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Tent for solo hiker
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It is in human nature that on the first sign of a nice weather, we want to go outside and spend as much time in nature as we can. A tent is an inevitable part of our camping equipment which allows us, during our stay in nature, to be more comfortable and safer. The market nowadays has a wide range of offers for solo tents; however, everyone should be able to find the best solo tent that suits their needs and requirements.

The world is yours if you only have a tent and a sleeping bag. They can take you everywhere. From mountains to seas and cities you can travel the world with your wallet and tent only. In the 20th century, camping has greatly developed. It has become a way for young people to escape their life and travel in an unknown country; meet unknown people and escape the dullness of their everyday life.

Out camping solo

The first thing you should look at is the size of the tent. Since you need a tent only for you, make sure you also check the dimensions. This is recommended because there are taller persons who would require longer tent dimensions. However, the dimensions are usually decided by the manufacturer based on standard sleeping bag dimensions.

Things to consider when choosing the best solo tent


It is vital to know where you are going and whether you will be with a vehicle all the time, or will you need to spend some time on your feet as well? By answering these questions, you will ease you trip and make it more enjoyable.

For instance, if you are camping with a motorcycle or a car, and there is a direct road which leads you to the specific place without having to walk, go ahead and choose whichever solo tent you prefer weight wise. If, on the other hand, you are planning a backpacking trip, the weight is crucial.

Keep in mind that you would be carrying your tent around for hours and maybe even days, so a weight around three pounds is a quite nice choice. There are numerous lightweight tents out on the market, you just need to check out our reviews and choose the best one that matches your preferences.


Since it is a tent for just one person, it is good that you won’t need much space. This means that you would carry less weight. One regular sized person should look for two and a half feet wide tents. Taller persons, as we mentioned before, should always recheck the dimensions.

Small tent for solo camper

It is against recommendations for a person to hit the ends of the tent. This means that the size of the tent is too small. You should be able to stretch out comfortably and don’t feel tight in there. If you choose a smaller tent there is a possibility of stretching the tent and causing damage to it. Even though this might not be too important in dry and warm weather, in a heavy rain, every small crack matters.

So if you are a six foot person, the least you can order is a seven foot tent. The peak hike is also important for some people, so take this into consideration. If you want to be able to stand inside, choose the right dimensions.


It is impossible to know the exact temperature in the campsite, but you might figure out or check the weather forecast for a close one. If the weather is humid you will definitely need a double layer of humidity protection which would have water-resistant properties and keep you warm and dry.

There are solo tents intended for cold temperatures only and there are also three season tents. The most popular choice is the second one because there are fewer campers which can endure lower temperature.

Good weather for camping

If you are one of the few brave ones however, choose the winter option and enjoy the white view. Another reason for this popular choice is that the camping grounds are only open in these three seasons.


Needless to say, price is always a factor. The budget is always limited and even if that wasn’t the case, there is no reason to spend money for low quality products. Everyone wants and needs to balance the price with the features they require.

Shelter and protection

Quality tents are built out of hard water-resistant and durable materials. With today’s technology, all this should be combined and made with lightweight materials. Canvas materials are waterproof, but not suitable for backpacking because of their weight.

Nylon and polyester materials however, are also waterproof but not suitable for summer months. The sun is damaging them and you would need to replace them every second season. The material of the tent’s poles is also important. It might be even of greater importance than the fabrics. They are a key element and should not be overlooked. Zippers should also be considered.

Setting up camp

A quality zipper wouldn’t catch the fabric, would work easily and will also be waterproof. There is no need of a waterproof fabric if the zipper is not waterproof. All our suggested alternatives offer quality materials; you only need to choose the perfect one for you.

Setting up the tent

This probably wouldn’t even matter after a few camping trips, but it can be a buzz kill if you don’t know how to set up the tent properly. No one wants to spend hours upon arrival with his tent instead of inspecting the place. There are certain choices of tents which look spacious and perfect for one person.

However, it takes an engineer to set them up. For those of us who are not engineers, make sure you read thoroughly the reviews which will certainly show you if a tent is hard to set up. Even if you are sure you know how to set it up, pitch the tent at least once before your trip. This way, you will be sure of your gear and won’t have to lose any time when you get to your location!


Waterproof is a nice feature but for summertime, ventilation is an even more vital one. If you have camped before, you know how suffocating it might feel if the material is not ventilating properly.

Well-ventilated tent

You would even get up earlier in order to stop feeling like you are in a hot oven ready to be baked. For this reason, look for tents with well placed vents which have taken care of the condensation issue.

The Top Tents Around

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 Tent – 1 Person, 3 Season

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 17 inches

Weight: 3.71 pounds

Specific features: good for trips in camping areas

Best use:  This product by Terra Nova is a good choice. It is targeted for two people, so we recommend it to you for your trip with your partner. It comes in one size and one color.

The material the tent is made of is a mesh for the body and the floor and fly are made of ultra ( 10 000 mm). This tent is the lightest double-wall in its category.  The product price is $ 799.16 and it is good for its specific characteristic.

MSR Carbon Reflex 1 Tent

MSR Carbon Reflex 1 TentDimensions: 5 x 5 x 17 inches

Weight: 1.74 pounds

Specific features: Ideal for any season adventure

Best use: We introduce you to the MSR Carbon Reflex 1 Tent, an amazing product that is worth putting in your camping gear. It is easy for set up and it is listed in the lightest to very light category of tents. It has simple, nonfreestanding design with weight-saving.

This product is a double-wall solo tent and it is ideal for any season trip. You can use it for your bike touring and also for you weekend plans. It is good on rain protection so you don’t have to care about the weather circumstances. The tent is produced utilizing the latest fabrics and cutting edge carbon fiber poles.

The rainfly part is made of 7D nylon Ripstop polyurethane coated 1,200, the canopy is made of 10D nylon micromesh, and the floor is made of 15D nylon polyurethane coated 1,500. The price of this amazing tent is $ 399,95 and it is a highly recommended product.

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Big Agnes Fly Creek 1 Platinum Tent – 1 Person, 3 Season

Big Agnes Fly Creek 1Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 19 inches

Weight: 3.78 pounds

Specific features: Good for three seasons

Best use: This Big Agnes Fly Creek is made for one person. It comes in two colors, silver and lime. It is three season, free standing and ultralight backpacking tent. The tent is made from excellent materials. The fly is ultralight silicone treated nylon rip-stop with 1200 mm waterproof polyurethane coating.

The floor is also an ultralight silicone treated nylon rip-stop with a 1200 mm waterproof polyurethane coating. The body of the tent is ultralight breathable nylon rip-stop and polyester mesh. It allows excellent ventilation. The single hub design makes the process of setting up very easy. DAC twist clips attach tent body to the pole frame for quick and easy setup.

The tent has a single door and vestibule, one mesh pocket. It also has reflective guyline and reflecting webbing on tent corners for nighttime visibility. This product uses fly UL 1 footprint but keep in mind that the footprint is sold separately.

In the set are included 11 Superlight aluminum J stakes.  However, this tent is produced for whatever nature throws your way. Don’t worry if a rainy weather is on the way, this product will protect you from unwanted moments. The price of this Big Agnes product is $ 499.95 and be sure it is worth it.

NEMO Hornet 1 Tent

NEMO Hornet 1 TentDimensions: 3.9 x 6.1 x 20 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Specific features: good for three seasons

Best Use: An amazing product that is a perfect fit for one person. This NEMO Hornet 1 Tent has a large side door that facility and in the same time make the entry or exit very easy. You can access your gear on an easy way and it also provides more coverage in the rain situations.

The product includes luxury details like the light pockets, volumizing buyouts and watertight compression stuff sack. All this additional equipment is not necessary but it good if you have it. It is an advantage above others. The tent has rubbed pole intersections that create a single pole for quick set up. The true tub floor construction reduces seam construction and seam tape.

The item comes in one color, more exactly a green one. A footprint is not included in the kit. You have to purchase it additionally. The product has a solid price, it costs $ 319,95.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 TentDimensions: 36 x 32 x 90 inches

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Specific features: good for three seasons

Best use: This Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent is an amazing product and you should check our information before buy it. It has freestanding and two pole design, w/7000 Series aluminum poles. It has an easy assembly with pole clips.

The 75 D 185 T polyester fly resists UV damage and stays taut. This item has a vestibule for gear storage and extra weather protection. Weatherproof fly buckles are added for maximum adjustability and protection. The tent has half mesh walls that increase ventilation, mesh storage pockets and also gear loft. Additional 7075 Aluminum Stakes and Guy Ropes are included.

The Linx 1 tent has great features and it is great for your solo trip. There are extra large #8 zippers on the door and vestibule. You can order it in clay-rust color and make it one of your outdoor gear equipment. The tent’s price is $ 79.77, it is low but with great features.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 1 Person Tent

Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 1Dimensions: 20 x 6 x 5 inches

Weight: 5.9 pounds

Specific features: created for the fast-moving backcountry adventures

Best Use:  This product by Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 1 Person Tent comes in gray ice color and in one size. It is made mostly of nylon. The company assures watertight construction with fully taped fly, taped perimeter seam, welded corners and welded guy clip anchors.

The manufacturer has created in every aspect this tent to be as lightweight as possible and in the same time deliver solid protection from the elements. The product has welded zipper flap construction which is lighter and drier than a sewn flap. The super-light buckles and webbing reduce the weight of the tent. This is a double-wall and tent for one person. It is designed for the fast-moving adventures seeking an ultralight, freestanding, full-coverage shelter.

Consider the fact that this tent would hold up well in high winds unless it is strategically located behind trees or another obstruction.  The price of this tent is $ 261,71 and according to its specifications, it is top product when it comes to light and one person’s tents.

MSR FreeLite 1 Tent

MSR FreeLite 1 TentDimensions: 6 x 6 x 18 inches

Weight: 3.25 pounds

Specific features: good for any activity in three seasons

Best use: This MSR FreeLite 1 Tent comes in red color. It is ultralight and it has a freestanding design. Its design allows easy access because of the large door created for easy access. The special design of micro mesh canopy brings maximum ventilation and moisture control.

The floorplan fits large camping pad and plus gear. The materials that this tent is made of are diverse. The rain fly is made of 15D nylon ripstop coated 1200 mm, the canopy is made of 10D nylon micromesh, the floor is made of 15 D nylon ripstop coated 1500mm.

The price of this product is $ 369,95 and it is good for this type of tent. It is freestanding and full featured backpacking tent that could be an item plus in your outdoor gear.

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The North Face Triarch 1 Tent with Footprint

The North Face Triarch 1Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 14 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Specific features: good for three seasons, water-resistant finish

Best use: This The North Face Triarch 1 Tent with Footprint comes in summit gold and Weimaraner brown color. It is made for a  person with proper standards. This is lightweight, freestanding tent with single-door side entry. The maximum space is provided by the vaulted head and foot box.

It has vertical side walls and dry entry. The good advantage is the fact that the multiple mesh colors provide a little privacy without any extra weight. The tent has multiple fly configurations so you can tune breathability, it has also ample tabs for hanging headlamps. A footprint and a gear loft are included in the kit. The fly of the tent is made of 15 D durable nylon ripstop, 1200 mmPU coating, and a silicone water resistant finish canopy.

The floor is made of 30 D nylon ripstop, 1500 mm PU coating with water resistant finish. The tent is well made and it is roomy enough for one person. The price of this tent is $ 299,95 and it is a perfect choice and a great item to be an additional item in your outdoor equipment.


Taking a backpacking trip or a camping trip could be an exciting and enjoyable activity. However, without the proper gear everything could easily become a disaster. For this reason we have reviewed and rated some of the best tents on the market.

One man tent

Hopefully the reviews will help you in making the final decision and you will be happy with the choice. Do you have a solo tent of your own? Do you look for something in particular when you start looking for a new tent?

Bradley Page
Bradley Page

With several decades of experience as a backpacker and outdoor adventurer, Bradley is an open encyclopedia when it comes to gear, clothes, and other items that matter on the trail. He tested hundreds of shoes, pants, jackets, and backpacks in his long career and is always up to date with the new appearances in the niche. His experience makes him one of the authority figures in backpacking and he can help anyone to get prepared for a great adventure!

  • David Roberts

    I’m a cyclist and I love to go camping with my friends. My backpack should be very lightweight because I travel on a bicycle. I am very glad that I bought the Big Agnes Fly Creek 1 Platinum Tent – 1 Person, 3 Season. It is very comfortable and lightweight tent!

  • Bradley Page

    The Big Agnes is a consistent crowd pleaser. People love the the price, materials and size of this tent. Who would want to carry a tent that weighs a ton, right?

  • Steven Spencer

    Hi Bradley! I adore hiking, and I usually travel with my dog. My tent is already too old, and I want to buy a new one. I like the Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 Tent. Will it be enough space for me and my dog? What do you think?

  • Bradley Page

    Hi there! Yes, the Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 tent will suit you and your dog. It can adequately house 2 adult campers, so your canine friend will have all the space he needs. Is your dog a large breed, by the way?

  • Cynthia Carter

    I never went camping before, so I have nothing for it. I want to buy a beautiful and tough tent, which I could use for several years. However, my budget is very limited. What is the cheapest tent from your list? Hope, you can help me to choose the best one.

  • Bradley Page

    If you want a single person tent, then the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent is the most affordable of the bunch. It is a good 3 Seasons tent that will just be right for you and a friend. Check it out and come back again to share your experience with the Alps.

  • Allison Myers

    Hi there! I stopped hiking for a time, so I need to buy a lot of different camping gears and equipment. I’m looking for a nice and lightweight tent for me. I think that The North Face Triarch 1 Tent With Footprint will be a very good choice!

  • Bradley Page

    Hello Allison! I’m pleased to know you’re starting camping again and glad about your choice of solo tent. North Face is an excellent brand and I know it will give you a great experience and will reignite your interest in camping again. 🙂