Best Hiking Backpacks for Women: What You Need to Get Where You’re Going

Best Hiking Backpacks for Women
Bradley Page
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The backpack is one of the very first pieces of gear you will need when you want to start hiking. They help you in storing all your important stuff during workdays or adventure time.

One of the most vital things a female traveler can find is the best hiking backpacks for women, whether preparing for a long solo adventure or heading out into the mountains for a weekend trip, having a pack that meets your needs is essential to both comfort and enjoyment.

Backpacks will not only make packing easier, but a suitable backpack will also make traveling more stress-free. For backpacks, you need a bag well-designed for your body.

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Female specific backpacks are designed for women by having an extra padding and a shorter back length so that they are more comfortable on your hips. They may also have shoulder straps that are built so provide extra comfort around the chest.

What to Look for When Buying

There are lots of things to think about when it comes to choosing the best women’s backpacks. Women have different needs compared to men, with differing body types when it comes to backpacks.

When shopping for the best backpacks for women, paying attention to reviews can help you make the right decision. Reviews help you form a realistic opinion of how the backpack you’re interested in will perform. Pay special attention to what makes these bags women’s specific and how they are different from other. So to make sure you get the right one.


The size of the backpack is probably one of the most important when choosing a travel backpack for women. The capacity of the backpack will determine how much you are able to take with you and how useful and comfortable it is for you.

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You don’t have to inconvenient yourself with a big backpack. Aside from choosing the size of the pack, think about the length of the trip and the season of travel. Use a carry-on backpack to make your trip easier and more efficient.


Women-specific backpacks conform to a classic female frame with narrower and shorter dimensions. It is important to load a pack to see how weight is distributed. Waist size is also important because of the bulk of a pack’s weight.

Buy a backpack that can be adjusted to fit comfortably on you. Choose a travel backpack with a padded waistbelt, by tightening the waistbelt; your pack’s weight will be distributed from your shoulders to your hips. Belts may not look as cool, but they are important for weight distribution.


You need a comfortable backpack, even though you won’t be spending hours hiking through the mountains with it. Backpacks are built to carry ideal weight loads and most are capable of comfortably carrying more or less weight.

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Some backpacks have a firm padding that maintains rigidity for support and stability while others may have a well-padded backpanels that are comfortable. A well ventilated back panel is comfortable in any season and with any clothing. Carrying the load higher on your back will prevent it from pulling your shoulders and causing you pains.


Suspension distributes the weight across the back from shoulders to hips lending to very comfortable hiking and load carrying, especially for longer days and is also an important aspect of comfort. It allows the backpack to be carried in a more natural way and doesn’t pull the rest of your body. It is intended to offer greater stability and support.


Compartments are essential for organizing yourself whilst traveling. Multiple compartments keep you and your things organized.

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Internal and easy to reach compartments are good for important documents,laptop, and cash; a large main compartment is good for a water bottle. These compartments alone will suffice. And also be aware of too many compartments, this can make the space hard to use effectively.


Backpack straps are the things that make the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable pack. A padded hip strap is vital in spreading the weight more evenly over your body. Padded shoulder straps will also increase your comfort; tightening the shoulder straps will help the pack ride higher on your back.


Backpacks fabric interiors should usually be made of waterproof coating that can withstand hours of moisture and rain with zippers where water can seep through. The fabric’s exterior should also be able to absorb some water weight during a downpour. If you are planning a trip consider a backpack fitted to get you through bad weather in a pinch.

Waterproof backpack


Adjustability is referred to the ability of each backpack to be customized to the hiker’s unique shape and size. Adjustability options are not only great for an initial fitting, but also for versatility as our bodies and preferences change over time.

The better the backpack fit into your body, the more comfortable and enjoyable your hiking experience will be. Having a proper fit initially is as important as having the ability and ease to adjust it while on the trail and in the future.


Accessibility of the backpack is very importance when selecting an appropriate backpack for women. Easy access will not only allow easy packing of loads but will also allow quick and easy organization and unpacking whilst traveling. For better organization and access, opt for a front-loading backpack.


Backpacks must be built to sit on your back with a suspended mesh back panel that creates plenty of airspace between your back and the backpack. This helps stop your back from getting sweaty and nasty as you wear it. Make sure you watch for this feature when choosing the best backpacks for women.

Backpacking Women


The weight of your load also influences the need for a heavier or lighter weight backpack. The weight of certain backpacks may be attributed to materials used such as zippers, extra padding, or frame design.

The Best Women’s Backpacks

The best backpacks for hiking aren’t cheap but it’s an investment to add to your hiking gear list that will last you for many years. Whether you are looking for a more compact design with a pop of color or a sporty utilitarian one, a backpack is a perfect bag to carry while on the go.

If you need women’s specific packs so that you won’t end up having aching shoulders, we’ve put together these backpack reviews to help you out through the process of choosing the right backpack for your future travels. These reviews will embrace women who are serious about having fun in the outdoors.

Granite Gear Torso Blaze Ac 60 Ki Women’s Specific Pack

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 6 inches

Features: Hydration Compatible, Hip Pack Lid Sold Separately, Interchangeable Belt, Torso Length Adjustability on Framesheet, Ultralight Lineloc Micro Compression, Large Stretch Mesh Front Pocket

Best Use: Ultralight Multi-Day Backpacking

Granite Gear Torso Blaze Ac 60 Ki Women’s Specific Pack is perfect for long distance backpacking. Built with a reputable durable material such as nylon Cordura, the Blaze stretches out to hold all of your essential gear and maintains its smaller shape.

The AC frame comes in molded air channels, works in conjunction with a durable stretch mesh and molded foam pad to help in venting heat and moisture away from the back; allowing natural evaporative cooling.

The pack body is a simple, lidless top loader with a tall spindrift opening that can be cinched and rolled down tight for weather resistance and also expanded when extra space is needed. Versatile and durable stretch mesh pockets on the bottom of the pack sides work well for water bottles.

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Arcteryx Altra 62 Backpack – Women’s

Weight: 5.3 poundsArcteryx Backpack

Dimensions:  8 x 11 x 10 inches

Features: Lightweight, Durable, Top Grab Handle, Twin Aluminum Stays For Durable Support,  Side Zipper Access,  Webbing Zipper Pulls, Hose Clip,  Gridlock Shoulder Strap Adjustment System, Adjustable and Removable Sternum Strap, Anatomically Shaped Shoulder Straps, Thermoformed Hipbelt, Breathable Backpanel, Contoured Shoulder Strap, Load Level Adjusters, Rotating Load Transfer Disc, U-Shape Zipper For Easy Access

Best Use: Backpacking

The Arcteryx Women’s Altra 62 is a full-featured enough for all types of backpacking trips, from thru-hiking to overnights. Thoughtful construction, extremely durable fabrics, and superb comfort set these packs apart from others. The Arcteryx has a Load Transfer Disc at the center of the waistbelt that pivots to increase stability and agility on rough terrain.

Their C suspension is combined with Gridlock shoulder straps that adjust for comfort fit. The main compartment is top loading, with an extendable collar for overloading and a U-zip, which can be used as a side zip for fully opening the pack or quick access, so you can easily unpack everything when you arrive at camp.

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Gregory Mountain Products Women’s Deva 60 Backpack

Weight: 3.6 poundsGregory Deva

Dimensions:  11.4 x 27.6 x 16.9 inches

Features: Response AFS Suspension, 3D Pre-Curved Harness And Waistbelt Components, Auto-Cant Harness Technology, Auto-Fit Waistbelt Adjustment System, Front Pocket And Twin Side Pockets, Dual Waistbelt Pockets, Hydration Compatible, Removable Lumbar Pack Lid

Best Use: Backpacking

The Gregory Women’s Deva 60 backpack is one of the bestselling women’s packs in the backpacking category. This backpack is built to endure the elements, designed with heavy weight material and sturdy zippers. The shoulder straps are wide on this backpack, and more suitable for an athletic build than a petite frame.

Endless organizational options and targeted features make finding and packing things while out in the backcountry easy. The Gregory Deva uses a hip stabilizing system that hinges with the body’s movement, allowing the shoulder straps and weight distribution to remain steady.

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Kelty Women’s Coyote 75 Internal Frame Backpack

Weight: 4.45 poundsKelty Coyote

Dimensions:  16 x 34 x 15.5 inchesss

Features: Front Panel Access,Side Compression Straps,Zippered Side Pockets, Large Front Pocket with Organization, Dual Pick-Up Handles, Hydration Compatible, Perfect FIT Adjustable Suspension, Top Lid Converts to Sling Pack, 2 Hide-Away Ice Axe Loops, HDPE Frame Sheet, HDPE Reinforced Waistbelt, Ventilating Spacer Mesh Backpanel, Lumbar Support

Best Use: Backpacking

The versatile Kelty Coyote 75 Women’s Backpack is good for your next backcountry trip with a suspension designed specifically to accommodate female backpackers. It is a reasonably priced backpack for the consumer that is concerned with comfort; this backpack is stable under heavy-weight to mid-weight loads and remains comfortable.

The PerfectFIT suspension offers one-size-fits-all versatility on-body adjustment system, and the shoulder straps and hip belt are custom-shaped for a woman’s body. Dual LightBeaM aluminum stays give this pack outstanding support for heavy loads.

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Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 SL Backpack

Weight: 4.41 poundsDeuter ACT Lite

Dimensions:  5 x 17 x 26 inches

Features: Stretch Front Pocket,  AIRCONTACT Back System, Separate Bottom Compartment, Anatomically Shaped Shoulder Straps, Height Adjustable Lid, Dual Hipbelt Pockets, Gear Attachment Loops on Lid, Spacious Stretch Side Pockets,Lid Pocket and Internal Valuables Pocket,Compression and Load Adjustment Straps, Bottom Compartment Pad Straps, Hydration System Compatible

Best Use: Backpacking

Deuter ACT Lite slim backpack delivers cool ventilation as you hike comfortable during long days on the trail. The superlight women’s Deuter expedition pull-forward hipbelt straps and a dedicated sleeping bag pocket for added mobility and convenience on the trail.

In addition to its customizable fit, the pack has enough storage capacity for weekend treks through the wilderness as well as a bottom compartment, internal valuables pocket, and a height-adjustable top lid to accommodate more gear depending on the trip.

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Black Diamond Elixir 60 Outdoor Backpack

Weight: 4.8 poundsBlack Diamond Elixir

Dimensions:  27 x 12 x 7 inches

Features: Women-Specific Design, reACTIV Suspension System, Large Zippered Front Pocket, Swingarm Shoulder Straps,Sleeping Pad Straps,High-Flow OpenAir Backpanel, Hydration Compatible, Quick-Cinch Side Pockets, Retractable Trekking Pole/Ice Axe Loop

Best Use: Backpacking, Climbing

The Black Diamond Elixir 60 is a lightweight pack ideal for longer outings in the mountains and mountaineering trips. A reACTIV suspension system, proprietary to Black Diamond, allows natural movement of the body and reduces the energy it takes to reach your destination.

This backpack features a large zippered sleeping bag opening as well as top-loading access, and high-flow OpenAir backpanel to keep ventilation high on warm days. Black Diamond molded the V-Lite frame specifically for women in order to fit their back comfortably.

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The North Face Women’s Terra 55 Exploration Pack

Weight: 3.8 poundsThe North Face Terra 55

Dimensions:  26 x 12.2 x 12.2 inches

Features: OPTIFIT Suspension Fit System, Shoulder Harness, Sleeping Bag Compartment, 7+ Pockets, Vertical Channel, Updated zippered sleeping bag

Best Use: Backpacking

The North Face Women’s Terra 55 is a classic multi-day exploration technical pack re-tooled with a user-friendly designed to provide durability and ease on the trail. The vertical channel promotes air circulation, making you feel cool during your humid summer adventures and it has an OPTIFIT suspension fit system that provides a perfect fit for women. There are plenty of pockets for organization without becoming complicated.

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Wrapping it Up

Choosing the right backpack can be challenging. Your personal needs will vary depending on the climate and environment, where you plan to spend your time, therefore, looking at features in accordance to your upcoming trip, will help you find the backpack that is perfect for your needs specifically.

We can generally agree that you need a pack that will perform well on your outdoor excursions and we aim to refer products that won’t drain your bank.

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What do you look for when choosing the right backpack? How do you know you have the ideal one for your next trip?


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