Best Backpack Diaper Bag: Keeping Your Little One Ready for Everything

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To the genius that designed a diaper bag that doubles as a backpack – thank you. As parents, you have enough to think about when looking after your baby or toddler, and how to carry around their things while out and about should not be one of them.

And thankfully, if you invest in any of these highly rated diaper bag backpacks, then you will be able to have everything you need in the one place, all while keeping your hands free.

So if you are a parent of a young child and are looking for a solution that does not include trying to shove diapers and other essentials into a pram or awkward bag, then any of these multipurpose backpacks will be perfect for you.

There are a lot of innovative and clever designs, and no two diaper backpacks will be the same, so we have reviewed the best on the market for you to make the decision easier as to which one is best for you and your growing family.

Buyers Guide – Important Features

Women in particular will appreciate that a bag is not just a bag, and when it comes to babies and toddlers, then extra considerations come into play. When it comes to purchasing a diaper bag, while you could just use any old backpack, there are some features that make diaper backpacks unique.

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These particular features are designed to assist in making life and travel with a young child easier, and when it comes to parenting, anything that simplifies and helps is always welcome. The main features to look for when considering a diaper backpack are highlighted below.

Stroller Straps

Anyone who uses a stroller will know that it is more than simply a chair on wheels for the child – it also doubles as handbag storage, a pantry, a toy holder and has really many other uses. So having a diaper backpack with specially designed stroller straps will free up significant room in the stroller which means that you do not have to carry it around on your back or shoulders.

Diaper bag with stroller straps

The straps mean that the backpack can hang off the handles of the stroller, so everything you could need is within easy reach. This will essentially free up the rest of your stroller space, which could only be a good thing!


You may notice that diaper backpacks have more compartments that many standard backpacks, and this is on purpose. A busy parent does not have time to rummage and find a particular item, especially when the child in question has managed to projectile vomit all over themselves and a wet wipe is urgently needed (this is almost guaranteed to happen).

So the compartments need to be cleverly designed and clear so that it can be easy to find what you need.

diaper bag compartments

Some will even come with removable compartments, so you can leave the main backpack attached to the stroller and just take the smaller compartment off to search for something smaller (such as car keys of a pacifier). There can never be too many compartments or pockets (within reason of course).

Quality of Materials

While it is true that quality of materials should be an important consideration no matter what you are buying, it should be given extra consideration when it comes to products involving babies and toddlers. Most quality diaper backpacks will actually be machine washable, or at least made from an easy to clean fabric.

It is important to be able to keep the bag clean as your baby’s food and other products will be stored there.

backpacking diaper bag quality

Also ease of access and quality of the zips is important – as a parent you will not want to waste time fussing with small zip pulls or poorly made zippers that constantly snag. There will be times (such as the emergency diaper grab) where timing is everything, so the better-made the bag is, the better the entire situation will be.

Finally having things like padded shoulder straps will not make much difference for your baby, but believe us when we say that carrying an uncomfortable, often heavy backpack is the last thing you will have the patience for.


Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Weight: 2.4 lbs.

Dimensions: 17″ x 14″ x 7.5″

Design Features: Polyester Material. 12 Pockets. Includes changing pad and sundry bag.

A diaper bag is so much more than a backpack that a student or traveler would use, therefore it needs to offer so much more – and this is exactly the case with the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack. It is especially made so that it is easily accessible while either being carried on your back or attached securely onto the stroller with the well-designed stroller straps.

The stroller straps are designed so that they are easy to place on and off the stroller (using a simple snap clasp), however it is secure and will stay in place when needed on to prevent theft or the bag falling off.

All of your important and necessary baby supplies such as diapers, food, clothing and cleaning supplies will be easily accessible as there are 12 pockets for easy organization. Also comes with a separate changing pad and a sundry bag (for the small extras). Bag Nation are so convinced on the quality of their diaper backpack that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

Weight: 2.1 lbs.

Dimensions: 12″ x 15.9″ x 5.1″

Design Features : Nylon Material. 9 Pockets. Includes memory foam changing pad, key fob stretch cord and sunglasses holder.

Who says that diaper bags (whether they be in a backpack form or not) need to be plain and boring black and white? Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag has thrown these stylistic rules out the window and designed a truly unique diaper backpack that you will be proud to use and show off. It has a unique pattern with blues and bright greens, so it’s easy to spot and distinguish amongst all the other bags.

The best part about this diaper backpack is the compartments – there are 4 large pockets (in the main part of the bag), and 5 zippered pockets around the outside – so anything stored in these pockets can be accessed easily without having to use the large zipper.

It is machine washable which will definitely come in handy as nothing stays clean around toddlers, and padded shoulder straps provides ultimate comfort. It comes with a matching memory foam changing pad as a bonus, which is designed to fit perfectly inside the main backpack compartment without taking up all the room.

Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Weight: 1.0 lbs.

Dimensions: 14″ x 16″ x 8″

Design features : Made from water resistant polyester. 8-9 Pockets. Includes changing pad, 2 packing cubes and insulated bottle holder.

For a backpack that works just as well as a diaper bag as it does as an everyday backpack, you cannot go past the Skip Hop Forma Backpack. It features intelligently placed zippers that are extra-large with pull tabs so that they are easy to grip and use – no wasting time fumbling just to open the bag, which is perfect for parents on the go (and let’s face it, this describes nearly all parents).

It is available in 2 colors – black and a teal green (described as Peacock on the site), and it is made from a quilted, lightweight polyester which is easy to clean.

The front of the bag has a big pocket which has room for the two specially designed storage cubes which come with the bag (these are removable and completely separate). This makes it easy to separate certain items (such as keeping the creams and medication away from the foodstuffs).

There are also two bottle holders (one on each side), and they are insulated. Like all good diaper backpacks, it comes with a matching changing pad, and the specially designed pocket in the backpack for this pad can actually double as a laptop holder as it is the perfect size (perfect for the travelling family).

Skip Hop Chelsea Downton Chic Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop Chelsea Downton Chic Diaper Backpack

Weight: 0.94 lbs.

Dimensions: 12″ x 16″ x 12″

Design Features: Nylon / Faux leather material. 6 Pockets. Includes changing pad.

The Skip Hop Chelsea Downton Chic Diaper Backpack looks like the type of diaper backpack that would be used by the Housewives of Beverley Hills, and would not look out of place at the Upper East Side in New York.

It just screams style, with contrasting gold zippers, faux lather exterior and a carry handle on the top to resemble a woman’s handbag. While it is not gender specific, it is slightly more feminine than many of the other diaper backpacks on the market.

Proving that when it comes to baby products you can really combine style with functionality, it is packed with features including a unique drawstring top which means that there are no awkward zippers in order to get to the main compartment.

It also has cleverly designed metal feet on the bottom to stop dirt and germs from the ground from touching the main part of the bag. Other useful features include 6 pockets (including a large zippered compartment at the front), and two insulated bottle holders.

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack

Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Dimensions: 12″ x 17″ x 6″

Design Features: Made from 100% Polyester. 12 pockets. Includes changing pad. Side pocket with baby wipes holder.

When you think of baby products, chances are you would not instantly think of the Jeep brand. However, the Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack proves that they can create a super functional diaper backpack as good as, if not better than, the competition. This backpack has a feature that is surprisingly uncommon and as soon as you use it, you will never go back – the in-built baby wipes holder.

Basically one of the side pockets has a special compartment where the baby wipes can be placed which allows the actual wipes to be easily accessed without needing to unzip or open any compartments.

Perfect for those quick, messy accidents that are almost guaranteed with a baby or toddler around. It also has one of the best designed pocket systems on the market – 12 pockets in total including a spacious main pocket, functional side pockets and insulated bottle holders. You will easily be able to store everything you need, and access it easily.

KAVU Rope Backpack

KAVU Rope Backpack

Weight: 3 lbs.

Dimensions: 11″ x 20″ x 4″

Design Features: Made from cotton canvas. 4 pockets. Adjustable rope shoulder strap.

The best way to describe the KAVU Rope Backpack would be to say that it is ‘backpacker chic’ meets ‘modern messenger bag’. While it is not technically a diaper bag (it is marketed as a women’s backpack), it is commonly used as one, and many of the positive reviews mention how it makes the perfect small travel bag for when you have babies or toddlers. It is shaped almost like a tear drop, and has a single strap – so sits over the one shoulder and across your stomach.

The reason that it makes such as good diaper bag is that although it only has 4 pockets, they are very well designed and positioned, and it is large enough to hold everything that you would need for a short trip (such as going to the park).

It is a quality, easy to use bag that is perfect for younger parents who do not want to fuss around with a full sized diaper bag. It is available in 27 different colors and patterns, so there is bound to be one that suits you.

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

Weight: 2.0 lbs.

Dimensions: 15″ x 18″ x 5.5″

Design Features: Made from Polyester. Lots of pockets. Includes changing pad. Side pocket wipes case dispenser.

The Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag is perfect for the dads, or any parent that needs to take a large amount of baby stuff with them out and about, and needs a functional bag that requires minimal effort and fuss.

It includes everything that you would expect to find in a quality diaper backpack, and it is so intelligently designed in that it includes zippered compartments both inside and outside the bag to stop items from moving around.

It includes insulated bottle holders, as well as a very intelligently designed wipes case dispenser as part of the side pocket, so the wipes are always within easy reach. The pockets and compartments are positioned to create maximum organization, and like all good diaper backpacks, it comes with its own changing pad.


In theory a diaper backpack is not really any different than an old standard backpack – it just needs to be able to hold diapers and other baby products. However, once you use an actual diaper bag like any of the ones outlined in this post, then you will see for yourself the difference it really makes.

backpacking diaper bag on the table

Many parents prefer diaper backpacks over standard duffel bags for the many reasons highlighted – a key reason being the added convenience of having shoulder straps, and being able to safely hang them off the back of a stroller. We are confident that we have captured a wide range of different diaper backpacks in this post, but let us know what your favorite diaper bag backpack is and how you use it?

Bradley Page
Bradley Page

With several decades of experience as a backpacker and outdoor adventurer, Bradley is an open encyclopedia when it comes to gear, clothes, and other items that matter on the trail. He tested hundreds of shoes, pants, jackets, and backpacks in his long career and is always up to date with the new appearances in the niche. His experience makes him one of the authority figures in backpacking and he can help anyone to get prepared for a great adventure!

  • Wendy Fortin

    I am giving the Graco Gotham as a gift. It has lots of compartments and plenty of room to store diapers, extra clothes, food, baby carrier etc. Lots of space for everything for the baby. Plus placement of the pockets is great. I like the convenience, comfort, and lightness of this backpack.

  • Bradley Page

    The Graco brand is a trusted one worldwide. It has always been synonymous with top-notch products and reliability. I can’t blame you for loving the Graco Graham. It’s an excellent product to have or to give to friends. They’ll appreciate the beauty and ease of use of the backpack. There’s a lot of compartments to store your things. Best of all, the price is just right!

  • Linda Jones

    Hello! My husband and I are expecting our first child in March, and I want to present him backpack diaper bag for dad. He really doen’t not like usual bags over a shoulder for this purpose and I want to find for him some male model. I looked through a lot of options, but it is very difficult to make a choice.

  • Bradley Page

    You can always find a plain looking diaper bag that comes in subdued colors. There are a lot of options available for the male parent nowadays. 🙂
    Just make sure that you buy from reputable manufacturers like the ones above. It always pays to choose from the best, in my opinion.