Best Fingerless Gloves: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Option for You!

Best Fingerless Gloves
Sean Nelson
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Fingerless gloves are same as any other gloves, with the exception of them leaving the end of the fingers uncovered. If you are wondering why you would need gloves which will leave the most vulnerable parts of your hands uncovered, you should know that this type of gloves is also called glovelettes and is widely used for different occasions. In fact, their use is so extended that they have a different type of glovelettes for every occasion.

Brown leather gloves

Read the reviews and ratings of the best fingerless gloves on the market and choose the most suitable one for you.

Things to consider when buying fingerless gloves

The material

There are sports fingerless gloves made from synthetic materials, which is the most popular form their main use is to absorb the excess moisture from the palms of your hands while you perform your favorite sports activity. This type is mostly used for cycling.

They are also increasing the safety of these sports, since they are also reducing the risk of slippage, therefore, reducing the risk of fall. The uncovered finger ends, however, allow the skin to breathe while maintaining its properties.

Bikers are also enjoying this type of gloves, although their type of gloves is usually made from leather. The main reason for this is that leather is also a wind protective material which might come very useful at high-speed driving.

When shopping for leather gloves you should balance between the thickness of the gloves and their flexibility. It is rarely that gloves have both of these properties. Leather gloves are also extremely durable and very comfortable to wear.

Woolen fingerless gloves

Woolen gloves, however, are mostly appreciated for their warmth properties. They are usually knitted or crocheted. Keep in mind that wool is a natural material which doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, comparing to cashmere, for instance, wool is reasonably priced material.

Although cashmere gloves are the softest and most comfortable glove your skin has ever touched, their price also indicates their impeccable properties. Both of these materials are natural ones, they have similar properties but their price is very different.

However, if you are thinking about these two choices, it is better to leave this decision to your budget limit. Meaning, if you can afford cashmere, go for it, you won’t regret the choice.

Lace fingerless gloves are a fashion choice which is rarely seen, but still appearing on formal occasions. Since they are mostly used as formal gloves, their length is also formal. Although in the past, the lace gloves were intended to be used by women only, the times and conditions have changed.

Fingerless lace gloves

With this change, the fingerless gloves are allowed to be used in formal occasions and men are also proud to use them as a fashionable addition. Although lace gloves are something that could not pass unnoted, not everyone could afford them. They are quite expensive and not at all easy to find.

Their maintaining is also a complicated method. However if one looks good in them, everything pays off.

Length of the gloves

The fingerless gloves come in different length for every type and occasion. There is an unwritten rule for these kinds of things which is greatly respected.

They are mainly divided into four groups according to the occasion you are planning on using them for. The identification of the length of the gloves you require is the first process you should take before considering any type.

  • Wrist length gloves – are mainly used for sports activities. They are usually made from non-slippery materials and their purpose is strictly practical.
  • Mid–arm gloves – are mainly fashionable gloves. They usually have a lower price and many different designs you could choose from. This is also the most widely used glove length. Their purpose is partly fashionable, partly practical. They are invented in the age of smartphones in order for a person to be able to handle a touch screen without taking gloves off. It might be concluded that these types of gloves are the modern type.
  • Elbow length gloves – are gloves which extend to the elbow. They are usually used on formal occasions and are considered elegant gloves. Because of their main use, they are often found in pastel colors and more rarely in bright and strong Once, a person wearing a strong color of this glove length was considered inappropriate. Nowadays they are a common accessory for weddings and formal parties.
  • Long gloves – are gloves which extend past the elbow, just below the shoulder. They have also considered as formal occasion gloves although for different uses that the previous type. This length is considered more elegant and is used only for special occasions, opera, balls and similar events.

Even though it is good to know the types and length of different fingerless gloves, here in this buying guide we are going to discuss and review the outdoor gloves only. They should provide you protection and comfort while also allowing you to use the touchscreen devices.

Black leather gloves

The need for these types of gloves came together with the touch screens. Although texting while hunting, for instance, is not unnecessary, it is useful for a hunter to carry a GPS device. Cyclists, Motorcyclists, climbers, fishermen, they all share the same need. No one wants to take off and put the gloves back on dozens of times in an hour and so the need for fingerless gloves has risen.

Glove lining

There are gloves which are not lined at all, but the high-quality ones come with lining. The lining of the gloves is usually made with natural material which is able to hold the heat inside. The outside is also important but nothing can hold the heat like a natural material.

The most common linings are fleece, acrylic, Lycra, and wool. The first three materials are recommended for lower temperatures since they are synthetic materials not suitable for colder temperatures. Wool, however, is a high-quality material which is suitable for colder weather conditions.

The silk and cashmere linings are also extremely warm and comfortable, but they are also harder to find and they are very expensive. However, if the budget allows you, it is the most recommended material.

Fingerlesss cycling gloves

The most economical option is a heat absorbent lining combined with a windproof outside fabric. This combination will keep you warm at extremely low temperatures. There is a great chance that the tips of your fingers don’t feel the cold outside.

Additional features

Some gloves come equipped with more than the basic function, which is to keep you warm. One of these features is a rubber or leather material added to the palm of the glove.

Cyclists, motorcyclists, and others will respect this feature since it provides a better grip. This can either cover your entire palms or is added simply as leather spots on the main pressure points on the palm which would assist in better gripping and hopefully prevent accidents.

Product reviews and users’ opinions

In this buying guide are the most quality fingerless gloves reviewed and rated for you. The only thing left for you is to check the features and choose the most suitable choice for you.

Fingerless gloves reviewed

When considering the gloves, keep in mind that even though they are a small addition to your gear, they might prove as essential in some trips. For this reason, weigh the pros and cons before you choose which fingerless gloves are the best choices for you.

Outdoor Sports Fingerless Hunting Cycling Bike Gloves

Outdoor Sports Fingerless GlovesColor: Black

Size: M/L/XL (17.5 cm – 21 cm 7” to 8.5 “ /  21 cm-23 cm 8.5” to 9 “ / 23 cm-25cm 9” to 10”)

Important tip: For best fit, measure around hand with thumb extended. Keep in mind that you should measure hand circumference.

Description: An Interesting pair of gloves that you will definitely love! The gloves are made of low-profile nylon with a loop on the cuff that permits facile donning and also attachment to carabiners. They have an ergonomic cut and also their pre-curved design matches the contours of the proper position of the hand more exactly when it is in a relaxed condition.

This is designed for the best dexterity and less bulk when pushing the items. These lovely gloves are made of genuine materials and leathers with high-quality that it gives a maximum performance. They also have protection without melting and without dripping. On the back of the hand, there is molded foam appropriately placed to protect that part of the hand.

Vbiger Tactical Gloves Military Gloves Shooting Gloves Fingerless

Vbiger Tactical GlovesDimensions: (Size) S/M/L/XL

Length: S: 8.26-8.66 inches, M: 8.66-9.45 inches, L: 9.45 – 9.85 inches, XL: 9.85-10.25 inches

Hand circumference: S: 3.5 inches, M: 3.94 inches, L: 4.5 inches, XL: 4.6 inches

Specific features: half-finger gloves, made of super fiber material,

Description:This product by VBIGER is great for your cycling trip. The gloves come in army green color and are available in many sizes.

These gloves are made of low-profile nylon and they have a loop on the cuff that permits facile donning and also attachment to carabiners – the same feature like the previous product. The finger part of the gloves is made of synthetic leather which is durable and wear resistant and it is a good choice for challenging situations.

The palm part is made of microfiber fabric which is anti-skipping and it dries fast. Their main functions are anti-skip, anti-static, anti-thorn, low temperature and it helps in keeping you warm. The manufacturer recommends washing the gloves by hand, but if you want to wash them in a machine you have to put them into a laundry bag.

KevenAnna Tactical Gloves, Leather Pated Half Finger Military Gloves

KevenAnna Tactical Half finger glovesDimensions: (Size) M: 7.09” – 7.87“ (18cm-20cm), L: 8.26” –  9.05” ( 21cm-23cm), XL: 9.45” – 9.84” ( 24cm- 25cm)

Specific features: excellent product for driving, motorcycling, hunting, batting;

Description:This product by KevenAnna is perfect for your outdoor activity.  They could be used in your military activities because of their high performance.  Another possibility of using them is in your combat actions as combat gloves. These gloves are perfect a match for your paintball game with your friends or also for your shooting day with your team. The KevenAnna’s gloves have been recommended as batting gloves but they are also good for attacking or defending roles as an assault gloves.

The gloves offer comfort design and they permit your skin to breath. They are made of a material known as knitted fabrics, in a double layer. This material allows your hands don’t get wet and cozy.  They contain elastic fabric that provides an excellent place for the fingers.

The product is easy to adjust and to take off because of the pull ring placed on the fingers and also on the palm. The gloves are available in three sizes (M, L, XL) and three colors (black, army green, sand color) so you can easily choose the most suitable one according to the size guide.

These gloves are made of genuine materials and high-quality treated leathers that ensure maximum protection. The set includes one pair half finger soldier gloves.

Glacier Glove Windproof Fleece Fingerless Glove

Glacier Glove Windproof Fingerless GloveDimensions: (Size) S, M, L, XL

Weight: 1 pound

Best use:  great for all kinds of fishing

Description: This product is very great. The Glacier Gloves are windproof and they are good for any outdoor activity.  They are marked as the top product on the market for this kind of gloves. The gloves are excellent for your time spent with your friends on every fishing activity. They also keep the angler in warm condition while they are permitting the access of creating a knot by the thumb and forefinger.

The gloves are lightweight and they are good for mild temperatures. They satisfy the condition of warm hands but free fingers, so you can use them for typing on your computer, tablet or on your phone.  The gloves are very comfortable and you can for sure, easily take them on and off.

They are super warm and comfortable for your camping trip, but you can also use them for driving because of the good coating of rubberized grip that line up perfectly.

They are an excellent choice for anyone that needs their fingers on a regular basis!

Orvis Fleece Fingerless Gloves / Only Fingerless

Orvis Fleece Fingerless GlovesDimensions: (Size) S/M/L/XL

Specific features: provides maximum warmth

Best use: excellent for fishing, hiking, camping, or cycling.

Description: The Orvis Fleece Gloves are a perfect fit for most outdoor activities. These gloves allow your hands to stay in warm condition and all that with no sacrificing dexterity. They are windproof so they provide maximum protection.

This type of gloves is made of poly fleece created in three layers from the back side and also with the anti-pilling feature they provide an excellent comfort.  On the palm side, the gloves have a double-layer of poly fleece only to design a type of glove that ensures maximum warmth, especially in very cold weather conditions. Even more, for a better grip, the palm is equipped with embossed polyurethane.

The gloves are an excellent fit for fishing, shooting and using a camera outdoors. We recommend washing by hand before using just to turn off the chemical smell.

Giro Jag Gloves – Men’s

Giro Jag Gloves MensDimensions: 6 x 4 x 1 inches

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Best use: recommended use for cycling

Description: These Giro Jag Gloves come in wide range of sizes (S/M/L/XL/XXL) so you’ll have the possibility to choose the most convenient one for you. They also come in many colors like a black, white, red, blue and blue jewel, so you can play mix and match to obtain a perfect outfit with your jacket and other equipment.

The material is microfiber on the palm and on the upper side, but they are cover with Lycra just to keep you comfortable during hot climbs. The gloves contain hook-and-loop straps that allow an easy pull on and off.  Even more, the mentioned microfiber structure on the upper surface helps keep your sunglasses clean without scratching the lenses.

They are recommended for any outdoor activity but they are most suitable for cycling.

What we learned

We hope that our suggestions will help you make a wise decision when looking for fingerless gloves, especially considering their importance in cold weather. We also hope we managed to offer a few useful reviews so you won’t have to look for the needle in the haystack.

Black crochet fingerless glove

Have you ever used fingerless gloves before? If so, what are your recommendations and suggestions? Leave us a comment in the comment section bellow and share your experiences with you fingerless gloves!

Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson

Sean was backpacking since he was 7. He was born close to the RMNP and his father was a ranger, so life surrounded by mountains and wildlife is a norm for Colorado. He likes to explore, but prefers to stay in USA. In his opinion, there are too many trails and options in US to go abroad.

  • David Roberts

    I recently bought the Kevenanna Tactical Gloves, Leather Pated Half Finger Military Gloves. Fingerless gloves used to be a fashion trend when I was a teen with no practical purpose. I now have touchscreen phone and they are very useful. I really like that they are so beautiful and functional!

  • Sean Nelson

    Yeah, they are indeed useful and very practical. I still love having my “bare” fingers touch my touchscreen phone, if you know what I mean. 🙂
    Don’t you just love the leather material of the Kevenanna?

  • Steven Spencer

    I’m looking for black fingerless gloves made of soft material. It freezing these days but I would like to maintain the ability to use my smartphone easily and keep my hands warm. I probably will buy the Vbiger Tactical Gloves Military Gloves Shooting Gloves Fingerless. Hope, it’s a good idea!

  • Sean Nelson

    You’ll love the Vbiger because it is not only comfortable to use, but it also warms your hands quite well. I think fingerless gloves are very handy to use especially when we have to use our touchscreen mobile phones. The versatility, inexpensiveness and popularity of these gloves are remarkable!

  • Cynthia Carter

    I recently bought a new jacket for hiking and now I want to find some beautiful gloves of the same style. I suppose that I will choose something black. Is it okay to buy fingerless gloves for a cold city or better to buy the ordinary ones? What do you think?

  • Sean Nelson

    Hi there Cynthia! It really depends on what you want and what activities you’ll be doing. Some women I know swear that fingerless gloves make their activities easier to do. They find that they don’t have to remove their gloves when using the touchscreens of their smartphones.

  • Allison Myers

    Hi there! My husband loves fingerless gloves. So I decided to present him a pair of beautiful gloves in the same style with his jacket. I like the Vbiger Tactical Gloves Military Gloves Shooting Gloves Fingerless very much. I think these are the most stylish gloves from your list!

  • Sean Nelson

    Thanks for your great comments Allison! The Vbiger Tactical Gloves have a superior grip so you if your husband is cycling, this is the best one for him. The material is also superior compared to most brands in the market today.