Best Ultralight Backpack: The Top Ultralightweight Packs For Your Outdoor Needs

Russell McCarty
Written by Russell McCarty

From hiking or backpacking, beach, field or mountain, a backpack is your most essential traveler equipment for any outdoor journey. A perfect bag will adapt to your body satisfying your carry needs and those of your partners. The best ultralight backpack will be your divination ball to conquer any peak, easy to use, as lightweight as possible, and speeding up your expedition path.

Experiencing some few days outside the city away from your constant rhythm is a reality everyone wants to live someday. And feeling safe when storing your belongings is what you expect from any good backpack. You will likely want to trust on your equipment, and not be worrying about your luggage weight or possible problems. That’s why picking a bag as light, comfortable and reliable as possible is the best decision.

I went once on a hiking trip with a group of friends who wanted to reach one of the highest peaks in our state at 4.651 meters above sea level. The experience was incredible except for a bad backpack decision that made me suffer from uncomfortable carry, equipment soak and even lost some of my valuable tools.

Hiking Trip

As a word of advice, please be cautious and know what pack to buy. Don’t buy the first cheap one you see out there. The best recommendation now is to acquire a well reviewed ultralight backpack, from the favorite choices of experienced hikers.

We encourage buying a bag that is secure, has a functional design, and is comfortable to carry. Those are some features that depict your travel bag and prepare you to enjoy a great experience on your trip, guaranteeing a valuable investment in a safe and reliable backpack brand.

Why choose a lightweight backpack?

How convenient is it to take all your belongings on your trip effortlessly? Then keep reading and check out the benefits an ultralight backpack has over standard ones and compare why are they more comfortable than traditional models. Just to state, standard backpacks don’t have anything wrong, it is just that a lightweight pack outperforms them on most hiking trips.

  1. You lighten your load weight, gaining more distance with the same effort.
  2. You free yourself from the risk of wet equipment because most of them are waterproof.
  3. You can react faster in critical situations by being more lighter.
  4. It’s excellent for short trips.

Now let’s explore the disadvantages. These mainly depend on the buyer’s point of view and hiking experience.

  1. Not good for really long trips.
  2. In extreme conditions, some ultralight backpacks may fail.

Best Ultralight Backpack

When comparing bags, we advise going with a backpack roomy enough for all your belongings, whereas carrying extra bags for more equipment is uncomfortable and deficient. Ideally, you should buy an ultralight backpack, not to only save a few weight pounds, but also to fit everything.


  • First aid kit
  • Cloth changes
  • Rope
  • Light
  • Hydration
  • Food
  • Kitchen
  • Lightweight tent
  • Sleeping bag

These are the essential things to carry. If you ever thought going ultralight, you have to take only the necessary things to survive and even buy a lighter version of all your equipment to be the ultimate ultralight traveler.

How big my ultralight pack should be?

For any trip, the size of the backpack has always been something to consider. Touring the wilderness as a hiker requires including the right tools and the convenience of an ultralight bag helping with the weight is invaluable. You should always adjust your bag size according to your destination and how long is the travel.

Girls Hiking with Ultralight Backpack

Brands measure travel bag capacity in liters. There are also different sizes for different people constitutions, which adapt for more robust or thin bodies. Watch for the belt and the height of the shoulder pads, which should be comfortable and fit you correctly.

Some people travel with backpacks of 45 to 65 liters, but they are usually more experienced hikers who know what to take or not. Also, bear in mind that with a larger backpack you will be tempted to carry more things than required. You must ensure that the total equipment weight does not exceed 25% of your body weight and remember, the ideal weight for a good experience is between 17 and 27 pounds.

Which ultralight backpack to buy?

When looking for the indicated equipment lots of possibilities and offers arise, making it easy to off-track without knowing how to choose the right one for you. Not necessarily the most expensive will be the best nor the cheapest the worst, and that’s why we want to help giving some tips to get a backpack good enough as your travel companion, regardless of price and brand.

Ultrlight Backpacks in The Store

Features to consider when buying a lightweight backpack


A good backpack can transfer weight from the back, spine and cervical areas, to the legs. You shouldn’t feel stress in the shoulders, and your hip should be the one that holds most of the backpack. The most important elements are the hip-belt, shoulder pads, frame and chest stabilizer.

Ultralight backpacks can feel very comfortable and weightless, but you should try them with weight. I encourage you to put some stuff in to have a clearer idea of how they feel.


When you go on a trip there are occasions when you need quick access to some of your items, and if you have jam-pack it will be difficult to find anything. It’s also important to identify is there’s zipper with access to the internal part, which saves you a lot of searching time.

Ultrlight Backpack Pockets

Space for Hydration

Water is the most valuable resource on excursions so plan your route ahead and always stay near clean, drinkable water sources. The pockets for the water must be designed to keep it fresh, and some even provide a hose to drink it whenever you go. Still, not all of them include this feature.

Other elements

Also keep in mind to test the belt clip. Make sure it can be adjusted and released smoothly, and effortlessly. This way you avoid unnecessary wear on the trip. Waterproof is another feature to consider.

Unless you’re a naturally gifted survival expert who can get everything from nature like the famous Bear Grylls, all travelers need a backpack to carry their belongings for the expedition trip. Now that you are aware of what to consider, you are ready to make the right choice. Please take a peek at this tailored list selected exclusively for you.

Best Ultralight Backpacks

Osprey Porter Travel Pack

Weight: 3.31 lbsOsprey Porter Backpack

Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 7 inches

Features: Backpack shoulder straps and waistbelt quick to stash and zip into the padded back panel, StraightJacket™ compression with padded wings, front panel padded organization pocket, padded top and side handles, secure zip access to large main compartment with lockable zipper, D-ring attachments, meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines

Best use: Traveling, backpacking

A fantastic backpack to wear for extended periods of time while feeling comfortable. This bag can expand itself continuously allowing to store more items. It’s easy to open and use thanks to its luggage-style compartment.

Osprey Porter Travel Pack includes high quality and reliable zippers with comfortable straps that allow an excellent weight support. The fabric material is sturdy and has an attractive look. It comes with extra handles for an easy pick up at any angle on the go, and it’s always accepted as carry-on luggage on airports with no questions asked.

This backpack is as durable as they come, and will never lose its shape even if you throw it on luggage racks or under bus storages. It includes a front loader, a nice pocket for laptop and some interior pockets to organize all your belongings. This bag is a great traveler companion for any use that can even withstand some rain.

Related: You can also buy the Osprey Porter 30 Travel Pack if you want a smaller backpack while keeping the same characteristics.

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Osprey Atmos AG Pack

Weight: 3.9 lbsOsprey Atmos Backpack

Dimensions: 10 x 16 x 23 inches

Features: Fully padded, 3D suspension contouring, compression straps for reducing and stabilizing loads for superior weight distribution and comfort, LightWire peripheral frame, fully adjustable gender specific Anti-Gravity mesh wrap hip belt, Anti-Gravity ventilated mesh back panel, Integrated FlapJacket for weather and rain protection, trekking pole attachment

Best use: Camping, bush crafting, hiking

This bag will perform marvelously on any trip, has a comfy design with fantastic load control, comfort, breathability, and maneuverability. Osprey Atmos AG Pack has excellent body fit including a new hip belt to keep any weight firmly on hips. This feature avoids any possible inflammation after prolonged use and helps to carry up any weight.

This bag includes larger pockets on the belt with enough space for a snack on the go. You can carry any extra equipment in the inside as its roomy enough to fit anything. With the side compression straps, you will compact the backpack down to a manageable size, avoiding to worry about any bag flapping around while trailing.

We recommend you to buy this bag and take it on your next hike. You’ll love every minute of it. It includes a removable floating lid that contains two pockets for a quick-access to essential goods, dual stretch sided pockets, and a large front stash pocket for additional storage and organization.

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REI Co-op Flash Pack

Weight: 3 lbs 10 ozRei Co-Op Flash Backpack

Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 20 inches

Features: REI UpLift™ Compression technology, 3D contoured hip belt, REI Packnit™ suspended mesh back panel conforms, padded mesh shoulder straps, J zip pocket on the front panel, twin tool loops, trekking pole tip grip, and upper tool keepers

Best use: Backpacking, hiking, camping

The solution for a comfortable backpack fit while trailing. This backpack will keep your back ventilated fresh from any sweat. REI Co-op Flash Pack includes all the details you always wanted to have, in a weightless and thoughtfully designed backpack. It has plenty of room for 2-3 day trip or 5-6 day trips as well. A high-quality fabric material construction for strong, heavy-duty purposes.

This backpack provides multiple carry options for poles and extra tools with ease and little pockets on the hip belt for snacks. It includes extra lash points for strapping additional gear outside the pack. You will avoid any uncomfortable pressure on the hipbones with a shaped padding that prevents any pain.

The advanced compression straps help you to lift the entire pack and distribute the weight thoroughly and firmly to the body. Likewise, this bag does a remarkably good work protecting your goods from any water, even without rain fly. The backpack includes a feature for hydration on the go with a tube holder on the shoulder strap. Overall an excellent fit for your adventures.

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Granite Gear Leopard V.C. Backpack

Weight: 2 lbs 12 ozGranite Gear Leopard VC Pack

Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 18 inches

Features: Vapor Current suspension, molded back panel, hydration sleeve, gear organization tool loops, stretch woven zippered pocket on front, dual density hip belt and shoulder straps, lifetime warranty against defects

Best use: Camping, bush crafting, hiking

Granite Gear Leopard V.C. Backpack is the perfect, lightweight, 2-3 day backpack and one of the top searched lightweight bag for all around purposes and alpine travel. This pack comes with specific features as flexible exterior pockets, a beaver tail compartment, and compression straps. You can incorporate an Air Beam Frame back for more comfort on the go.

The first impression you get is a light and roomy backpack that can store more than it seems. The back padding is firm, comfortable and feels perfect when you fit it in its place. It also includes little pockets on the shoulders and additional carry supplements for quick tool storage.

The fabric material is strong, durable and comes with a roll top under the lid to secure any gear, as well as ten-millimeter webbing straps to attach any other tool. You have tons of pockets inside and outside the pack to store additional stuff and organize all your gear. One of the best thought pack designs to ensure comfort with additional features to exceed any of your expectations.

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Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack

Weight: 2 lbs 8 ozOsprey Packs Exos 48

Dimensions:  6 x 14 x 22 inches

Features:  Superlight Airspeed suspension with 6065 aluminum frame and breathable 3D tensioned-mesh back panel, ExoForm shoulder straps, ExoForm hipbelt features an ergonomic, forward-pull cinch closure, FlapJacket top, hydration-compatible design, ultralight, 7mm webbing compression side straps, front and side stretch-woven pockets

Best Use: Backpacking, hiking, camping, bush crafting

Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack comes with a back panel tensioned mesh for extra comfort on the field, so you don’t have to readjust any weight on your shoulders or hip straps. This mesh will also ventilate your back evenly to stay fresh even sweating.

You can easily carry up to 5-6 days food, gear, and water supply in this pack. Your perfect pack solution for weekend car campers, backpackers, and hikers. It has tons of storage space in a smartly designed interior with multiple pockets to organize your goods.

With this backpack, you can easily adjust the belt length to your waist firmly. The hip belt pockets and shoulder straps pockets provide a place to stash energy food, or any essentials close. You can also quickly store your trekking poles and release them on the go. The bag includes a removable top lid and a flapjack sealing for extra covering.

A backpack designed to aid with any load while supporting your back comfortably, so you can focus on keep on going more miles.

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Hikpro Lightweight Backpack

Weight: 6.5 ozHikpro Ultralight Backpack

Dimensions: 18 x 5.5 x 12 inches

Features: 3 zippered compartments, roomy (20 Liter) and lightweight (6.5 oz.), water and tear resistant nylon material with abrasion resistant SBS metal zippers, foldable and portable, comfortable wide breathable mesh shoulder straps

Best use: Backpacking, traveling, hiking

One of the best rated lightweight backpacks on Amazon. Hikpro Lightweight Backpack features high-quality in an easy to carry and roomy bag. You’ll enjoy this pack for multiple purposes, and everyday use. This comfortable pack is small till you open it, you will be amazed of how bigger it is than it looks at first glance. The perfect bag for shopping, traveling and even short backpacking and hiking travels.

This pack is comfortable to carry and built with excellent material. It is light, strong and flexible and includes a pair of deep and roomy mesh pockets on the sides, where many other backpacks have too shallow pockets. It can withstand heavy rain while keeping all your belongings dry. It has sturdy zippers, and you can store all your possessions without difficulty.

The company has an excellent customer service, and will gladly make any fix or replacement if the product fails. A bargain offer for the price quality and service.

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TIBAG 25l Lightweight Backpack

Weight: 0.5 PoundsTibag Lightweight Backpack

Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches

Features: 3 mm sponge padding, reinforced shoulder straps, water resistant fabric, strong inside lining coat, lifetime quality, guaranteed Metal SBS Heavy Zipper, breathable mesh shoulder straps

Best use: Backpacking, camping

The perfect everyday use or occasional travel backpack for everyone. TIBAG 25l Lightweight Backpack comes with breathable and comfy padded straps to alleviate any weight and is ideal for fast access to all your belongings in a very manageable pack. You can store more than you think in this backpack and safely keep any valuable goods in the internal zippered pocket from any weather condition. It is robust and durable enough to carry all you need without tearing or damaging.

You can fold it up into the interior pocket to have an extra bag to carry on any travel, taking a minimal space. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking a reliable pack, for backpacking to school or city trip use. If the bag gets wet, it will dry up fast, protect your interior and also lets your back skin breathe well, thanks to its lightness.

Related: To get the same quality and even more room for extra equipment, you can check out the TIBAG 30L/35L Lightweight Backpack.

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All set for the great adventure?

For any occasion, using a lightweight backpack will allow you to get more from your expedition. A good ultralight bag always provides excellent mobility regardless of the environment in which you are going to jaunt. These lightweight packs, allow you to go further with less effort, take care of your joints and even avoid damages caused by excessive force applied at joints.

Backpack With Mesh Suspension

It is always important to get a bag with mesh suspension in the back for those long excursions, as it provides comfort and alleviates any load. Always look for the best fit for you. If you are looking for a perfect solution for your trip, expedition or climbing, do not hesitate to get the best of the best in the market by buying any of our recommendations.

Do you happen to enjoy ultralight backpacks? Which model would you recommend? Let us know in the comment section!


Russell McCarty

Russell McCarty

Russell considers backpacking one of his great passions in life. He actually managed to transform his passion into a living becoming a professional adventurer. Russell loves long-distance backpacking and he enriched his portfolio with famous trails like the Alaska-Yukon Expedition or the Appalachian Trail. With thousands of miles under his feet, Russell is the expert to consult when it comes to how to prepare for a successful outdoor adventure.