less sugar. Some of the artificial colors and flavors may cause allergic reactions to some people so make sure to check with your doctor on the same.

Other ingredients found in many of the water enhancers include real fruit, alcohol, caffeine and artificial thickeners in varied amounts, so make sure to check them out before buying.

If you follow the instructions on the bottle and you use exactly as recommended, it is unlikely that you will get exposed enough to generate a harmful reaction. This is why you should always read and understand the directions before using them.

Pros and Cons of Water Enhancers

Many water enhancers have some benefits to our bodies. However, not all of these are the best for the body and they may cause more problems in future. This is why it is important to understand both the good and he bad before you start or continue using water enhancers.


  • They encourage one to drink more water by giving it a pleasant taste.
  • Some have vitamins and mineral salts that help boost the immunity and functioning of the body.
  • They are affordable options to boosting the taste of water.
  • They sweeten and flavor water instantly.


  • They may have artificial flavors and sugars which are not healthy.
  • Some cause allergic reactions to people especially if they have artificial colors.
  • Artificial sugars may cause a spike in blood sugar hence leading to medical problems.
  • Those with traits of caffeine may cause addiction to the enhancers.

How to shop for a water enhancer?

The kind of enhancer that you choose will depend on your state of health and outdoor activity that you will be engaging in. This is because some of the top-rated water enhancers incorporate energy boosters in their formula which may be helpful when engaging in strenuous activities.

If you have a medical condition such as an allergy to some components, it is better you opt for the all- natural water enhancers since these ensure that you are protected from all those harmful substances. Also check the ingredients keenly for anything that may set off a negative reaction from you.

If you are intending to lose weight, it is important that you take more water since it helps in flushing out excess water and other substances in your body that may inhibit weight loss. Also important to check, is the calorie and sugar content. These could easily keep you from losing weight even when you’re doing everything else correctly.

If you are still unable to make a decision, the best thing would be to check with your doctor. He or she will give you an analysis of all the ingredients and explain how they may affect you. This is a necessity especially if you have any health condition that may be affected by some ingredients in the water enhancer. Check out our article review of the best hydration drink to keep your body nourished all day.

Any alternatives to water enhancers?

As much as there are a lot of different enhancers that promise to only add flavor to your water, most of them do not meet this requirement. Some of the enhancers available in supermarket shelves will cause you more complications than simple enhancing water.

It is for this reason that a lot of people are turning back to natural and organic ingredients to add flavor to your water. Natural herbs and fruits have been working okay for the past years hence they are your best bet when you want to enhance the taste of water. Some of the best natural water enhancers include:

  • Limes or lemons
  • Mint leaves
  • Oranges
  • Berries- strawberries and raspberries etc.
  • Mango/ mango juice
  • Cucumber
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger

The above mentioned ingredients can be used as individual ingredients or you can combine a couple of them to make a cocktail that will persuade you to take more water. Some people use organic tealeaves from the market or natural ones from the supermarket. All-natural means that they do not have any artificial additives, flavors and colors.

How to Use Alternative Natural Water Enhancers?


These kinds of bottles allow you to place your fruit of choice at the bottom such that it diffuses its flavors slowly into the water giving it the flavor you wanted. They are great since you can remove a single fruit and place another if you want to. These bottles are available for less than $5 hence you can afford a couple for your activities.


You can cut up some fruits into a large bottle of water, and then level it to soak overnight while in the fridge. It allows the fruits to diffuse their flavors into the water making it interesting to the taste. When you want to use the water, you can remove the fruits and herbs then take your sweet water comfortably in water bottles fit for the outdoors.


It may sound weird but just give it a chance. Take some of the ingredients such as ginger, rosemary and lemons, or any combination that you can boil, then put in a large pot of water and bring this to a boil for a couple of minutes. Transfer the water into a large bottle and store this in the fridge or freezer. This allows you to have cool flavored water that you can sweeten using stevia if you like a bit of sweetness in your water.

Natural ingredients are a great option if you don’t want to expose yourself to the possibilities of spiking your blood sugar or consume any of the harmful chemicals that are used in some varities of water enhancers. However, if you don’t mind all of that, then you can go ahead and use the store bought since they are instant and are much less work compared to the natural ones.

Reviewing the Top Water Enhancers


If you have done a bit of research into water enhancers, then Mio Water Enhancer must have come up in one of them. It is a popular water enhancer that comes in various flavorings, the most popular being sweet tea.

Unlike many enhancers, it does not have any sugar, caffeine or juice added into it making it a perfect natural taste booster. This is why it is a recommended enhancer for those with diabetes or those advised against taking too much sugar since it doesn’t increase sugar levels in the body.

MIO enhancer

Though the bottle is quite little you can use it for more than 20 servings since you don’t need too much of it. There is also Mio energy, which apart from being an enhancer; it boosts your energy quite a lot making it the perfect companion to bring with you during a hike. Other flavors include orange vanilla, fruit punch and the berry flavors which allow you many options when buying.


Stur Liquid Water Enhancer is enjoyed for having no sugar and calories, so if you’re trying to watch your weight, this is the stuff for you. This best water enhancer is designed to be all natural hence it does not use any artificial ingredients found in many enhancers such as sucralose and yellow or blue dyes that some people are allergic to. It adds some sweetness into your water which is from stevia, a natural sweetening plant hence no artificial sweeteners is used.

Stur water enhancer

It is also enhanced with vitamin C which gives a boost that is better than vitamin pills or supplements that many people take. They can be found at stores in a variety of flavors such as strawberry watermelon, fruit punch and orange mango.


Pyure Organic Stevia Liquid Drops is a 100% calorie, gluten and sugar free option that gives you sweet water while camping or hiking. For those people who are a bit skeptical on water enhancers, you should try this option out since it does exactly what an enhancer is made to do without any unnecessary extras. It uses natural stevia to add sweetness to the drops making your water pleasant and refreshing to drink.

Pyure water enhancer

It is a great option if you’re camping and craving sugar since the sweetness from the drops will curb your craving without having to consume anything unhealthy. It is also made in a way that you do not get the after stevia taste which can be quite unpleasant at times. All you get is all natural sweet goodness in your water.


Many of the top water enhancers in the market have the same flavors but H2wow Water Enhancer is quite different in a pleasant way. It has about 3 calories in every serving which is still low calorie if you compare with most enhancers that you may be tempted to buy.

H2w0w enhancer

It uses organic agave and stevia, which are all natural ingredients for sweetening making it a very healthy option. It comes in four flavors such as cucumber lemon grass, ginger lime, lemon mint and grapefruit making it a unique option for you.


It has a really strong and interesting flavor no matter the kind that you choose. It gives the real definition of a little goes a long way because it really does. As to how much all natural these water enhancers are, that’s debatable but it offers very low calories per serving. Dasani Drops do have Sucralose and Yellow 5 which are two ingredients that you should really be conscious of, but these are in less than 2% of it so you should not panic too much.

Dasani drops

You can comfortably use one bottle for a month if you follow the instructions given. It also comes in a range of friendly flavors the favorite one being pineapple coconut which gives a Pina Colada taste.


This is another all- natural water enhancer that boasts 0% artificial components free. it is made from actual lemons so it has that zingy taste with a hint of sweetness to it. This makes it very easy to drink when added to water hence it serves its purpose perfectly.

True lemon enhancer

True Lemon Water Enhancer is safe to use for diabetics since it does not contain any sugar; therefore, it won’t raise your sugar levels. If you want an easy to take Vitamin C supplement, this is the best one you will find in a water enhancer. It is also great to use in teas and other beverages if you want that lemony taste in them.


This is one of the ideal enhancers to use if you are on a get-healthy or weight loss journey. True to its word, Skinny Girl Water Enhancer is completely calorie and artificial sugar free. This means that you get to enjoy your flavored sweet water without having to worry about how much unhealthy stuff you’re taking.

Skinny girl enhancer

It also doesn’t have any preservatives making it absolutely healthy for everyone. The green color is gotten form vegetable juice and it uses a bit of stevia and cane for sweetening. It comes in a variety of flavorings for your liking and has the less is more trait which allows it to last quite a long time.


It is advertised as a zero calorie best water enhancer for those that don’t want any unhealthy stuff in their water. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins E, B and C which are all important for strong immunity of the body.

Propel enhancer

Propel Zero Water Enhancer is a sweetened enhancer that is done using natural ingredients such as fruits which allow it to be low calorie and without any artificial additives. The flavors by this brand have been formulated to also boost appetite, so if you have a problem with low appetite it may go a long way in helping you go back to normal eating habits.


Pure Inventions Water Enhancer is one of the healthiest brands of enhancer as it has been proven to use 100% natural ingredients and no artificial coloring and flavoring. It has a coconut flavor and the best thing about this enhancer is that it does not completely mask off the taste of water.

It simply enhances it to make it a lot tastier and encourage you to drink more. If you don’t want an enhancer that has any added sugars and colors, this could just be the perfect enhancer for you.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, water enhancers are a welcome idea that a lot of people have embraced and has really helped them enjoy their time outdoors by always staying hydrated.

They do have some issues here and there but as long as you know exactly what you’re buying, then you should be okay. The fewer ingredients the water enhancer has, the more likely it is to be healthy for your consumption. Find out how to choose the best water bottle for your next camping trip.

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