Best Women’s Ski Gloves: A Handy Guide on Buying Your Best Pair for Skiing

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Written by Dorothy Tobias

Picking the right pair of skiing gloves for snow sports is important if you are not looking forward to a miserable time outside with frosty fingers. Skiing and snowboarding with the best womens ski gloves can give you the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and entertaining time outside.

It is always better to consider your activity and then decide what kind of gloves or mittens you are looking for. Ski gloves and mittens that are commonly available in the store is made with nylon or a synthetic exterior combined with breathable and waterproof barriers.

It also includes an exceptional insulation that keeps your hand warm and secured from wet conditions. Some also come with abrasion- resistant patches on palms, knuckles and fingers, offering improved durability and security for snow activities like snowboarding and skiing. Once you know the purpose of your gloves, consider looking for the other features like touchscreen compatibility, dexterity, waterproof and insulation.

Types of Insulation Usually Used in Gloves

There are two type of insulation that is commonly used in gloves: Synthetic and Down.


This is more of an expensive insulator and is expensive for being lightweight, breathable, robust and easy compressibility. Down is a lot more costly than synthetic but it justifies your investment.

However, down also loses its insulating ability in wet condition, which is why it is less frequently used in gloves. Even if it is used, it is protected with a waterproof shell to keep it dry.


This costs much less than down also doesn’t lose its insulating capability when wet. It also dries much faster and can be a great choice for snowboarding and skiing in snow or damp climate. But synthetic is also a bit bulkier in comparison to down and also offer less warmth. Each time you compress, its insulating power gets reduced.

Features You Should Look For While Purchasing Ski Gloves

Waterproof Ski Gloves

Gloves that are specially designed for snowboarding and skiing, mostly includes a breathable and waterproof barrier, which restricts rain, snow and moisture to seep in while sweat and water vapour to escape. This barrier is like a thin overlay laminated on the fabric, which is placed in between the insulator and the outer shell.

In general, Gore-Tex technology is used to manufacture these snowboard and ski gloves because this assures extensive breathability and waterproofness. However, the choice keeps varying with different manufacturers. Some use the Marmot MemBrain while some use The North Face Hyvent, which are also highly effective and less expensive.

Suggestion: No matter how expensive and waterproof your glove is, it can always get wet, if you do not take enough care. Don’t let snow get inside your gloves. Try to sweat less because dry hands keep you warmer.

Heated Gloves

Heated gloves feature gloves including “battery- powered” heating system. These are best gloves to keep your fingers warm in the coldest days of winter.

These gloves mostly include “lithium-ion batteries” that can be recharged and used to generate heat at different levels. The technology and rechargeable batteries make these gloves pricey and also a little heavier than those non-heating gloves.

Gloves with Touchscreen Capability

With many other surprising features, glove manufacturers are now coming up with skiing gloves with the latest touchscreen compatibility in the palms and fingers, allowing you to operate your tablet or smartphone without exposing your fingers to the cold.

This feature is available mostly in mid-weight and lightweight gloves offering enough dexterity. If you use your phone frequently even when you are outside, then you should always look for gloves with full palm and fingers compatibility.

Properly Fitted Gloves

Do not ever try to compromise the size and fitting of your glove. Using gloves that fit your hand properly is important for greater comfort and warmth.

Bigger gloves won’t keep your fingers warm and make it difficult for you to hold ski poles, adjust your zipper or do other similar tasks. A too small of a pair will again restrict your movement and would also a little skin exposed near your wrist.

Gloves that fit your hand perfectly will always have ¼ inch material at the border of the outstretched fingers. While making a fist, it won’t make you feel too restrictive or tight. If you are purchasing online, consult the size chart of the manufacturer.

Top Women’s Ski Gloves for the Money

Arcteryx Beta AR Glove

Arcteryx Beta AR Glove

Weight: 454 g

Dimensions: 7.6 x 25.4 x 33 cm

Features: Three layers N80P-X Gore-Tex Pro waterproof outer shell along with palm overlay. Tri-Dex Technology used that feature a three-lobe pattern offering three-dimensional precision touch and exceptional dexterity. Short gauntlet fits under or over jacket sleeves. Removable and quick-drying hybrid fleece lining combines with Polartec Wind Pro and Thermal Pro Tweed Fleece in the palm. Self- adjustable elastic wrist closure secures the glove.

Best use: Snowsports and skiing

The Arc’teryx Beta AR Glove is specially designed and manufactured with a three- layered Gore-Tex shell, durable palm leather and replaceable fleece liner. Together, this glove can be called a super protective and durable pair that you can continue using for multiple seasons. The fuzzy lining inside keeps your hand warm without the need for any external hand warmer.

The Gore-Tex material is water resistant and keeps your hand dry by allowing the moisture to escape easily. The performance of a glove depends majorly upon its dexterity or how easily can you perform certain tasks like zipping, tightening up your boots and holding the ski poles without removing your gloves.

Undoubtedly, the Beta AR allows you to do all these tasks easily and also comes with an incredibly robust leather palm that will limit wear and tear. The Beta AR also includes a removable liner – a stunning feature that doesn’t only keep your fingers warm but can also serve as a stand-alone glove. It works like a “second skin” which offers better grip and warmth.

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Outdoor Research Arete Gloves

Outdoor Research Women's Arete Gloves

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 15 x 2 x 7 inches

Features: 100% Nylon, silicon liner on Palm and fingertips, pre-curved construction, imported, shell pocket on the back of the liner and heat pack pockets.

Best use: Snowboarding and skiing

The Outdoor Research Arete Glove is also a great choice if you are planning to get a waterproof glove. It features a double layer construction with replaceable inner lining and a waterproof Gore-Tex outer shell. The product also drew a lot more attention for being reasonably priced. You can use this glove for all sorts of snow activities like backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, skating, etc.

This glove might not prove to be ultra warm like its cousin Outdoor Research Southback but is definitely a quality product for enjoying winter sports. The inner lining performs well above 20F, which is enough for keeping your fingers warm while skiing and snowboarding. The outer shell of this glove is also incredibly breathable, making it a great option if you want something comfortable. Small tasks like clipping your boots, holding the skiing poles and pulling the zip of your jacket are also possible without removing these gloves.

The most appreciable feature of this glove is its removable lining which can also act as a stand-alone glove. The beauty of the inner liner rests upon the silicon gripping material which is present on both the fingertips and palm, allowing you to easily use your fingers and hand.

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Black Diamond Mercury Gloves

Black Diamond Women's Mercury Gloves

Weight: 13 ounces


Features: Outer Shell combines 92% nylon and 8% Spandex. 100% Goat Skin Palm, 100% Polyester lining. Lightweight, pretext Shield shell along with 4-way stretch and abrasion- resistant. 100% breathable and waterproof GORE- TEX insert with XCR product technology and removable liner. Liner also features 170 g Prim aloft Gold insulation, high-loft fleece on the palm and 100 g fleece on the back of the hand.

Best use: Resort skiing, ice climbing, backcountry touring and all other common winter sports

The Black Diamond Mercury Glove is a great choice and can make a great addition to your outdoor winter gear. This is absolutely great for ice climbing, skating, snowboarding and skiing. It can be tagged as the warmest skiing glove with water resistant and removable lining.

However, it’s not as a warm as the mitten from the same brand. Though its dexterity and breathability aren’t the greatest, but you can still wear it and do the small tasks like buckling your skiing boots, tying knots, coiling ropes, etc. It might seem a little expensive but it’s a worthy investment if you consider its water resistance.

The palm area of these gloves has less insulation while improving it’s dexterity and also allowing sweat to evaporate easily. The presence of the goat leather in the palm area of the gloves makes it more waterproof. However, the liner inside is incredible and undoubtedly a standout feature. This removable lining can be used on its own and also includes a water resistant outer shell which can prove to be useful when things get a little wet.

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The North Face Montana Etip Gloves

The North Face Women's Montana Etip

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 14 inches

Feature: 100% nylon oxford, HyVenti- The North Face’s popular waterproof coating that protects and keeps you dry. 100% Polyester shearling at the back. 150 g heatseeker at the palm and an overlay of a conductive synthetic layer.

Best use: Resort skiing, ice climbing and backcountry skiing

The North Face Montana Etip Gloves is also considered as one of the warmest ski gloves in this list, extending almost 200 g/m3 of “heatseeker insulation” across the back of your hand. It is also a “single construction glove” with synthetic palm and non-removable Hyvent lining. The length of the gauntlet is enough long to restrict snow from getting inside when you are crushing them.

Although it’s a pretty warm pair, its water resistance is a little bit low. It becomes cold quickly and is also a little bulky than all the other gloves in its range. Bulkiness enhances its size and also diminishes its dexterity. Although it’s doesn’t have many exciting features, it does come with interesting ones like nose wipe, one-pull tightening and loosing system and removable wrist straps.

The durability of the glove is also impressive and doesn’t show quick wear and tear of the materials. You can easily expect a pair of this glove to last for few seasons without drawing your concern. Since it is available at quite a reasonable rate, this is definitely a worthy addition to your shortlist.

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Marmot Randonnee Glove

Marmot Women's Randonnee Glove

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 2 inches

Feature: Breathable, windproof, waterproof and durable GORE-TEX Glove Insert. Two-layer MemBrain- 100% nylon and 4.4 oz/yd Thermal R and 0.5 to 0.6 mm Washable Digital Hairsheep Leather. Imported.  Includes Thermal R Insulation. DriClime Bi-Component Wicking Lining and GORE XCR Performance.

Best use: Snow activities like skiing, ice climbing and snowboarding

The Marmot Randonnee Glove is another solid pair to consider because it effectively keeps your hand warm while you’re doing your favorite outdoor winter activities. The 100 g/m3 of “Marmot’s Thermal Insulation” regulates the heat and also allows moisture to escape easily which keeps your hand dry.

This glove can also keep your fingers warm during the coldest days of the season. Dealing with the super soft liner might be a little difficult when your hands are wet. However,one noteworthy fact about this glove is about its sizing. From XS to XXL, the glove of every size are available with this brand, so you will definitely find the perfect size to match your hands.

The glove also comes with a Falcon Grip that includes pre-curved fingers making it easier for you to grip your ski equipment. Apart from this, the Marmot Randonnee also has other interesting features likethe around the wrist cinch, nose wipes, leashes and more. Most importantly, it is also durable and quite affordable. So, if you are planning to buy a pair without burning a hole in your pocket, pick this up now!

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Spyder Stryke Gloves

Spyder Stryke Fleece conduct

Weight: 2 pound


Feature: 100% Polyester, Elasticized Wrist and Imported. Mid-weight sweater knit bonded to anti-pill fleece. Designed with conductive material for handheld touch screen devices.

Best use: Snowboarding, backcountry skiing and ice climbing

The Spyder Stryke Gloves is the perfect hand warmer with a comfortable fit, which is mostly because of the “midweight sweater knit exterior” and a lining of microfleece. Apart from this, “touch screen compatible fingertips” make texting and answering your phone calls possible without exposing your skin to the cold temperature.

The Durable Water Resistant coating present in the fabric makes it waterproof without compromising the glove’s breathability, making it a worthy option to have with you during adverse weather conditions. Overall, it is a comfortable and warm skiing glove that allows you to operate your smartphone and other touchscreen gadgets without the need to take it off.

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Outdoor Research Southback Glove

Outdoor Research Women's Southback Gloves

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: –

Feature: Waterproof goat leather palm. 100% nylon woven outer shell. GORE-TEX insert. SuperCinch Gauntlet closure. Removable idiot cord. Active- hand position while skiing, FlexAction wrist articulation matches the natural, EnduraLoft insulation: 133 g on palm and 227 g on the back.

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

Definitely one of best in this list because the Outdoor Research Southback has been proven to be an ideal pair when dealing the harsh. The glove features Gore-Tex inserts and EnduraLoft liners that can keep you comfortable and warm all throughout the day.

Many other products with similar features are available, but the Southback offers the best value in comparison to all. The water resistance of the pair is really commendable because it will only absorb a negligible amount of moisture even after an entire day of skiing or snowboarding. The presence of the leather palm boosts the dexterity of the glove, making it easier for you to buckle your boots and pull the zips of your jacket.

It also comes with a nose wipe and cinch system which is really hard to find in other gloves of its range. This glove is really a budget friendly option that doesn’t ask you to compromise on any expensive and fancy glove features.

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Bottom Line

It is really difficult to find a glove that will serve all your needs and won’t also burn your pocket. But a little research and knowledge and can help you with the same. There are a plethora of women’s skiing gloves available online, but you cannot afford to try our each and every one of them.

So, we made it a little easier for you. We cut short the list and brought some of best and budget friendly options that you would like to consider before purchasing.

This is a quick guide of the best and most reasonably priced skiing gloves that you can choose to buy. Hope this post serves your need and helps you take a decision. If there is anything else you would like to know about this post, write it in the comment section and also share it on social media to help your friends and family who might be in the market for their next skiing gloves.

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