Romantic Camping Ideas: Love is in the Great Outdoors

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Written by Russell McCarty

Romance is a state of mind, and everyone’s idea of the big R is totally different to everyone else’s. Some of us like hearts and flowers, others simply like time spent, it’s a totally personal deal. There are some things in this life however which simply scream romance, and when you incorporate these romantic camping ideas with nature, you have a seriously loved up experience in front of you!

We’re going to talk about some major romantic camping ideas, because let’s face it, the Great Outdoors was made for two, and when you know what to do, you can make a loved up retreat for you and your significant other, usually at quite a low cost too.

We’re going to talk about some of the best, and probably some of the most budget-worthy, romantic campingtips around, but remember that you need to incorporate your partner’s likes into this whole deal, to make it a personalized romantic camping trip for two. First things first however, let’s talk shopping lists.

What You Need For a Romantic Camping Trip

  • Somewhere to stay – obviously, this is going to be your motorhome, a tent, or a rented outdoor cabin, but we’ll talk about this in a bit more detail in our next section.
  • Zip together sleeping bags – Unless you have access to an actual bed, i.e. if you are going to be glamping or hiring a cabin, you need comfortable sleeping arrangements. Zip together sleeping bags give you the same feel as a double bed, but they are designed for the rigours of the Great Outdoors.
  • Lights/candles – Again, we’re going to explain this one shortly but you will be needing some ambient lighting. Think along the lines of candles and battery operated fairy lights. Remember safety however, if you are in a place where candles are likely to be a hazard, stick to the fairy lights!
  • Home comforts – You need something to be able to make a coffee in the morning, perhaps a cool box to keep your drinks cold etc, think about comfort, because that is the cornerstone of romance.
  • Cushions/throws – Again, this is about comfort but it’s also about creating the right look; you need to think along the lines of relaxation and romantic ambiance.
  • Foods – More on this one later, but we’re not talking about tinned beans here!

Romantic Camping Ideas

Again, we need to reiterate our point – you need to know about what your partner thinks is romantic in order to really make this work, but overall we’re going to cover the generic points of romance, giving you a few ideas which will not fail to make your partner think you have been struck by the very arrow of cupid himself!


If you’ve never heard of glamping, then you need to do some research on this one, because it is a seriously up and coming way of experiencing nature and the Great Outdoors, but in a more safety-netted kind of way. Glamping is glamorous camping, hence the name, and it has the same roots as regular camping, but it is done with a little more sparkle and pizzazz.

For instance, glamping tents are literally like cabins, and the interior of them are decorated to look like a house. You have all the mod cons you would have at home, in fact it’s like being in a hotel, but you have nature right outside, literally within touching distance.

If your partner isn’t the biggest fan of regular camping, this is a great way to introduce them to the idea in an extremely luxurious way, and if they are a fan already, glamping is the ultimate in romance!

Create a romantic atmosphere

This one is going to take some planning, because you’re going to need to go to your camp site and set up your tent before your partner arrives. Obviously, book ahead of time, venture there and set everything up, and then go back and fetch your significant other, giving them a false destination, perhaps telling him or her you’re going somewhere else!

Once you’re in situ, you need to decorate your tent in the most natural yet romantic way possible. This is where those fairy lights will come in handy, and perhaps lead a route of lit candles to your tent itself. Now, a note on this however – do not light candles if there is a chance they are going to fall over or cause harm to the environment!

Inside your tent you should make it as comfortable as possible, so think throws, think cushions, think opulence, basically anything which makes your stay serene and chilled out.

A night under the stars

Whilst getting in and out of a hammock can be a comedy-inducing moment, there is no denying that cuddling up together in a hammock under the stars is ultra-romantic.

This is one of the best romantic camping ideas around, because Mother Nature is looking right down on you. For this you will need a good foundation for your hammock, so a little pre-planning and pre-visiting the spot may be needed. See our must-read basics on night-hiking to learn more.

It’s all about the food

A romantic picnic whilst you are camping is a fantastic idea, perhaps even a night toasting marshmallows, just to the two of you. Make sure you make a picnic of the best foods for you and your significant other, and remember a bottle of bubbly! Oh, and a side point – remember something to actually open said bottle of bubbly too!

You can easily make delicious foods over a camp fire, and this adds to the rustic feel to your romantic camping trip. A cool box is all you need to transport your ingredients, and if you are travelling with a motorhome, you have an added advantage because you have a fridge and cooking facilities. They say that food is the way to a man’s stomach, but it’s always the way to a woman’s too!

A camping spot with a view

Do some research into the best camping spots for you to visit, and if you can, think about clifftop spots, or high up places, so you wake up to a view that will blow your mind.

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Romantic camping ideas are about memorable things, e.g. something you’re going to remember for a long time to come, Kodak moments, if you will, so think about location.

The best camping spots with a view are often a little more expensive, but there are some which don’t require cost or bookings, so do look into this but remember to check out the rules before making a decision.

Honeymoon cabins are not just for honeymoons

You could check out camping locations for honeymooners and incorporate a romantic camping trip into this. For instance, Kenya is a top destination, so you could book a cabin and go on safari, but make this an outdoorsy camping vibe, rather than a honeymoon.

There are many idyllic destinations where you can camp in a log cabin or a luxury tent, your trip doesn’t have to be about budget if you don’t want it to be. Of course, this is going to cost more, so it depends how special an occasion it is!

It’s all about activities too

We’ve talked at length about the camping set up, but the trip is really going to be made or broken by what you do on the trip itself. So, do some planning, think about the things your other half likes, and think back to conversations you have had in the past about the things they would love to do, but haven’t done yet. For instance, if you’re in a truly outdoorsy destination, how about a spot of bungee jumping?

Your significant other might hate this, but if they are a real adrenaline junkie then this is something which will make major memories! Activities don’t have to be this huge however, because simply setting off paper lanterns together and watching them drift away in peace and quiet together could be the ultra-romantic memory you need to make your trip special.

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These are just seven ideas for making your trip ultra-loved up, and there are countless more besides, but by now you will probably have got the general gist. It’s about simple rather than luxurious, but it’s okay to go a little more luxurious from time to time, especially if it’s a special occasion. Think carefully about your man or woman’s likes and don’t plan a trip based on something you’re not too sure about.

Things to Remember When Planning a Romantic Camping Trip

To ensure that your romantic camping ideas go as you hope they will, it’s important to remember a few things beforehand.

Always call ahead and make the reservation, don’t leave it to chance. We know that you can’t simply rock up and camp wherever you please, so cover all bases here and make that reservation.

If you are celebrating a particularly romantic special occasion, perhaps give a head’s up to the campsite itself, as you may find you get a few added extras – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Remember to place a lot of importance on food. We know that in the Great Outdoors you can’t simply call up and order a pizza, and you can’t rustle up a gourmet meal without some pre-planning. Make a meal plan before you go and make sure you shop for all the ingredients you need, remembering spices and cooking oils.

You also need to make sure you have the cooking equipment first of all! A stove is a minimum requirement, but you could also cook over an open fire if you want to go truly Great Outdoors.

We mentioned this before, but it’s certainly worth reiterating – do not light candles and leave them burning if there is any chance of causing any damage to the environment. Exercise caution at all times, and perhaps go for battery operated fairy lights instead, which can easily be draped over tents to create a magical effect, but a safe one at the same time.

We have talked about planning surprises at length, but sometimes planning the trip together is just as special. You can bat back and forth romantic camping ideas, and truly make a trip to remember for the both of you, rather than it being about surprising just one person.

Location, location, location! Where you go is everything, because you can plan all the extras you like, but the one thing which is going to make your romantic trip together is where you are based. A view that blows your mind will be the thing you always remember, not what you did whilst you were there.

Your Romantic Camping Trip Summed up

So, do you have any plans in your mind now you have read our particular ideas for a top-class, romantic camping trip? Our ideas are designed to make you think and give you a few pointers in the right direction, but as we have mentioned at the start of this chat, it’s about the person you’re with, and what they are likely to respond to in the right way. Everyone is different, and everyone’s idea of romance is as individual as they are in their own right.

Romance is as much about company as it is about what you do and where you are, but in terms of camping, location is absolutely everything. Do some research online into some romantic camping trip locations, and read the reviews to find out the nitty-gritty deals, which could make or break your time away. Going on a car camping trip? Check out our no-nonsense guide on car camping to make it memorable.

We have talked about glamping and luxury cabins, but simple works effectively too, so stock up on fairy lights, good food, a comfortable tent, some cushions, and find the best place that will capture that romantic mood, and the imaginations of both of you. Is there anything more romantic than that?

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