Best Cheap Camping Tents: Best Choices Under $200

Best Cheap Camping Tents
Bradley Page
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Camping is a great way to spend time in the outdoors, and there are many options for tents for one or two people. However, when you start looking for tents that hold more than four people, prices start to rise dramatically. We’ve found 8 of the best cheap camping tents all under $200 and hold more than four people comfortably. Whether you plan to camp in your backyard or at a national park, it is important to find a tent that will keep everyone dry and comfortable.

Our Top Picks

ProductDimensionsWeightMaximum capacityPrice
Coleman Canyon204 x 120 x 72 inches22.4 pounds8 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Coleman Instant Cabin72 x 108 x 120 inches24.9 pounds6 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Fivejoy Instant Pop Up80.7 x 78.7 inches8 pounds4 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Core Instant Cabin132 x 108 inches22.7 pounds6 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Coleman Sundome72 x 120 x 120 inches16 pounds6 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Mountain Trails Grand Pass120 x 216 x 76 inches21.3 pounds10 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Wenzel Klondike192 x 78 x 132 inches28 pounds8 peopleCheck price on Amazon
Semoo Camping170 x 79 x 71 inches7 pounds4 peopleCheck price on Amazon

Things To Consider When Buying A Camping Tent

Since the first and most important thing to take care of when camping is where you are going to sleep, you should buy a high quality camping tent. For that reason, we have listed a few aspects that will truly help you selecting the best tent on the market.


One consideration when selecting a tent is the dimensions and the number and size of the people who will be involved with the camping trip. Just because a tent says it will comfortably fit six people does not means that it will. If all of those six people are large men, then it might not be enough.

6 Persons Tent

Make sure the dimensions will comfortably accommodate the people you have in mind for camping. Some folks prefer taking with them some air mattresses as well, so knowing the dimensions can help determine whether an air mattress will fit well inside the tent or not.


Another thing to think about is the weather and season in which you will be using the tent. Some tents are better equipped for weather resistance than others, so knowing the material of the tent and how well that will hold up in wind or rain can make or break a trip.

When reading about the materials used to manufacture a weather resistant tent, you will commonly see names of different polyester like materials. Polyester itself has good UV and sag resistance and is often used for the body of the tent.

Waterproof tent

Polyester tents can be coated in polyurethane to help with protection against water damage. Polyurethane is rated in millimeters, so a higher millimeter coating correlates to better water resistance. Polyethylene is waterproof and a heavier, puncture resistant material used for tent floors.


One issue that commonly arises when you fit six to ten people inside a tent is the need for better ventilation. Tents with two mesh windows or doors can provide a crosswind for better ventilation of the sleeping area.

A storing area

Keeping the sleeping area clean is important to some people. Certain tents come with a removable vestibule area to help store packs, boots and other dirty objects out of the sleeping area, as well. Certain tents include dividers that can be attached to separate tent space into various rooms.

Tent storing area


This can be nice for privacy, but also take away from the spirit of group camping where everyone talks together and enjoys their time with one another. However, there are certainly many cases in which privacy is desired so those can be a good feature.


Tent designs can vary in how they are set up. Most traditional tents have poles that are separate from the body of the tent and are slid through nylon sleeves on the outside of the tent to keep it standing. Some tents have an “instant” design, in which tent poles are already included, so the tent just “pops up” when you unfold it from its storage container.

Tent Design

One downside of this is that it can be more difficult to fix broken tent supports as they are contained within the spines of the tent. On the other hand, these tents go up so quickly that the ease of setup can be a major advantage when trying to take quick shelter from wind or rain.


Most of the tents made for more than 4 people are quite large to accommodate more people, which correlate to a heavier weight. Consider the distance you will have to carry the tent to get to your campsite before choosing a tent, as a heavy tent can be cumbersome to haul long distances.

Lightweight tent

In the case of group backpacking trips, either one person can carry the tent and other group members help to haul the rest of that person’s gear, or everyone can bring smaller tents to help reduce overall weight.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Now that you have an idea of what to keep in mind when shopping a tent, we have put together a list of products for affordable, multi person tents best used for car camping or backyard camping.

Coleman Canyon Tent

Weight: 22.4 poundsColeman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Dimensions: 204 x 120 x 72 inches

Special features: Shock corded poles, WeatherTec system, room dividers

Best use: Large group camping trips with family or friends

Description: The Coleman Canyon Tent is designed to accommodate up to eight people comfortably. While you can have everyone stay in the same large area, the tent also includes removable room dividers to create up to three separate “rooms”.

This tent has excellent water resistance due to the Coleman’s WeatherTec System, which basically have a weather resistant fabric, protected seams, waterproof floors, zipper protection, and a wind strong frame. The weather resistant fabric is made of a coated polyester material combined with an anti wicking thread.

Additionally, the rain fly on this tent covers the doors and windows as well as the top of the tent. The tent floor incorporates welding technology to strengthen it and help eliminate needle holes, and the floor seams are inverted to increase weather resistance.

The tent also comes with instructions for setup and the shock corded poles are color coded for ease of setup.

However, users have found a few problems. The first one is that water goes through the material in heavy rain, so it is not 100% waterproof. Another downside is that it takes at least 2 people to set it up. Finally, the metal poles are pretty weak compared to other brands.


  • Room dividers
  • Easy to set up
  • Water resistant

  • Not 100% waterproof
  • More than 1 person to set up
  • Weak poles

Related: We also recommend the Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent. It is a two room tent with good ventilation; it is made of polyester with the WeatherTech System; and it has one year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Check the price on Amazon

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Weight: 25 poundsColeman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Dimensions: 72 x 108 x 120 inches

Special features: WeatherTec system for weather resistance, lots of ventilation, integrated vented rainfly, pre attached poles

Best use: Group camping

Description: The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent emphasizes the “instant” with pre attached poles; it goes up much more quickly than a traditional tent in which poles must be inserted for setup. Setup includes unfolding it and extending the legs. The tent also comes with tent stakes if needed.

Another unique feature of this tent is that it does not have a separate rain fly. Instead, it includes an integrated vented rain fly to promote better airflow. This tent is very well ventilated with windows on the sides and back of the tent. Additionally, the roof vents have zippers and can be propped open with included props or with Velcro.

Like the Coleman Canyon tent, this tent also features the WeatherTec system with inverted seams, reinforced welded floors and extra wind resistance to help keep you dry and out of the wind inside the tent. Coleman produces quality tents with smooth zippers and durable material.

Nevertheless, people who have bought this tent say that the legs and poles are rather fragile, so you should avoid setting it under weak tree branches that might fall over the tent since that may just snap the legs in two. Also, the stitching seems to be poor quality and it leaks from time to time during heavy rain.


  • Quickly set up
  • Very well ventilated
  • Water resistant

  • Fragile poles
  • Low quality stitching
  • Not 100% waterproof

Related: If your plan is to sleep by yourself, or to share the tent with one more person, then the Coleman Pop up Tent is our recommendation. It is really easy to set up and dismantle, it is waterproof, and it is compact and lightweight.

Check the price on Amazon

Fivejoy Instant Pop Up Tent

Weight: 8 poundsFreeJoy Tent

Dimensions: 80.7 x 78.7 inches

Special features: Fits four people, includes 8 tent pegs, PU-coated polyester material for floor and walls of tent

Best use: Casual camping in relatively good weather

Description: The Fivejoy Instant Pop-Up Tent includes integrated poles, so assembly requires little more than pulling it out of the package and allowing it to pop up. Both the left and right sides of the tent include mesh windows covered by a nylon flap in order to prevent insects from entering the tent while still allowing for ventilation and privacy.

The tent is made of polyurethane coated polyester to promote water resistance on both the tent and the tent floor and still make it lightweight. The tent includes a carry bag and eight pegs as well as four guidelines for setup.

The poles themselves are manufactured from fiberglass. The carrying bag is unique since it has a round shape unlike the cylindrical shape of most tent storage bags. Some users have recommended practicing folding the tent back down to storage size before use as it is different from most tents in its design.

Among the negative aspects this tent has we can find that it is not considered durable enough for extended backpacking trips or camping in very adverse weather since it is not as waterproof as the rest. Additionally, dismantling it and putting it back in the bag is quite tricky, and the fabric is really thin.


  • Easy to set up
  • Good ventilation
  • Includes a carry bag

  • Thin fabric
  • Difficult to dismantle
  • Not weatherproof

Related: If you are more into hammocks, then the FiveJoy 2 Person Double Parachute Hammock is what you should get. It is lightweight and compact, it is made of a durable and breathable nylon fabric and it includes its carrying case.

Check the price on Amazon

Core Instant Cabin Tent

Weight: 22.7 poundsCORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Dimensions: 132 x 108 inches

Special features: Water resistant door and window seals, fully taped rain fly, active bead technology for faster water runoff, features a gear loft

Best use: Group camping trips

Description: The Core Instant Cabin Tent is another great option for group camping trips. This tent features a gear loft, which helps to create even more space for people to sleep, as well as giving you space for storing gear. This tent has some luxury design features including a port for electrical cord access (which can be closed when not in use) and it can fit two queen sized air mattresses.

The gear loft and wall organizer can make things much easier when group camping to keep everyone’s gear organized and off of the floor. The tent kit also includes a rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag for easy portability. This tent offers an “instant” set up with pre attached poles.

It also features Core H2O Block technology that uses water repellent fabrics, sealed seams and a removable, fully taped rain fly that can come off in warmer weather.

Some buyers have said that this tent have some issues with the door zippers. It is so troublesome that you need to use both hands to open and close the front door. Also, the open vented does not keep the heat in the tent, and the floor is made of a low quality woven plastic.


  • Gear loft
  • Carry bag
  • Instant set up

  • Troublesome zippers
  • Not for cold weather
  • Weak materials

Related: The CORE CREE LED Battery Lantern is great for camping and any outdoor activity since it is made with and impact resistant material, it has an adjustable light level, it has a steel handle, and it is powered by 4D batteries.

Check the price on Amazon

Coleman Sundome Tent

Weight: 16 poundsSundome 6 Person Tent

Dimensions: 72 x 120 x 120 inches

Special features: Electric accessibility port, one door, ground vent, mesh storage pocket, shock corded fiberglass frame

Best use: Group camping

Description: The Coleman Sundome Tent is one of the most affordable large tents on the market. While this tent is not considered an “instant” setup tent like several of the previously reviewed tents, it includes fiberglass poles with shock cords inside of them.

The floor also has welded seams and is designed “bathtub style” to go up several inches all the way around in order to maximize water resistance from the bottom of the tent. The design of the tent includes continuous tent pole sleeves to assist in easy setup and threading through the tent poles without worrying about getting them snagged on discontinuous pole sleeves.

The floor is made of polyethylene and the tent only has one door. It also includes a zippered electrical access port. This tent is very well ventilated, with two of the four walls being made of mostly mesh material instead of fabric.

Since it is so well ventilated, it will not perform as well in cold, windy or rainy conditions. Also, people say that it is too small to fit 6 people. In fact, they would recommend it for only 5 average adults. Finally, people say that the floor is made of a light material, which makes it great when carrying it, but bad when the rain shows up.


  • Well ventilated
  • Resistant poles
  • Easy set up

  • Not for cold weather
  • Cannot fit 6 people
  • Not waterproof

Related: The Coleman Montana Tent is another great option for camping in groups since it protects you from rain and sun, it is made with WeatherTec System, it is waterproof, and its poles are made with a strong material.

Check the price on Amazon

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Weight: 21.3 poundsMountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

Dimensions: 120 x 216 x 76 inches

Special features: Shockcorded fiberglass frame, two doors, divider curtain, fits ten people

Best use: Large group camping

Description: The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent is designed to fit a very large group of campers. It has good ventilation, the poles are made of fiberglass, and the tent can be assembled using a pin and ring system. The tent also has a divider curtain to divide the tent into two separate rooms.

Since it is too large to comfortably bring on a backpacking trip, it does come with a duffel bag style storage container.

The floor is made of welded polyethylene for water resistance. This tent comes with stakes, but it is often a good idea to purchase more durable stakes to use with tents as included tent stakes can sometimes be too flimsy for long term use.

Unfortunately, users have said that this tent cannot withstand any wind. In fact, they say that every time there was a wind blow, the tent completely flattened. Additionally, the zippers tend to be a problem since they keep catching in the material while opening/closing the door, and the tent leaks even during light rain.


  • Well ventilated
  • Strong poles
  • Divider curtain

  • Not for windy weather
  • Troublesome zippers
  • Not 100% waterproof

Related: The Mountain Trails Cascade Sleeping Bag what we recommend for campers and backpackers. Its design keeps insulation in place, it can be opened and used as a blanket, it has a elastic roll straps to make easier the transportation process, and it is made with a non allergenic material.

Check the price on Amazon

Wenzel Klondike Tent

Weight: 28 poundsWenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Dimensions: 192 x 78 x 132 inches

Special features: Weather resistant polyester with polyurethane coating, full mesh roof option, screened in area included

Best use: Group camping, backyard campouts, car camping

Description: The Wenzel Klondike Tent is another good option for group camping. It has an attached screened in room that includes a floor, so someone can sleep in there as well. The screened room can also be used as a storage area for packs, bags, boots or other gear to keep them out of the rain.

Another perk of an attached screened in area is that it can help to keep the main sleeping area clean and free of dirt.

The tent is made of water resistant polyester coated in polyurethane to help rain roll off the tent. While it includes a rain fly, the roof of the tent is fully mesh, which is useful for summer camping or camping in hot weather and it is great for backyard campouts and car camping.

However, this tent does not hold up well in windy situations. Also, while this is a good option for summer camping or camping in warm weather, it is not ideal for winter camping. Additionally, it is heavy weight and large size, so it is very cumbersome to take on a backpacking trip. Finally, more than one person is needed to set it up.


  • Attached screened in area
  • Well ventilated
  • Water resistant

  • Not for windy or cold weather
  • Too heavy and too big
  • Difficult set up

Related: The Wenzel Banquet Chair is our recommendation for those who enjoy going camping with the family. It comes with a carry bag, it has built in steel reinforced tray that can hold plates and cups, and its maximum weight capacity is 450 pounds.

Check the price on Amazon

Semoo Camping Tent

Weight: 7 poundsSEMOO Water Resistant D-Style

Dimensions: 170 x 79 x 71 inches

Special features: Directions attached to carrying bag, sleeps 4 to 6 people comfortably, polyester with polyurethane waterproof coating, polyethylene floor, fiberglass poles, room divider

Best use: Family or friends camping trip with a smaller group

Description: The Semoo Camping Tent can be packed down to fit neatly into a compression sack. The tent can be divided into two separate rooms and includes a vestibule in between to be used as additional storage space for dirty boots, shoes and packs, so the sleeping area is clear and clean.

The mosquito mesh and durability of this tent makes it a good option for family camping even in the rain.

Additionally, the tent features a hanging fly sheet that can be hung over the front door to be used like a porch and keep the rain off the ground in front of the door. This tent also has two doors for ease of access that also provide great cross ventilation inside the tent. It is made of polyester with a waterproof coating and a polyethylene floor.

However, people who have bought this tent said that the poles are made of a really weak material that does not stand good against the wind, that it cannot fit more than 3 average people, and that it might be hard to set it by one single person.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Room divider
  • Two doors

  • Weak poles
  • Not for windy days
  • Smaller than described

Related: The Semoo Sleeping Bag is great for campers since it is made of polyester, it is so lightweight that it is really easy to compress and to carry, it is water resistant, it reduces heat loss and can be fully opened to be used as a quilt.

Check the price on Amazon

In Conclusion

Camping is a great way for families and friends to spend time together outside. Having the right tent can make the trip no one wants to be cramped, wet or dirty when camping. Keeping in mind the goal, location and number of people going on the trip (as well as their experience levels) can help you select the right tent for your needs.

Of course, the best part about group camping is the time spent outside the tent with other people, but sleeping comfortably can affect everyone’s outlook and moods as well. So, what type of tent do you like to use when camping? What are the features that you think are most important when you get started? Share your thoughts on the comments.


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