Best Skis for Beginners: Get the Perfect Control and Stability

Russell McCarty
Written by Russell McCarty

Skiing is fun – no one can deny that. With winter season in full swing, there is one activity that everyone looks forward to with excitement – skiing of course! There’s nothing quite like strapping on a pair of skis and sliding down a snowy slope. But you need to know the best skis for beginners to get out there yourself.

Skiing is something that everyone can do. There’s no barrier of age, sex or anything else. The only difference is your skill level, the steepness of the slope and, of course, the skis.

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There are different skis designed for people of different expertise. Here we will talk about the skis designed for beginners. When choosing these skis, a lot of important points were kept in mind so rest assured that you will benefit from this list. If you were planning to buy skis for yourself this holiday season, or for a relative or friend, you will find this list to be very helpful.

Features to Consider when Buying


Weight is very important. A lightweight ski can be easier to control and manage. If you are a beginner try to go for skis that weigh less than 2 kg/ski. Such skis will be great for mountain terrain as well as the park. They will be easy to control and you will be less likely to fall down.


Check out the length of the ski before you buy it. All ski models come in different lengths; you should choose a length according to your own size. Also, longer skis are more stable while shorter ones are easier to turn.

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Softer skis are easier to handle for beginners. They are more forgiving, and hence should be preferred.

Waist Width

Narrower waist width skis are best for beginners as they do well on-trail and groomed conditions. Widths up to 95 mm are good for this purpose. If you want to ski on un-groomed terrain, go for width greater than 111 mm.


This is the slightly raised shape of a ski. It helps move through powdered snow and makes turn initiation easier.

Camber means the center of the ski is raised, providing good rebound, edge hold and stability. Tip rocker means that the tip is lifted, which makes it easier to initiate turns. Rocker/camber/rocker has both ends raised with camber in the center. Full rocker skis have raised both ends with flat center.

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This is the relation between a ski’s tip, tail and waist. When tip and tail are wide and waist is narrow, sidecut is greater, which makes carving a turn easier.


Flared tail (turned up and tapered) is most common and versatile. Twin tip tail allows you to land backwards.

The Skis You Need To See

Now that you know which factors to consider when buying skis, here are a few skis that you, as a beginner, can buy.

Head Natural Instinct Ski System Men’s

Head Natural Instinct Ski System Men’sWeight: 8 kg (including bindings)

Dimensions: Tip/waist/tail width: 127/74/110 mm

Lengths: 156/163/170 cm

Specific Features:

  • Tyrolia PR 10 binding included
  • Tail profile is flared
  • Construction type is Sidewall
  • Rocker type is tip rocker/camber
  • ERA 3.0 technology combines easy turn initiation, perfect rocker and rebound, thus allowing for a very smooth and stable ride
  • Core material is composite and there is no metal layer
  • There is a one year Warranty for this product

Best Use: The product is best used for skiing at beginner to intermediate levels. It is lightweight and allows fatigue-free skiing and great control. It is best used for on-trail and groomed conditions.

Description: Head Natural Instinct Ski is a narrow pair of skis designed for beginner to intermediate level. Because of its narrow width, it is best for on-trail and groomed conditions.

It has medium flexibility. The rockered tip allows easy turn initiation. This means that you can easily control this ski and turning is not an issue. The ski is very lightweight but made with durable material. It will not break or get damaged easily. There are full-length vertical Graphene sidewalls because of which you get a strong hold on firm snow. Skiing with these skis will be easy, safe and fun.

The negative point is that that the ski does not do so well if you want to make longer radius turns.

Related: Other Skis offered by Head include Head Supershape Titan Ski System with Bindings (Men’s)Head Power Instinct Ti Ski System (Men’s), Head The Show Ski (Men’s) and several others.

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Elan Explore 4 Ski with EL 10.0 Binding

Dimensions: Tip/waist/tail width: Elan Explore 4 Red Plate Ski and El 10.0
114/70/100 mm

Lengths: 144, 152, 160, 168


  • EL 10.0 bindings included
  • Core material wood and composite
  • No metallic layer
  • Full power cap construction
  • Fiberglass technologies
  • The material is very soft and highly flexible

Best use: This ski is best used by beginners for on-trail skiing as it is a narrow, frontside ski. It is best for groomed conditions.

Description: The Explore 4 Ski is the perfect ski for beginners. It is easy to balance, control and handle this ski. The ski is very stable and hence people who are still learning how to ski can use it with ease. The rocker in the tip allows for easy turn initiation. It also allows you to move out of a snow plow quickly.

The core is of wood and fiberglass. Together with Full Power Cap Construction, the ski is ideal if you are not yet an expert, but still want to ski without injuring yourself. Early Rise Rocker allows easy sliding and curving.

The material of the ski is very soft which means that minimum effort is required to bend the ski. In other words, even people without too much skill can use this ski.

Related: There are many other skis created by Elan, which can be used by people of different skill levels. Some of these include Elan Sky Ski + QT EL 4.5 Ski Binding, Elan E Flex Carve Ski + QT EL 10.0 Ski Binding, Elan Explore 4 Red Plate Ski + EL 10.0 Ski Binding etc.

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Atomic Nomad Smoke Ski w/Lithium 10 Binding

Weight: 1.95 kg/skiAtomic Nomad skis

Dimensions: Waist width: 76 mm
Tip/tail/waist: 123.5 /76/103.5 mm

Lengths: 150/157/164/171/178.


  • Stepdown sidewall 2.0
  • XTO 10 binding
  • Very soft material
  • Flared tail profile
  • Rocketed tip with camber
  • Core material is composite, with no metal layer
  • Actual turn radius is 14.4 meters

Best use: On-trail and groomed conditions. Can be used on all mountains. The ski is best for moderate speed.

Description: Atomic Nomad Smoke Ski works best for people with beginner to intermediate skills who are looking to improve their skill set and become better skiers. The cap construction on the tip along with Stepdown Sidewall 2.0 will provide excellent edge hold.

Maneuvering and initiating turns is easier. The rockered tip also allows you to force your way out of a snow plow if needed.

The best thing about these skis is that they are easy to control and manage. Thus people who are not the best at skiing can still use these skis with ease and comfort. The lightweight skis offer excellent performance and hence are highly recommended.

Related: Other skis offered for beginners by Atomic include Atomic Vantage X 75 C Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings, Atomic Cloud Seven Skis – Women’s.

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Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis w/Xelium Saphir 110 Bindings Women’s

Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis w Xelium Saphir 110 Bindings Women’sWeight: 1.7 kg/ski

Dimensions: Tip/waist/tail width: 122/77/111 mm

Length: 144/152/160/168 cm

Special Features:

  • Xelium Sapphire 110 bindings
  • Turning radius: 11 meters
  • Tail type: flat. Rocker type: rocker/camber/rocker
  • Core: wood with carbon
  • No metal layer present
  • Construction type: RossiTop cap construction
  • Air tip shape reduces the swing weight of the ski, hence improving maneuverability
  • Auto-turn rocker allows perfect edge-grip
  • Moderate tip and tail rocker lets you make turns easily

Best use: Best for on-trail tracks and groomed conditions. These skis can be used by people with beginner to moderate level skills.

Description: The Rossignol Temptation Auto-Turn rocker lets you make turns easily while Camber underfoot lets you keep control of the ski during the turn. The tail rocker releases you from turns with ease. This lightweight ski is very stable and also will give you perfect edge.

You can also carve easily with this ski. If you are still learning how to carve, using this ski will help you improve your technique. The rockered tip is raised off the ground so it lets you move smoothly, particularly if there is powdered snow. There is less chance of the skis getting caught in the snow.

The skis are perfect for beginner level and for making small turns. However, they are not ideal for making large radius turns. That being said, as a beginner, you can still use these skis with ease and comfort.

Related: Rossignol Temptation 80 Skis with 11 Bindings, Rosignol Saffron 7 Skis are a few examples of skis which are produced by these producers. There are several other examples as well, if you want to buy from this brand.

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K2 Press Skis for Men

Weight: Not mentionedK2 Press

Dimensions: Tip/waist/tail width: 113/85/104 mm

Lengths: 149/159/169/179 cm.

Best use: All mountains and all types of terrains. Ideal for on-trail, groomed conditions and for the park. Best used for freestyle skiing in the park.

Special Features: 

  • Rocker type is all-terrain rocker/camber/rocker
  • Core is made of aspen
  • Laminates is of triaxial braid
  • Turn radius is 20 meters
  • Construction type is cap construction
  • There is no metal layer
  • The ski is soft which makes it easier to control and not too much power is required to maneuver it
  • The tip and tail are raised for soft snow and powdered conditions while the camber underfoot provides grip and stability in firmer conditions

Description: K2 Press ski is ideal to be used in the park. While it is stable enough to be used on mountain terrain and for maneuvering, it also maintains its playfulness and can be taken over small jumps and bumps. The material of the skis is very durable, so there is little chance of you breaking it in a fall. Even if you land poorly, the tail or tip will not split.

For teens and tweens who want to ski in the park and are looking to purchase their first pair of skis, this product is ideal. It lets you have perfect control and allows easy turning. Landing after a bump is smooth and will not hurt you. Even on the mountain, grip, turning and control are perfect.

The drawback of this ski pair is that long turns are a little difficult to make. Also, it is not good for large adults who might find the size of the ski to be a bit small for them.

It is ideal for teens and tweens. Another negative point is that there is no sidewall so it is not good for holding edge at high speeds. It is not ideal for high level skiing.

Related: K2 Konic 78 TI, Konic 75, Konic 76 are some of the skis made by K2 for men.

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Atomic Affinity Air w/Lithium 10 Bindings

Atomic Affinity Air w Lithium 10 BindingsWeight: 1.81 kg/ski

Dimensions: Tip/waist/tail width: 122/79/101 mm

Lengths: 148, 154, 160 cm

Best use: This ski is best used for on-trail and groomed conditions. They are good for carving on-trail.

Special Features:

  • Narrow width
  • Medium flexibility
  • Core material is wood with metal laminate
  • XT 10 Ti bindings are included
  • Turn radius is 14 meters
  • Rocker type is All-Mountain, with 15% tip rocker and 85% camber
  • This ski is designed in a V-shape, the tail is narrower than the tip, making it easy to make turns
  • Stepdown sidewall allows for great balance as well as durability
  • The edges are made of hardened steel
  • Tail type is flat

Description: Atomic Women’s Affinity Sky skis for women are great for adventurous, sporty women who love to ski. The skis are good for all mountain terrains and will let you maneuver every turn easily. The edge grip and stability of these skis is truly exceptional. Rockered tip makes turn initiation easier and provides a smoother ride. Slightly raised heel reduces stress on quadriceps and back.

The skis are good for making short to medium turns. You will find that transferring between turns is easy because of the rebound and the camper underfoot. Titanium stabilizer under the core increases the torsional strength.

This is a lightweight ski which is good not only for beginners but also for people with intermediate skill. You can improve your technique and practice your skiing using this ski.

The skis will not perform quite that good in softer snow. They are meant more for firmer snow conditions.

Related: Other skis for women by Atomic include Atomic Vantage X 77 C, Atomic Nomad Sativa and different skis in the Vantage W series. You can visit their website for all the details.

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Rossignol Trixie Skis + Xelium 100 Bindings 

Weight: 1.5 kg/skiRossignol Trixie Womens Skis

Dimension: Tip/waist/tail width: 110/80/103 mm

Lengths: 138/148/158/168 cm

Best use: On-trail and hard-packed conditions.

Special Features:

  • Narrow width, soft material
  • There is no tip rocker
  • The core is made of poplar wood
  • There is no metal layer
  • The rocker type is camber, which allows for great edge hold
  • The turning radius is 12 m for the smallest length, and increases with increase in length
  • There is partial twin tip in the tail

Description: Rossignol Trixie skis have a hundred percent Camper rocker, which allows great edge grip. These skis are made specifically for women and their graphics and design depict that. The graphics are girly, but in a very tasteful way.

The full camber design means that there is no rocker in this ski. However, despite not having a rocker, it can ski perfectly in all conditions.

The skis will do well on piste as well as for free ride. Xelium sapphire 100 bindings are included with the skis. These lightweight skis provide agility, good control and durability, thus making them the perfect pair of skis for a freeride.

If you are a female beginner skier who is looking to purchase her first pair of skis, these ones are definitely a great option.

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Now that you know all about skis, you can go and buy your own pair. The above mentioned skis are truly the best for beginners, and you should check them out whenever you plan on buying a pair. All of them have great stability and control, and hence you can improve your skills without injuring yourself.

When you start using these skis, you will see that you can make turns easily and have good control over where you are going. You’re really going to enjoy your ride.

What type of skis do you like best? Which ones have you tried and what do you look for in choosing your next ones?

Russell McCarty
Russell McCarty

Russell considers backpacking one of his great passions in life. He actually managed to transform his passion into a living becoming a professional adventurer. Russell loves long-distance backpacking and he enriched his portfolio with famous trails like the Alaska-Yukon Expedition or the Appalachian Trail. With thousands of miles under his feet, Russell is the expert to consult when it comes to how to prepare for a successful outdoor adventure.

  • Marty Nance

    I’m starting to ski more than just a few days a year so I decided to buy the Atomic Nomad Smoke Ski witht he lithium 10 binding. I’ve done pretty well with these skis. I’m about 6’1″ and 210 pounds and I have had so much fun on the slopes with these. They handle really well. Just my opinion! Other people might have had better results with other skis!

  • Russell McCarty

    Good to hear about taking up a sport again Marty. Being active has lots of benefits for our health. So far the Atomic Nomad is a great choice.

  • Lisa Hogenson

    I just started skiing this past season and a friend recommended I use the Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis with/Xelium Saphir 110 Bindings. I loved them! I found that they are a great ski for a beginner like me, and like the article says, the skis allow you to turn and release from turns really easily!

  • Russell McCarty

    A lot of skiers love the Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis and can’t really say I blame you all. These are awesome set of skis and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, that’s for sure. Another sure winner is the Atomic Affinity Air w/Lithium 10 Bindings, which is also great for carving on-trail. 🙂