Best Ski Helmets: Choosing the Best Head Protection for Skiing

Russell McCarty
Written by Russell McCarty

When planning for an extreme sport like skiing, there are very many uncertainties involved. How far you go into the snow might change as the fun becomes overwhelming. You cannot resist the urge to go further, faster and even higher up the mountain.

With such kinds of progress, anticipating what would happen next is not possible. Of course, there is a way to take care of all these; all you have to do is invest in products that provide protection from uncertainties of skiing. Skiing helmets are the perfect investment for any skiing enthusiasts.

When you have the best ski helmets, receiving whacks from rookie skiers, accidental falls or falling rocks do not worry you much because your head will be well secured under an immovable shell. Modern helmets not only protect your head from potentially fatal injuries but they look cool too.

Best ski Helmets

In this era, looking cool is part and parcel of us. And what is even cooler is that your budget is no hindrance to a proper ski helmet. This article intends to review some of the best products you can find in the market and the features to look for in a ski helmet.

Our top picks

Product NameWeightMaterialVentilationPrice
Giro Nine1.8 poundsPolycarbonate shellStack adjustable Check price on Amazon
POC Helmets and Armor Auric2.2 poundsABS shell and EPP linerThree-way ventsCheck price on Amazon
Pret Effect X1.7 poundsWool linerRipping helmetCheck price on Amazon
MTN Lab1.6 poundsHybrid shell and merino wool liningActive ventilationCheck price on Amazon
Marker Consort2 poundsFleece lining and EPS coreAdjustable ventingCheck price on Amazon
Smith Pointe1.35 poundsEPP liner and ABS shellAirEvac 2Check price on Amazon
Men’s Bern Kingston1 poundABS shell and EPS linerAdjustable vent slidersCheck price on Amazon

Things to consider before buying a Ski Helmet

Are you in need of a new helmet? Do all those available choices leave you more baffled? It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a frequenter in buying a helmet. There are lots of factors you should consider before settling on a helmet. These too many variables normally make this simple task very daunting because surviving that fall might depend mostly on the performance of your helmet.

Always insist on a helmet that will fit you in wide ranges of conditions. Be it snowy, high-speed winds, sunny or very cold.

Fit and comfort

The degree of fit of a helmet is of utter importance. A loosely or too tightly fitting helmet will not be comfortable for you at all. Fit cannot be overemphasized enough when choosing a skiing helmet. It might be the coolest, with all the latest fancy stuff but if it cannot stay on your head then, well of what use is it? A too-tight helmet does you no good either.

Ski Helmet Fit

The helmets are grouped into small, medium and large. There are even extra-large for you know who. Manufacturers avail sizing charts for their products that help you decide on which one is your best fit. You can also determine your head size by measuring its circumference (at the point just above the ear)

Besides the head size, the shape of the head also plays a key role. The head shape can be determined by asking a friend to look at it from above you. Whether it is round oval, intermediate or long oval, manufacturers have helmets molded to fit every head shape.

When you go to buy the helmet, test it on your head to gauge how it feels. The pressure it exerts on your head should be equal throughout and not be too much. Try on a number and settle on the one that you feel most comfortable in.

Ski Helmet With Goggles

Ventilation and warmth

Helmets are meant to protect you from elements of nature, cold air and winds being some of them. All ski helmets are supposed to be adequately insulated to keep out cold. Most of them have layers of foam for insulation and keeping you warm.

The helmet you choose should protect your ears also from the extreme cold. The cushion has to be warm and comfortable. The helmet should snug fit so that no air passes in between the helmet and your head.

For that little bit of extra warmth, a helmet fitted with earmuffs would be ideal. A word of caution though, ear muffs reduce your ability to hear.

Ski Helmet Ventilation

Some of these helmets are so warm that you will need air vents to cool you down a little bit. Look for helmets which you can adjust the air vents, to let in just the right amount of cool air. To better appreciate air vents, you should imagine skiing in warm weather and taking off the helmet is not an option.

Compatibility with your goggles

The helmet you want should leave no air gaps between it and the top of the goggles. Any passage of air would beat the purpose of providing warmth in the first place. As you go shopping, bring your goggles along and try them out together with the helmets.

Ski Helmet Compability With Goggles

Another feature that is a must is the strap at the back of the helmet. It prevents the goggles from sliding off the helmet when you wear them. The last thing you want is the Goggle falling off in the midst of the wildest crawl downhill. It is a surety that many of skiers would have lost theirs at some point if it were not for the straps.

Safety certification

The only way of a helmet guarantying safety is by getting certified by the relevant authorities. Do not trust a helmet that has not met the set standards for safety. Although it is a requirement, some products may sneak in without certification.

Ski Helmet

In case you are buying in the US, look for helmets that comply with ASTM F2040 safety requirements. European buyers have to choose products that are CE EN 1077 certified. When it comes to children helmets, do not compromise. As an adult, you might survive a whack but a child might not. You can find helmets that meet these safety standards from any reputable seller.


We all want to feel cool, right? You may want to get more features from your helmet besides just sitting on your head and waiting for something to hit it.

  • Audio compatibility: Aha! You love listening to your favorite songs wherever you are. Some helmets can play music and safeguard you. The hearing is limited though when someone is seeking your attention.
  • Camera mounts: There is no better feeling when reviewing all the stunts you pulled, the creepy tricks and the spectacular failure of others when skiing. When you are having fun, look for a helmet that you can mount a camera on and record the thrill.

Ski Helmet with Camera Mount


There is a general perception that the heavier a helmet is, the more protective it is. This is not true. Modern technologies enable the manufacture of more secure helmets while shedding lots of weight. Heavier helmets wear you down and could potentially cause you neck injuries.

A helmet that constantly reminds you that it is in your head is more of a nuisance. Look for a helmet that is light enough so that you can whiz downhill in utmost comfort.

Ski Helmet

Review of the best products on the market today

Different manufacturers have wide ranges of helmets for skiing. Each always claims to be the best out of the pack. Who would not anyway? This complicates the look for a new helmet or a replacement for your old one. To make your work a little bit easier, here are some of the best products that you can find at your nearest ski gear store.

Giro Nine Snow Helmet

Weight: 1.8 poundsGiro Nine Snow Helmet

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches

Specific features: Compatible with Giro audio systems and Giro goggles

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

The Giro Nine Snow Helmet has a streamlined and low-profile design to fit your skiing needs. To efficiently control the temperature inside the helmet, a thermostat is incorporated to turn the cooling on or off. It is made using the in-mold construction to make it lightweight while not compromising on safety.

This helmet even has a vertical tuning which enables you to turn the helmet forward for a perfect fit with your goggles, but then again if you have Giro Goggles, you need no tuning.

An in-form fit system makes adjustability giving you up to 6 cm of adjusting. This is to keep the helmet secure on your head. Audio and goggle compatibility is with all the Giro products that you can bring along. The stack vent in the helmet is aligned with the center vent of your googles so that the goggle remains fog free.


  • It is warm
  • Its lightweight
  • Has as seamless fit with Giro Goggles
  • Has an adjustable fit
  • Offers good value for the price
  • Comfortable padding
  • Properly vented

  • Tends to be only compatible with Giro products

Check the price on Amazon

POC Helmets and Armor Auric Ski Helmet

Weight: 2.2 poundsPOC Helmet

Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 10 inches

Specific features: Multi-impact EPP liner, ABS made shell, Improved ear and temple protection, beanie and goggles compatibility, padded interior, 3-way ventilation mechanism

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

The POC Helmets and Armor Auric Ski Helmet is made from EPP and ABS for protection purposes. The ABS shell sheds most of the undesired weight while still maintaining helmet integrity and safety.

To provide safety where you need it most, it is designed such that the padding is thickest in the more prone areas to impact, more so the ears and temples are given more protection. The interior parts of the helmet have a very soft padding for a perfect fit so that you feel comfier while skiing.

The three-way venting (front, top and back) eliminates overheating when temperatures rise, or you become warmer. The package consists of two ear pad sets that you can use when the temperature in the snow becomes too cold to bear.

For the beanie diehards, this helmet is compatible with it so you can stay warmer. You just wear it under the helmet, and you’re good. Another feature is the compatibility with goggles. This leaves no air spaces between the helmet and goggle that air passes through. A removable goggle clip keeps the goggle in place during the rough rides downhill.


  • Compatible with beanies and goggles
  • Lightweight
  • Padded for comfort
  • Three-way venting
  • Has a removable goggle clip
  • Certified safety standards

  • Not compatible with any audio system
  • No adjustability

Related: When you want a lighter alternative to this featured product, then the POC Fornix Helmet is your go-to helmet. Its price range is wider hence can fit very well into your financial plan. It is reinforced for stability and has the turn-ring adjustment method. This is missing in the Armor Auric. This helmet features more ventilation vents than its featured counterpart.

Check the price on Amazon

Pret Effect X Ski Helmet

Weight: 1.7 poundsPret Effect X Helmet

Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 11 inches

Specific features: Half shell type of construction, Multi Directional Impact Protection, multiple adjustable vents, adjustable fit system, removable ear pads

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

The Pret Effect X Ski Helmet is designed with skiers together with riders in mind. Its performance has been optimized by the use of Advanced Composite Technology (ACT) to give the helmet desired properties at exact locations i.e. you use stronger materials in more susceptible points to impacts.

The VTT3 Ventilation Tech combines both adaptable vents and indirect airflow to optimize climate control and comfort. The front vents intake cool air that cools down the warm air generated from inside the helmet. The Ripcord System (RCS Fit) creates an ergonomic fit for some different head sizes. An adjustment dial and a Ripcord work in tandem tighten or relieve the fitting system.

MIPS, a new helmet safety standard developed and patented by brain surgeons, minimizes the impacts from angled forces. These forces create rotational forces in the brain by incorporating the brain’s cerebrospinal fluid motion. A layer of fluid (low friction) is introduced in between the shell and inner liner. The fluid slides on impact to absorb the energy from the impact.

A uniquely blended wool-silver combination produces an anti-odor and microbial resistant performance. Your helmet will smell fresh day in day out. It features a buckle system that auto-locks and can be operated with one hand. The ear covers can be removed without interfering with any fit systems.

In the case of unforeseen accidents like being buried in an avalanche, the widely used RECCO system can be used to locate you with ease. This helmet meets all the certification requirements of both the ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077.


  • Fits well
  • It is warm
  • Finely adjustable fit
  • Has a locating system
  • Odor and bacteria resistant
  • Compatible with other goggles and audio systems
  • One hand operated buckle

  • It is quite expensive

Related: A slightly bigger but lighter recommended alternative that I think is worth looking at is the Smith Optics Snow Helmet. It has 21 ventilation vents for efficient dispersion of warm air, is Bluetooth enabled, comes with a size chart and is certified both in the US and in Europe.

Check the price on Amazon

Salomon MTN Lab Ski Helmet

Weight: 1.6 poundsSalomon MTN Lab Helmet

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 9 inches

Specific features: Material: Polycarbonate, ABS and EPS, Active ventilation system, Adjustable fit with no MIPS, custom dial adjustment, EPS 4D material

Best use: Skiing, alpine climbing and snowboarding

The Salomon MTN Lab Ski Helmet is made for those of us who just love skiing and alpine climbing. It features very good ventilation, protection ability and Merino wool for wicking away moisture.

For the construction, two techniques are combined for ultimate performance. The lower shell is in-molded to reduce weight while the outer shell is injection molded to provide better mechanical capabilities. The liner is made from EPS 4D which actually exceeds the European shock absorption Standards (CE-EN 1077).

The Ventilation is BC optimized, with mesh and wool to prevent micro particles from entering the system. A dial adjustment is made to either loosen or tighten the fitting by just a simple twist of the dial.

The helmet keeps your skin dry by adopting the active dry Moisture Management. For high hygiene standards, the inner liner is made such that it can be remove and washed then returned back.

Removable earpads made from Merino wool makes for convenience during warmer and colder conditions. This helmet meets climbing standard CE-EN 12492, ASTM F-2040 & CE-EN 1077.


  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional
  • Great fit
  • Washable liner
  • Exceeds shock absorption standards
  • Warm and cool depending on conditions
  • Good structural integrity

  • Quite expensive

Related: If you miss your favorite Salomon MTN helmet, worry not. There is an almost related helmet that can serve the same purpose at the same efficiency. The Giro Seam Snow Helmet price range starts at a lower value, weighs a pound, that’s 0.6 pounds lighter and still has the same safety standards.

Check the price on Amazon

Marker Consort Ski Helmet

Weight: 2 poundsMarker Consort Helmet

Dimensions: 9.06 x 9.45 x 11.42 inches

Specific features: EPS and Polycarbonate, half shell, adjustable ventilation

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

The Marker Consort Ski Helmet is a helmet made just for the comfort of ladies. The in-mold manufacturing technique makes it lightweight and impact-resistant and a rigid core made from EPS. The shell is made from a durable polycarbonate material.

This helmet features an adjustable ventilation system. You can choose the amount of airflow you want by adjusting the air vents either to the closed or the partially closed positions. The ventilation has another feature, the MarkAir Channel which moderates your head’s temperature when the vents are either fully or partially shut.

Channels of vents and air channels arranged into a vast network draw out warm moist air from the goggles and out of the helmet to eliminate fogging in the goggles. The RTS (Rotate to Size) System of adjusting mechanism at the rear of the helmet allows for a comfortable snug fit. In case you fall, it stays on your head and does not slide around. This fitting perfectly adapts to any head shape.

What would you do without ear pads? These offer protection to your ears and house the audio system that is compatible with your phone and any audio system. These ear pads are removable for washing (in lukewarm water) The liner can be removed as Velcro straps have been eliminated. Instead of relying on the liner for comfort, you can remove it and rock your beanie under the helmet.

This helmet has lots of other classy features like the secure magnetic locking mechanism, the Xdry Performance Lining, a Goggle clip and a volume Fleece.


  • Warm
  • Audio systems compatible
  • Comfortable padding
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Great adjustable fit
  • Beanie compatible
  • Washable inner lining

  • It is only for the ladies
  • Quite costly

Related: There is no better luck than having a related product that is a much cheaper option. The Lucky Bums Multi Sport Helmet is more affordable than the Marker Consort, has numerous features just as its counterpart. It is durable, made from ABS and EPS which are compliant with safety standards.

Check the price on Amazon

Smith Pointe Ski Helmet

Weight: 1.35 poundsSmith Pointe

Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 13 inches

Specific features:  Made from ABS material, Half-shell, fixed ventilation, removable ear pads

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

The Smith Pointe Ski Helmet is for the aggressive ladies who love to charge hard at things and bump into stuff. Hitting the snow can be really fun at times though. The Bombshell construction and an impact resistant EPP liner combine to deliver a high-class performance.

Injection molding of an ABS shell results in a durable, dent resistant and impact resistant outer shell. The liner too is graded as multi Impact for that extra protective cover.

The Airflow Climate Control system optimizes airflow and heat elimination through 13 vents. In the process, the unnecessary cold air drafts are minimized. To eliminate goggle fogging, AirEvac 2 forces the warm air from the goggle into the EPS liner.

The adjustment system is elastic to fit a number of heads of different sizes. The product has a goggle lock that you can remove; an Audio system is available but comes separately. ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077:2007 Class B safety standards are complied with.


  • Warm
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Compatible with beanies and audio systems
  • Ventilated
  • Great fit (elastic adjustment)

  • It is women-specific

Related: The Smith Optics Holt Snow Helmet is one product I think can be an alternative to this featured product. Firstly, is because it is much cheaper and performs to the same high standards. Its only drawback might be its slightly bigger size. This alternative has 14 vents as compared to the other one with 13 vents.

Check the price on Amazon

Bern Kingston Ski Helmet

Weight: 1 poundBern Kingston Snow Helmet


Specific features: The Helmet is made from ABS for the shell and EPS for the liner. It dons the Half Shell types of helmets. An audio system is not included. It has a visor. Removable ear pads are provided. The use of adjustable fit is included in the design. There is no MIPS

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

The Bern Kingston Ski Helmet is made through the revolutionary Zip Molding technique, resulting in a thin, tapered and a light helmet with a low weight to strength ratio. This technique produces helmets weighing 20% less than the previous versions.

This helmet is given a special kind of finish for the ultimate comfort, fit and durability. It has a canvas liner that is waxed, ear pads that are wind resistant and a cover for the chin strap. The “Stealth Slider Plus” principle produces an excellent venting system. The vents can be slid open for comfort and coolness.

The liner is meant to be used in cold weather and comes with a fit system that you can adjust as you want. A Chine Line fits ergonomically round your head and not on top of the head. It is Drop-In Audio compatible.

The product meets the CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN 1077B and EN 1078 Safety Standards.


  • Impact resistant
  • Lighter than previous versions
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Compatible with other audio systems
  • Great, adjustable fit

  • It is quite pricey

Related: I think the Giro Montane Snow Helmet is an excellent alternative to this featured product. It has a wider price range and can easily fit into any financial plan. It is relatively light (380 g) and has 12 cooling vents that are stacked. It is also compatible with TuneUps Systems. A thermostat control ensures efficiency in controlling temperature.

Check the price on Amazon

In conclusion

A helmet is an essential skiing gear. The difference between a nasty fall and a visit to the Emergency Center might be this tiny gear. Helmets absorb impacts from whacks from skiing wannabes and amateurs or an accidental tumble.

When choosing a suitable helmet, be keen to look for the features mentioned above so that you do not end up with a helmet that dents on the first instance of impact. So which is your favorite helmet for skiing? Does it belong on our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Russell McCarty

Russell McCarty

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