Best Men’s Parka: Braving the Cold with These Top Parkas

Man in a parka
Written by Bradley Page

Parkas have always been popular, especially for people who live in colder areas or in winter. A parka jacket is comfortable to wear and also stylish, which makes this clothing item a well thought out acquisition during the cold season. But, how can a person decide which is the best mens parka to buy?

Additionally, can anyone define what makes a parka the best on the market? Most likely not, and usually in the end it comes down to the individual’s preferences. You will have to pay attention to a few details regarding the outerwear you’re purchasing to ensure you get exactly what you want.

This presentation is meant to help you find a winter jacket that will successfully pass the test of “freezing cold.” You can find below both some of the characteristics of a really good parka as well as a few items that do fit the bill, to give you a head start in your search.

Our top picks

The North Face Mcmurdo IIYes - removableSyntheticCheck price on Amazon
Luciano Natazzi Classic OxfordYesSyntheticCheck price on Amazon
Spyder VyctorYesSyntheticCheck price on Amazon
J Crew NordicYesDownCheck price on Amazon
Penfield ApexYesPremium 80/20 downCheck price on Amazon
Patagonia IsthmusYes - removableSyntheticCheck price on Amazon
Alpha Industries N-3bYesSyntheticCheck price on Amazon

Let’s clarify the term “the best” in relation to items

Sometimes clothes are just like humans: multifaceted and complex. They have several properties, features, and can serve more purposes. When talking about clothes,  ‘’the best” award is given to items that fit some requirements that most people are after.

This usually means that some properties of a product really stands out when compared to the same features of a different item of the same type. In rare occasions, the phrase will signify that all the features and properties the item has, are far superior to those of all other products of same type. Even then, “the best” might be said from a person’s point of view, and not be objective.

Which basis do we use when thinking about “the best parka?”

So, what criteria can we use to define a particular parka as the best? Luckily, we can use any criteria we want, even if we have a subjective opinion. We just should try and accept that others will not feel the same way, and they might say a different coat fits “the best” bill.


Having different opinions regarding to what is or isn’t good, is not a bad thing – if this makes any sense at all. It simply means that each person has their own opinions that makes them unique, and that what is good for one person can be bad for another.

Brand name

This being said, there is one good criteria to consider when trying to decide which parka for men is the best. We can have a look at the manufacturer. Some companies simply make better products than other manufacturers, and this can be seen from several points of view.

Out of all the items, some simply stand out from the rest, even when singling out a type of product. There are many people choosing their clothes simply because they like the designer making them.


The first one is to wait for the sales season when everything can be priced for half off. This is an ideal option especially when you’re expecting a long winter and hope to get a high quality coat. These sales may usually happen mid season, right after the holidays.


Another criteria one can consider is the price tag. Not everyone is willing to part with a few hundred dollars, not even for a really good parka. There are three ways to go around this problem when you have a budget in mind.


The second method is to buy from stores selling stuff from past seasons and collections, with a generous discount. Such stores can be easily found online, but brick and mortar shops might also carry clothes from two or more seasons ago.

Fast fashion brands

The third method is to simply find brands that mass produce their merchandise as a way to cut down the selling price. These brands may not offer the same high quality as well known parka manufacturers do. These products may be used for a much shorter period of time compared to their higher end counterparts. While these winter coats won’t perform for  very long time, they will generally do what they’re supposed to.


These criteria are the ones people use the most to chose their parkas, or clothes in general. Of course, the list may not be complete, and other factors may be taken into consideration as well, such as availability. For instance, if you can’t find an item where you live or you can’t buy it from anywhere anymore, you can settle for the next best thing, and there is nothing wrong in that.

Let’s have a short look at some of the best parkas for men. These are made by brands with a good reputation when it comes to creating winter apparel that keeps the wearer warm and dry when needed.

The Best Parkas for Men

There is no point in talking about all these features without seeing some examples. Next you can find some parkas on which you won’t regret spending some money.

The North Face Mcmurdo Parka II

The North Face Mcmurdo Parka Ii

Weight: 4 pounds

Size: XL, XXXL

Specific features: Neck gaiter, removable hood

Best use: Streetwear, hiking, climbing

The North Face Mcmurdo Parka II offers a stylish look that will keep you looking trendy no matter where you go. The jacket is well insulated but also water repellant, features that will keep your body warm from the harsh winter cold. Guys who want to show off their athletic figure may be happy to know that the jacket has a tighter body fit.

This parka also features a high collar and a faux fur lined hoodie, both of which keep you comfortable and safe from low temperatures. The hood of this item is removable, and the jacket provides a neck gaiter as well. The two way zipper offers extra comfort, and you can easily carry your daily accessories in the chest or hand pockets.

This jacket should be dry cleaned, so don’t attempt to wash it at home as it might lose its shape. If you are still searching for a jacket that keep you warm wherever you go, this item could be your best bet.


  • Removable hood
  • Removable fur trim

  • Synthetic
  • Bad zipper
  • Dry cleaning

Related: The Mcmurdo jacket is a bit on the longer side and not everyone is a fan, especially shorter guys. The Gotham Parka might be a better option for those who like to keep things on the shorter side.

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Luciano Natazzi Classic Oxford Parka

Luciano Natazzi Men's Down JacketLuciano Natazzi Men's Down Jacket

Weight: 4 pounds

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Specific features: Hooded, chest pockets, insulated

Best use: Hiking, mountain trips, streetwear

This is a jacket that could be a good choice for cold days in the city. Although padded, it does not add much bulk to the body and is also lightweight. The parka is insulated to keep you warm no matter the weather, and it’s all thanks to the light padded under coat.

You can easily adjust the waist size thanks to the inside belt, which makes the parka comfortable to wear. If you need to keep your face safe against the cold, you should know that the jacket features a thermal hoodie as well. The 6 deep hand pockets are helpful if you need to store small items or accessories or to warm your hands.

Furthermore, the Luciano Natazzi Classic Oxford Parka also features 2 vertical chest pockets which close with a zipper system. The parka might not be a suitable choice for extremely low temperatures, however it is a reliable item for a mountain trip. In addition, it is also a trendy enough item for casual meetings or a lunch with friends.


  • Pockets

  • Synthetic
  • Zipper on the left
  • Dry cleaning

Related: The position of the chest pockets can bother some people and those that prefer horizontal pockets. In that case, they should check out the Luciano Natazzi Patton Puffer Coat.

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Spyder Vyctor Parka

Spyder Men's Vyctor Parka Jacket

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Size: S, L, XL, XXL

Specific features: Hooded, Synthetic Down

Best use: Winter

Some people refuse to wear products that contain natural fur or feathers. The Spyder Vyctor Parka is filled with a synthetic fiber that perfectly mimics the insulation properties of goose down. Not only is this fiber lightweight and insulating, it doesn’t lose its properties even if it gets wet.

This parka has 2 big pockets at the waist level that close with a flaps and snaps. There are two more pockets at the chest area that close with zippers. One of the fun feature of this parka is that you can customize the zipper, to make it more personal and standing out a bit.

Furthermore, the zipper is a two way one, therefore you can open it from below should you need to do so. You’ll also like to learn more about the coat’s properties of repelling water even after 20 washes. While they do lower by some 20% compared t a brand new product, they are still there.


  • Many pockets
  • 2 way zipper

  • Synthetic
  • Dry cleaning

Related: The Spyder Men’s Diehard Parka is for those who prefer a puffer jacket. This one has the advantage of being longer, therefore offering better protection against the cold, than a regular short puffer.

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J Crew Nordic Parka

J Crew Nordic Down Parka

Weight: 4 pounds

Size: XL

Specific features: Fur hoodie, chest pocket, hand pockets

Best for: Casual wear, mountain hikes, climbing

If you want to attract attention with your fashionable style, but also keep warm check out this jacket. The parka features a fur lined hoodie that looks trendy but is very warm, as well as a high neck for enhanced protection. Additionally, the parka is designed with a secured closure and 2 hand pockets that close with buttons.

The vertical zippered chest pocket is the perfect feature to store your coins or headset, and the ribbed cuffs will protect your hands from very low temperatures. This jacket can be layered over a shirt or sweater, as it has a relaxed fit suitable for any body shape. Although it can be easily worn on a lunch out with friends, the jacket can be safely used when going hiking too.

The parka has insulating properties and is also water repellent, which means rain and snow will be kept at bay. This J Crew Nordic Parka needs to be dry cleaned in order to maintain its qualities.


  • Several pockets
  • Hidden zipper

  • Buttons
  • Dry cleaning

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Penfield Apex Parka

Penfield Apex Down Insulated Parka

Weight: 3 pounds

Size: S, L

Specific features: Hood, waterproof, 3 pockets

Best use: Casual wear, hiking, mountain

Are you still trying to find the perfect parka for the cold winter days? In that case, have a look at the Penfield Apex Parka. This parka is waterproof, so it makes a nice acquisition for the coldest season of the year. The warm down that this item is designed with offers extra protection from the cold, but also comfort.

The parka features drawstrings for improved easiness of wear, along with a hood that will keep your face safe against the wind and blizzard. This jacket provides a button up closure system, as well as 2 hand pockets and a secured chest pockets. The hand pockets are deep enough to protect your hands, but also for the storage or accessories such as coins.

If you think there are not enough pockets on this jacket, you should also check out the one on the back, for hunting. If you are looking for a longer jacket, this one could be a good choice thanks to its hip length. Don’t attempt to wash this item at home as it might get ruined, so take it to a dry cleaning service instead.


  • At least 18% cotton
  • 2 way front zipper
  • Back hunting pocket

  • The price
  • Dry cleaning

Related: Sometimes a short jacket just doesn’t provide enough protection against the elements, but a longer one might do the trick. The Penfield Lexington Jacket covers your bottom, has faux fur lining the hood, and large pockets.

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Patagonia Isthmus Parka

Patagonia Isthmus Parka

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Size: M

Specific features: Hoodie, deep pockets, insulated, waterproof

Best use: Mountain expeditions, hiking

Patagonia doesn’t disappoint when it comes to parka jackets. The Patagonia Isthmus Parka is insulated, meaning you will not suffer from cold even during extremely low temperatures. In addition, the jacket will not get wet due to its durable and water repellent exterior.

Your body will be kept warm and dry regardless if it rains or even snows. This men’s parka is designed with 4 outer pockets, which can be easily used for your cell phone or other small accessories. The deep pockets ensure hand protection against the cold and are secured with buttons.

Those who need extra protection for their face and neck may be happy to learn that this jacket comes with a hoodie. Perhaps you want to stay fashionable while out in the cold, and in that case you should know the parka is available in an eye catching red color.

This Patagonia item falls down to the hips and has a relaxed fit, a feature that can be helpful if you need to layer. All in all, this jacket is an ideal choice when going for a hike or mountain expedition.


  • 6 pockets
  • 2 way zipper
  • Durable water repellent fabric finish

  • 100% Nylon and polyester
  • Dry cleaning
  • The price

Check the price on Amazon

Alpha Industries N-3b Parka

Alpha Industries Men's N-3B

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4X, 5X

Specific features: Faux fur in the hood and on its edge, slim fit,

Best use: Extreme weather

Not many people know this parka was designed for the US air crew working on the bases found in the polar region. This piece of information should be enough to indicate just how warm this coat it. This coat has a slim fit that helps with keeping you warm in low temperatures.

You might want to wear a few layers with this coat, and you’ll be happy to learn that you won’t feel your movements to be constricted. You’ll also be happy to learn about the faux fur lining the hood – your years will definitely be happy about that. There is also some faux fur trim on the edge of the hood that offers your face protection from the wind and that can be removed if it disturbs you.

There are also two pockets on the chest and two side pockets at hip level on this Alpha Industries N-3b Parka. All these pockets close with flaps and snaps. There is also a pocket on the sleeve that closes with a zipper.


  • The price
  • Many available sizes
  • Removable fur lining

  • Synthetic
  • Dry cleaning

Related: If you don’t like this parka, perhaps you’ll be more interested in a bomber jacket, like the Alpha Industries Men’s Ma‐1, that is a flight jacket.

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Some Final Thoughts

Our selection of parkas for men ends here. Hopefully you will know what to get for the next cold season, and what are some of the features to pay more attention to. Just know that these specific garments will always have a higher price tag than other winter clothes.

Parkas have always been in fashion regardless of the seasonal trends especially in really cold areas, so you can never go wrong with buying one. It really doesn’t matter which one you buy or who made it – all that matters is that it does it job at protecting you against the elements when you most need it.

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